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matt left talking to himself in the backyard trying to figure out how to get the rest of the votes he needs NT - mks
8:57PM 17/03/2008

very entertaining conversation matt is having with himself but i cannot type fast enough to keep up with him NT - mks
8:57PM 17/03/2008
the end was - america doesn't want me gone. and I ain't leaving NT - WVpdles
8:59PM 17/03/2008

m. that's the last time i throw a pov, that's it, i'm on now. - mks
8:59PM 17/03/2008

Matt to nat i need you to work sheila, if i have sheila i stay NT - WVpdles
9:00PM 17/03/2008

matt telling nat he just needs baller and sheila and he will stay. nat gets excited. - mks
9:00PM 17/03/2008

james looking very worried laying in chel bed (his and chel when he is not hoh) says he's thinking game NT - mks
9:02PM 17/03/2008

nat praying NT - mks
9:02PM 17/03/2008

james talked to ryan - mks
9:15PM 17/03/2008

Chel is letting Josh and Sharon know the plan is in effect. - SouthernBelladonna
9:18PM 17/03/2008

sheila and james in hoh room trying to figure out where each is voting but without telling each other who they are voting for NT - mks
9:26PM 17/03/2008

james: there is a "wacky" undertone to what was his alliance he says and he's not sure where any one is voting any more NT - mks
9:29PM 17/03/2008

Sheila and James: S is trying to pry out of James who he wants gone, she's trying to get him to lean towards R by the sound of it. Lots of nattering - catgurl
9:30PM 17/03/2008
Ryan is in deep thought/pissed. NT - WVpdles
9:31PM 17/03/2008

F1&2 - Ry and Matt playing pool. F3&4 - Sheila and James - going on and on and on NT - catgurl
9:53PM 17/03/2008

Sheila left HoH and james did a dance, then said idiots. NT - WVpdles
9:59PM 17/03/2008

James playing the "Chelsia's up in the air" game with Sheila in HOH room - lakeview
9:59PM 17/03/2008

Nat practicing Croquette (sp?), Chel on one of the backyard couches, R&M playing pool. R said it was nice having music for half an hour today NT - catgurl
10:00PM 17/03/2008

No pic but just sound of James saying 'booby trap set' and laughing NT - WVpdles
10:06PM 17/03/2008
Feed 1 - After Shelia leaves HoH, James does a little dance. NT - mrmac
10:18PM 17/03/2008

Sheila/James in massage room. S- you did good. M- jumping up and down ty ty ty . Matt promised to separate from Nat, move to his own bed NT - WVpdles
10:08PM 17/03/2008

Quick Matt/Sheila convo in sauna room - lakeview
10:09PM 17/03/2008

Chels telling Ry and Matt about getting ready to go to school in Austria. NT - catgurl
10:13PM 17/03/2008

Ry asks what language they speak in Austria, chel says German, Ry says - oh - thought it was Itallian. NT - catgurl
10:13PM 17/03/2008

Matt playing pool with Nat. Chel and Ry talking. He's working her for a vote NT - catgurl
10:17PM 17/03/2008
Ryan tells Chel that Ali was a professional gambler. Chel says that Ali and john were swingers. NT - WVpdles
10:32PM 17/03/2008

Matt/Nat talk while playing pool - lakeview
10:27PM 17/03/2008

Matt asks Nat why she voted James back. She said she was afriad of who would come back. She doesn't like mystery boxes. - catgurl
10:27PM 17/03/2008

Nat and Sheila whispering - sounds like they are trading the info they've collected tonight - but I can't make out exactly what they are saying. NT - catgurl
10:35PM 17/03/2008

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