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All houseguest getting ready for bed. General chit-chat. NT - Vanessa5510
12:16AM 16/03/2008

Matt:"it'd be sick if a killer broke into the BB house..." Adam: "Allison's coming back" Josh, from the other room "shut up!!" NT - SouthernBelladonna
12:36AM 16/03/2008

Adam, Nat, Ryan, Matt talk about sex stuff as they lie in their beds. - SouthernBelladonna
12:39AM 16/03/2008

All is quiet. The HGs appear to be sleeping. NT - SouthernBelladonna
12:54AM 16/03/2008

Adam and Matt are up eating hotdogs NT - WVpdles
1:38AM 16/03/2008
Now Ryan's joined them NT - WVpdles
1:46AM 16/03/2008

Adam and Matt can't sleep. Eating and chatting in KT NT - Rachaelisa
1:40AM 16/03/2008

Ryan has joined M/A in KT to eat and talk about getting in shape NT - Rachaelisa
1:48AM 16/03/2008

Everyone back to bed. All is quiet. NT - Rachaelisa
2:03AM 16/03/2008

Natalie is under the blankets, doing her thing (2 to 5) on Matt NT - Dreamer
2:52AM 16/03/2008

F1 - Natalie and Matt together in bed. Ryan on floor between beds. Adam alone in his bed. - Snarf123
3:40AM 16/03/2008

All Hg's still snoozing NT - susooz
6:52AM 16/03/2008

some restlessness-james hugs empty pillow -shebot with arm in air - adam said something but was still asleep-josh tossing around NT - susooz
7:08AM 16/03/2008

Josh up and to the restroom NT - WVpdles
9:19AM 16/03/2008

good morning hg's time to get up (song is funny and fiting) NT - Antoinette
9:33AM 16/03/2008

GM housguests - it is time to get up for the day. "Get out of my life why dont you babe, you just keep - CruiseCritic
9:33AM 16/03/2008

HGs woken up to "Keep me hanging on" I don't remember by who. NT - KevSlider
9:33AM 16/03/2008
Diana Ross NT - CruiseCritic
9:35AM 16/03/2008

BB says get up and plays Keep Me Hanging On (Josh dancing) NT - erin33520
9:33AM 16/03/2008

Josh and Ryan in WC, both brushing their teeth. Josh told Ryan that James is taking him off - CruiseCritic
9:39AM 16/03/2008

Josh in his little black undies saying he is going to get in shower and TRIVIA is back NT - CruiseCritic
9:40AM 16/03/2008

Josh tells Ryan that no matter what, he's safe. - SouthernBelladonna
9:40AM 16/03/2008

BB annouces "I said, it's time to get up for the day!" twice. Shar says "that guy sounds so mean." NT - SouthernBelladonna
9:50AM 16/03/2008

Josh talking to himself in the BY. - SouthernBelladonna
9:51AM 16/03/2008

Feeds back and Sheila now in WC and Josh was just talking to Sharon. BB just came back on and said - CruiseCritic
9:51AM 16/03/2008

Hgs are getting ready for the day. Ryan is still in his sleeping bag on the floor. - SouthernBelladonna
9:53AM 16/03/2008

Sharon now in WC as well as Sheila gets in the shower. Natalie still going thru - CruiseCritic
9:53AM 16/03/2008

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