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Sheila - just because Matt's gone from the house doesn't mean he's gone from the game, he'll still be here. - WVpdles
9:56AM 17/03/2008

Sheila on about them being a nobody and her still being famous when they walk out of the house. It's all jealousy NT - WVpdles
10:00AM 17/03/2008

Nat - every day i have ppl telling me how much they love me and what a breath of fresh air i am because i'm different NT - WVpdles
10:01AM 17/03/2008
Nat -People watching this are praying for us. Sheila - I hpe they are - WVpdles
10:02AM 17/03/2008
and always happy. NT - Suzan
10:01AM 17/03/2008

Sheila is angry with the "others" for disecting her and her character behind her back and out there for her son and - Suzan
10:05AM 17/03/2008

Sheila has the blowdryer on so it's impossible to listen at the moment - Josh/Sharon shown on other feeds sleeping NT - Suzan
10:06AM 17/03/2008

Natalie asking Sheila where everyone is and she tells her they are still sleeping - - Suzan
10:07AM 17/03/2008

Sheila is working on her hair - Nat is off camera NT - Suzan
10:09AM 17/03/2008

All is quite - Nat back at the mirror in her towel working on make up, other cams on J/S sleeping NT - Suzan
10:13AM 17/03/2008

S: I'm so disusted Natalie that I can't even tell you, Natalie is telling her God will take care of things - S - Suzan
10:19AM 17/03/2008

Sheila commented on Natalie being on her side - but Natalie thought she was infering - Suzan
10:20AM 17/03/2008

Nat tells Sheila she told James he should be scared because she had everything on her side. Sheila - yes you do. Nat - God is on my side, He's just - WVpdles
10:20AM 17/03/2008
Nat - We are the better person, because we won't stoop to their levels. We're better than that. NT - WVpdles
10:21AM 17/03/2008

Only action on the feeds is Nat blow drying her hair - Sheila in the kitchen cleaning - others asleep NT - Suzan
10:29AM 17/03/2008

Nat - I'd be so grateful if he'd stay, but if not i'm gonna take them down. Nothing would make me happier to see J/J's faces when I win HoH NT - WVpdles
10:38AM 17/03/2008
Nat - they're not even gonna be allowed in my room. sheila - you'll prob get a nice bottle of wine. NT - WVpdles
10:39AM 17/03/2008

Sharon's up feeding the pigs NT - WVpdles
10:40AM 17/03/2008

Sharon tells Sheila/Nat the pigs names, and they both said oh they need better names than that. - WVpdles
10:43AM 17/03/2008

Nat - both are girls, she's seen so many guinea pigs she knows what the 'thingy' looks like. NT - WVpdles
10:44AM 17/03/2008
At one time her father had 15, because they kept reproducing NT - WVpdles
10:46AM 17/03/2008

BB: Chel please go to the DR. she was still in bed asleep NT - WVpdles
10:47AM 17/03/2008
Brief DR leak. (female producer) Hello Chel, it's Sean. How are you? Good. First of all, (sound cut) NT - WVpdles
10:50AM 17/03/2008

Chel out of DR, Matt/Ryan/Adam up NT - WVpdles
10:55AM 17/03/2008

Sheila in BY - She said something about knowing where a george is.(water running in WC on other feeds). - WVpdles
10:57AM 17/03/2008

Ryan in BY and Sheila asks him to come hang with her(in hammock) NT - WVpdles
11:03AM 17/03/2008
Sheila - we gotta stick to our plan. Nat totally trusts you. She has a plan, they have to BD someone on their side. - WVpdles
11:06AM 17/03/2008
S - she questions her sanity everyday for coming on here. her son didn't ask for this. What i've done in my life - WVpdles
11:08AM 17/03/2008

Meanwhile on the other feeds, Sharon is telling Josh that Matt denied EVERYTHING, the BJs, everything. NT - WVpdles
11:11AM 17/03/2008
BB: Ryan to DR NT - WVpdles
11:12AM 17/03/2008
Sheila calls Adam to hammock and telling him her game plan - WVpdles
11:22AM 17/03/2008

Chel has a battery operated shaver, and asked sharon to buzz her neck for her please. NT - WVpdles
11:12AM 17/03/2008

Nat in BY practicing croquet. Matt's out there too. NT - WVpdles
11:20AM 17/03/2008

Nat told Matt, sheila said they (J/C/J/S) all want you gone. NT - WVpdles
11:27AM 17/03/2008

Sheila to Adam - you don't know what I gave up to be in this game. - WVpdles
11:32AM 17/03/2008
S - nat's good at this game. you have to think about what's good for you in this game. - WVpdles
11:35AM 17/03/2008

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