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Sheila talking to Matt and Ryan about Josh-- Matt saying its not going to happen tonight--Matt saying ryan or adam will protect her tomorrow NT - streetsense
8:12PM 18/03/2008

Matt saying him after POV was just him amped up--he will go nuts NT - streetsense
8:14PM 18/03/2008

Sheila saying Josh has sucked her spirit away from her and if he wasnt here she would be confident NT - streetsense
8:15PM 18/03/2008

Josh/adam/james in kitchen eating and chit talking - realitydoll
8:16PM 18/03/2008

Sharon is laying in bed NT - streetsense
8:16PM 18/03/2008

Josh going outside--says "happy bunch" good *** session" how you sheila? say hi to your son NT - streetsense
8:17PM 18/03/2008

Adam walked by piggy cage and said "Hi guineas!" NT - realitydoll
8:17PM 18/03/2008

josh comes out to BY and says 'say hi to your son' goes back in and Sheila starts going off again NT - WVpdles
8:18PM 18/03/2008

Josh goes in slams door--and goes tells chelsia what he said NT - streetsense
8:19PM 18/03/2008

UH OH>>>>James/Josh going outside! - realitydoll
8:19PM 18/03/2008

Sharon tells Josh to basically calm down--Josh says hes not going to do anything NT - streetsense
8:21PM 18/03/2008

James says Josh isnt going anywhere so...then he says well unles he goes next week but if hes on block against me im gone NT - streetsense
8:23PM 18/03/2008

Josh goes in BathR where Chels is sitting on chair...... - realitydoll
8:24PM 18/03/2008

Matt/Ryan/Sheila outside - lakeview
8:24PM 18/03/2008

Sheila tells james thanks for taking her off block---James says dont look to far into that--it was gameplay NT - streetsense
8:26PM 18/03/2008

Sheila saying her son wont get internet feed and she trust BB wont show slander NT - streetsense
8:29PM 18/03/2008

Josh goes to br where chels is to sauna room to eat his pizza. Says that he is letting James get their strategy outside.... - realitydoll
8:33PM 18/03/2008

Chels doing hair in BR and Josh drinking his drink - realitydoll
8:37PM 18/03/2008

Josh/James outside - lakeview
8:48PM 18/03/2008
As soon as Sheila went in James said 'that lady is a nutcase' she thinks she's gonna win the game and network in NY NT - WVpdles
8:55PM 18/03/2008

Matt says he thinks Sheila would have had a hard time last year with ED in the house. She said no, he would have related to me on a single parent - cindytexas
8:54PM 18/03/2008

Josh goes and sits by the ht by himself and puts his feet in. Says about shelia: Same stories over and over and over. Matt comes out - realitydoll
8:56PM 18/03/2008

Shelia is heard somewhere, telling matt: I don't think you know how I feel? Matt: I know how you feel. You've been...Shelia: I feel like I'm walking - realitydoll
9:00PM 18/03/2008

Josh saying Matt believes hes staying cuz hes not moping around--Sharon said Ryan noticed that too NT - streetsense
9:03PM 18/03/2008

Josh saying ED won using the break em down before HOH method and they will be final 2 doing same thing NT - streetsense
9:05PM 18/03/2008

Sheila: It's Ok Matty! Matt: I just don't want you to feel threatened in this house. She: It's b/c I won't tell him how I'm voting. He wants to lash - realitydoll
9:08PM 18/03/2008

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