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James says Chelsia could play this off and roll in with their crew, Chelsia says she doesn't want to break away from James NT - cannotsleep
2:40AM 18/03/2008

James laughing that he threw pickle juice on Natalie and that she still voted him back in, he says these people are so stupid NT - cannotsleep
2:42AM 18/03/2008

Chelsia just said "P.S. Eric and Jessica had sex in the sequester house." NT - cannotsleep
2:43AM 18/03/2008

James does not like the HOH room at all, he hates the colors, the lights are too bright, everything. Now discussing if another HG will come back NT - cannotsleep
2:46AM 18/03/2008

James and Chelsia laughing about Matt crying on national television, James calls him a pu##y. Talking about who won the most HOHs in other seasons NT - cannotsleep
2:52AM 18/03/2008
James says the DR wants him to keep Matt (transcript from media, thanks xx2000xx!) - cannotsleep
4:44AM 18/03/2008

James says he misses being Chelsia's partner. Says the only person he wants to be next to in the final two is Chelsia NT - cannotsleep
2:57AM 18/03/2008

Chelsia say Baller and Sheila suck, but that it would be stupid to get rid of them too soon, but that Natalie has to go because she's strong NT - cannotsleep
3:00AM 18/03/2008

Talking about ratings, how they forget that they're actually on TV. Loved seeing the cake, wonder how CBS explained Neil leaving NT - cannotsleep
3:03AM 18/03/2008

James says he is on a barrage of competition winning, Chelsia tells him don't get cocky. Chelsia is playing with James' hair NT - cannotsleep
3:06AM 18/03/2008

James jokes about if he hadn't been voted back in how he wouldn't have been in sequester. James asks if she wants to sleep upstairs, kissing NT - cannotsleep
3:08AM 18/03/2008

Chelsia says her eating habits are really bad in the house, that she eats healthy outside, they discuss korean barbeque NT - cannotsleep
3:12AM 18/03/2008

James and Chels start making out heavy, and the cameras cut away to other sleeping HG's but you can still hear HoH audio for a min. - Snarf123
3:29AM 18/03/2008

All four feeds are of HG sleeping even though we just cut away from Chelsea and James chatting in bed... NT - KWren11
3:30AM 18/03/2008

ATF. F1 Matt and Natalie in bed. Ryan on floor. Adam in far bed. F2 Sheila alone in boat room, - Snarf123
3:33AM 18/03/2008

Cam does closup on HOH door as Chelsia leaves the room and feed goes to James - CruiseCritic
3:59AM 18/03/2008

Chels now in her own bed. All HGs in own beds and sleeping. NT - Snarf123
3:59AM 18/03/2008

HGs still sleeping... NT - acat
6:44AM 18/03/2008

HGs still are asleep... NT - tori1234
8:17AM 18/03/2008

Flames! Wake up time NT - Tara555
9:07AM 18/03/2008

Josh awake in WC - Brushes teeth NT - TheMike
9:10AM 18/03/2008

Josh in BY over by washer and dryer. FLAMES NT - TheMike
9:13AM 18/03/2008

Josh and Ryan in storage room talking about votes and josh says if it goes 4-2 he will be one of the 2 left hanging - TheMike
9:17AM 18/03/2008

Josh in shower. Matt and Ryan brushing teeth. Sheila went to SR to change batteries. NT - TheMike
9:18AM 18/03/2008

Sheila in KT making coffee, Matt taking clothes out of dryer. Natalie up and moving around. Ryan going back to his BR. - TheMike
9:23AM 18/03/2008

Sharon is talking to the GPs in a baby voice and now she's going to get them some food NT - TheMike
9:24AM 18/03/2008

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