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James is stoked to talk to Julie this week. Josh mimicks julie "so james, how does it feel to win hoh and POV? NT - realitydoll
2:25PM 16/03/2008

Chelsea working Shelia hard (you can hear james saying that) with helping shelia. NT - realitydoll
2:25PM 16/03/2008

C is showing Sh how to swing mallet. It keeps going the wrong way...Chelsea working it hard to befreind shelia NT - realitydoll
2:26PM 16/03/2008

C asks if anyone is left handed in the house. Sharon (in bg) answers NO. (ed. I game play going on feeds right now- 4 feeds on this) NT - realitydoll
2:28PM 16/03/2008

Matt to James: Damn, you won. NT - SouthernBelladonna
2:30PM 16/03/2008

Matt saying he knows how James felt last week. That he just wanted his birthday on TV. - SouthernBelladonna
2:32PM 16/03/2008

James giving Matt advice on who to work to get votes. - SouthernBelladonna
2:34PM 16/03/2008

Matt again asking why James didn't leave Sheila on the block. - SouthernBelladonna
2:36PM 16/03/2008

Matt tells James that if he votes to keep him there, he will work with him. NT - SouthernBelladonna
2:37PM 16/03/2008

Feed switched to SR. Matty is crying. James says it's not easy. Mat says he will be in sequester on his Bday. He apologizes - realitydoll
2:38PM 16/03/2008

Matt says he wants to work with James...he will f nat over. James says to get the votes and come to him NT - realitydoll
2:38PM 16/03/2008
James first replied that last week he said he would f chels over. NT - Brendabythebay
2:41PM 16/03/2008

Matt wants to know why not put josh up? (ed. lol) NT - realitydoll
2:39PM 16/03/2008

Matt says he will f**k Nat over if he has to. James again telling him to get the votes and come to him. - SouthernBelladonna
2:40PM 16/03/2008

Matt says he'll tell Sheila that he will go after Nat to get her vote. - SouthernBelladonna
2:43PM 16/03/2008

James says it's the stupidest thing in BB history to vote someone back, after they just evicted him. Matt is saying he gave up his love for this game - realitydoll
2:50PM 16/03/2008

Matt now lays down in bed with Chels and crying to her that he's gonna spend his bday alone in sequester AND - Brendabythebay
2:50PM 16/03/2008

Matt is now talking to Chel. He is still sniffling. - SouthernBelladonna
2:50PM 16/03/2008

Matt to Chels: Hows Josh lookin? Chels: He hasnt said anything in all honesty. NT - Brendabythebay
2:50PM 16/03/2008

Josh and Shar are telling Sheila that she will be a target. Sheila saying she has to win the HOH. NT - SouthernBelladonna
2:51PM 16/03/2008

Matt: *sniffle* Please dont vote me out. Seriously. Chels: I'm just gonna sit on it. I'm not saying one way or the other. - Brendabythebay
2:51PM 16/03/2008

Matt & Chels - Brendabythebay
2:53PM 16/03/2008

Sheila says she thought it would be better if Adam was up, but now she sees that Matt is better to break things up. - SouthernBelladonna
2:53PM 16/03/2008

Matt tells Chels he gave up real love for this, for tv, Chels says that real love is backing someone up - Brendabythebay
2:55PM 16/03/2008

Sheila and Sharon are still talking by the HT. - SouthernBelladonna
2:56PM 16/03/2008

Sharon and Sheila still talking. - SouthernBelladonna
3:02PM 16/03/2008
Matt goes out to the hottub where Sharon & Sheila are talking and starts campaigning. - Brendabythebay
3:09PM 16/03/2008

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