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N/C/M/R talking at Hottub about who they think the HG are - Gorf
12:22AM 18/03/2008

Adam has the covers pulled weird so we cant see hes jerkin it. NT - dontjudgeme
12:41AM 18/03/2008

Nat says shes had one one night stand and the other three were her BFs - dontjudgeme
12:43AM 18/03/2008

M/N/R/C hot tub..Saying Matt is in gay porn. C saying well you know how to get - kandio
12:44AM 18/03/2008

Matt offered Nat a one hour massage if he gets off the block. NT - dontjudgeme
12:46AM 18/03/2008

He uses the downstairs bathroom and when he comes out - dontjudgeme
1:00AM 18/03/2008
He being James NT - WVpdles
3:31AM 18/03/2008

The BY crew head inside and James comes down NT - dontjudgeme
1:00AM 18/03/2008

A whole lot of chit chat and uncomfortable silence in the kitchen right now. James and Chelsia are not talking at all . - DaisyDuck
1:27AM 18/03/2008

All HGs in bed...some little chit-chat between Adam and slowly going to sleep. NT - Telbrook
1:40AM 18/03/2008

All HG's are in their beds. NT - DaisyDuck
1:41AM 18/03/2008

James comes down from HOH, plays croquet for awhile and now wandering through the house NT - cannotsleep
1:54AM 18/03/2008

James sneaks in to wake up Chelsia, they both go up to the HOH room and are talking but we can't hear the audio NT - cannotsleep
1:58AM 18/03/2008

James says if everything goes to plan, it's a split house vote, and boom, he evicts Matt NT - cannotsleep
2:07AM 18/03/2008

J/C rehashing the plan in action. It is working. Chelsia just told James that Natalie is an NFL cheerleader and then flames NT - DaisyDuck
2:08AM 18/03/2008

Chelsia says that Natalie is an NFL Cheerleader, and we get immediate flames NT - cannotsleep
2:08AM 18/03/2008

James said he had a really bad day today, he was grumpy, he doesn't even want to be there, but he got a chance to come back NT - cannotsleep
2:14AM 18/03/2008

James says he needs to handle Josh and Sharon, he doesn't want Josh hanging out with Chelsia, James says he'll keep him in check NT - cannotsleep
2:19AM 18/03/2008

Chelsia says Matt didn't want Ryan hanging out with her tonight, as soon as Ryan sat by Chelsia, Matt came right over NT - cannotsleep
2:20AM 18/03/2008

Chelsia says she lied to Matt earlier and said that Matt is more her type than James, they laugh about it and kiss NT - cannotsleep
2:22AM 18/03/2008

James tells Chelsia to get into a big blow out fight with Sheila right before the HOH comp so that Sheila will be rattled NT - cannotsleep
2:25AM 18/03/2008

James says it's key for Chelsia to get HOH this week. Now discussing whether or not Nat is really an NFL cheerleader, they think she probably is NT - cannotsleep
2:27AM 18/03/2008

Chelsia says that Natalie thinks that James is a cult leader, they laugh. James says he misses sleeping downstairs with Chelsia NT - cannotsleep
2:29AM 18/03/2008

Chelsia wants James to put shout outs for her in his HOH blog tomorrow, and then she'll do it for him next week NT - cannotsleep
2:32AM 18/03/2008

James says he thinks he is the first homeless reality star NT - cannotsleep
2:35AM 18/03/2008

Chelsia laying with her head in James' lap, talking about possible luxury competitions coming up as the show goes on NT - cannotsleep
2:37AM 18/03/2008

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