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Ryan joins A/S in boat room. Ryan - we need to start winning sh!t. we got to get it 3 weeks a row. NT - WVpdles
12:01AM 17/03/2008

Nat/Matt/Sheila in boat room. Matt - your campaigning for me is being used against me. - WVpdles
12:15AM 17/03/2008
Ryan has rejoined the boat room. NT - WVpdles
12:15AM 17/03/2008

A/M outside. matt - straight up there's no way to save me. Adam - it sucks - WVpdles
12:20AM 17/03/2008

S/A Sheila saying Nat is a terrible at lying. telling Adam to step up his game - kandio
12:21AM 17/03/2008

Adam - you have to scare them into voting for you. corner Josh chel together. - WVpdles
12:26AM 17/03/2008
james peeked his head out but said it was too cold. adam said it's not his (james) fault, he's just doing what they want - WVpdles
12:30AM 17/03/2008

Nat comes out and Adam stops coaching Matt, Nat wanted to practice the croquet. - WVpdles
12:33AM 17/03/2008

Sharon, Sheila, Matt, Nat, Ryan, Adam in their beds but lights are on - WVpdles
12:51AM 17/03/2008

all 4 feeds on Adam and his scratching NT - Scarlettflame
12:54AM 17/03/2008

to HOH with the 'alliance' about making sure they are all safe NT - Scarlettflame
12:57AM 17/03/2008
Chel, josh, james. discussing they have to get HoH, and nat should prob go next week NT - WVpdles
12:58AM 17/03/2008
they discuss some more nat facts. nat says her dog is 14inches that's like 2 feet. and she thought it was old timers disease not alzheimer NT - WVpdles
1:16AM 17/03/2008

josh called to DR NT - Scarlettflame
1:17AM 17/03/2008

James and chelsia goofing around I think he is giving her a raspberry on her stomach and he feeds change (of course) NT - alexarae71
1:18AM 17/03/2008

Sheila to HoH, said josh told her to come up NT - WVpdles
1:19AM 17/03/2008

Josh, Chels and James in HoH, still talking about strategy. - Snarf123
1:20AM 17/03/2008

chel tells sheila the whole house is saying they're voting how sheila's votes, it's all on her. NT - WVpdles
1:20AM 17/03/2008

Sheila - Nat's saying she was talking about Chel needed to go not sheila - WVpdles
1:25AM 17/03/2008

C/J/S in hoh, matt seemes to be going at this point.... NT - Scarlettflame
1:26AM 17/03/2008

josh back in HoH with sheila/chel/james NT - WVpdles
1:28AM 17/03/2008

seems like the "other side of the house" hoarded the alcohol this evening NT - Scarlettflame
1:39AM 17/03/2008

josh's reason why matt has to go A) In the HT Matt offered to put Nat - WVpdles
1:40AM 17/03/2008

josh tells sheila that nat came to him and told him that they're alliance is still alive and sheila is reporting back everything they tell sheila - WVpdles
1:43AM 17/03/2008

Sheila in HOH telling Josh, James, and Chelsea that Adam will vote however Sheila tells him. - KWren11
1:47AM 17/03/2008

discussion about Nat sans Mat NT - Scarlettflame
2:00AM 17/03/2008
Chel said she'd like to meet the real Nat (nat without matt) NT - WVpdles
2:00AM 17/03/2008

Josh/Sheila leaves HoH, James turns to Chel, i don't trust her one F*ing bit. Her energy. Chel - me too. James - her smirks. - WVpdles
2:10AM 17/03/2008

just Chel/J in hoh saying they don't trust Shelia NT - Scarlettflame
2:10AM 17/03/2008

James and chel discuss flipping the house and keeping Matt, but then decide no Matt has to go no matter what. - WVpdles
2:13AM 17/03/2008
Chel - i knew it was too good to be true (sheila). James - might have to get rid of her next week. - WVpdles
2:15AM 17/03/2008

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