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Topic #8352722
Brendabythebay - Sheila asks Nat if they told her anythign and she says nope. S: great as my stomach turns. 0 Replies #8352722 7:49PM 20/03/2008
Sharon & Josh talking, Josh asks if she thinks it is tonite. SHaron thinks it is tonite. Why would they call a meeting now? Thats pointless.

Ryan joins them and they guess tonite pov, Saturday will be pov ceremony.
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Topic #8352764
Brendabythebay - Josh/Che in storage room 0 Replies #8352764 7:51PM 20/03/2008
Che tells josh how can she campaign to Josh against James. This sucks so bad.

Josh: you're staying James is going no question. If its James and I, James would go. If its me and you, I dont know where the cards would fall to be honest.

Chels: It would be me. I would go. They're tyring to break up the couples.

Che: Would you leave them the same?
Josh: I think I probably would
che: For your saftey it would probablly be the best.
Josh; Its a bad situation, because you know, you're holding, if there's any way to turn it around, get them to backdoor Nat or Sheila...whispering
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Topic #8352818
Brendabythebay - Josh/Chelsea in SR 0 Replies #8352818 7:55PM 20/03/2008
Josh speculating what type of ocmp.
J: Whats your gut say?
c: My gut is churning.

Che thinks Sheila might win. She might use it on James cuz he took her down.

J: Tit for tat. She might be scared about Adam or I.

Che: This just sks. really sks.

J: Yeah we're in a bit of a pickle.

J running thru scenarios if its him vs Chels, who'd vote for who, Chels says he's safe just becuase they want James/Chels broken up. Josh says might be blessing in sense for you.

C: I dunno. Maybe. Same for him.

J: Same for him.

J: Good thing is I dont think anyone really wants it. Adam proolly wants it to keep it the same. I dont want it, neither does Sharon, neither does Sheila. SO there ya go. If I got it, use it, sharon might go up and ...

C: It would be smart for you in this game for your safety not to use it.

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Topic #8352862
Brendabythebay - More Josh/Che in SR 0 Replies #8352862 7:59PM 20/03/2008
Josh mentions Nat. Che says maybe they can try. Convince her, all of us.

J: Oh God. We were soooo cloooose.

Che: Hard to have him psych me out.

J: Who James?

Che: No, but ya know he's trying, he's like you're gonna lose.

che wants nat gone. Josh wants her gone too.

Che: I'm not ready to leave this game. We could pull thru. James can too. So can Nat.

Josh: Its all so crazy. We could do something like ... James vs Sharon names off votes to keep James (him, che, ry) and Sharon goes.

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Topic #8352884
KingMac - WOW now Josh is throwing Sharon under the bus... Saying we should make it Sharon vs James and we vote out Sharon NT 0 Replies #8352884 8:00PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8352887
lakeview - Chelsia/Josh in storage room 0 Replies #8352887 8:00PM 20/03/2008
Josh thinking they'll have to push for a Nat/Sheila backdoor. Only hope.

Chelsia thinks Sheila's gonna win it. "I don't know why"

Josh: if she does, you're safe.

Chelsia; she might save James b/c he took her down.

Josh can see them not using it.

Josh: if he puts me versus you, it'd be up to Ryan, Nat and Sheila.

Chelsia thinks Josh would be safe then bc they would want James/Chelsia broken up.

Josh: same for him [the other way]

Josh: Adam probably wants to keep it the same. Probably not the others.

Josh: if I used it, Sharon would be on the block. She'd be mad at me.

Chelsia says it'd be smart for him not to use if he won.

Josh needs them both here.

Josh thinking to try to get rid of Natalie.

Chelsia: we can try. Maybe if one of you get it, maybe all 4 of us can convince him.

Josh: boy.... We were so close.

Chelsia saying James is trying to psych her out. Saying "you're gonna lose." Josh: I'm sure he's a little scared.

Now they're talking about getting Nat out in future if stay.

Now discussing if Chelsia brought down and Sharon up. And voting to keep James (with Ryan).

Chelsia will not be mad if Josh didn't use. Josh saying he could get Ryan on his side by saying they'd gun for Sheila who he's pissed at. (?)

Chelsia saying if she wins it, he'd be going up, so Josh should fight for it.

They walk out of storage room.
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Topic #8352940
Brendabythebay - Josh Chels go to Sharon and Sharon reads from the bible to them Psalm 23. 0 Replies #8352940 8:05PM 20/03/2008
Chels thanks Sharon.

Sharon whispers he is NOT gonna put up Natalie. If you win pov, its me. You know what I'm sayin, I dont know, this is just gonna get very sticky, cuz not matter what,

Che: not if you win pov

Sh: I'm first to go, you are 2nd, Sheila is 3rd.

Josh saying maybe I should try

Sh: They dont want James out they want Chels

(Ed LOT of whispering hard to catch this)

Sh: They want him gone, thats bottom line, they will do whatever it takes.

Josh: WE just pulled names.

Sh: no matter who goes who stays, they're gonna vote one of you out. They dont want you together they are so pissed about that. Nat, thats a given, she hasnt said it but thats a given come on. They are so pissed about you that they will...I think no matter what if you are I go up, it doesnt matter. I mean its good thing James came back and did what he wanted to do, he got him out that was his goal.

Sh: Should we keep it the same? They want James gone.

Che whispering. Sha whispers back if I take down you, then they (she points to herself) Che whispers then throw it.
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Topic #8352962
Brendabythebay - Sharon just told Chels Nat doesnt want girl in sequester with matt she wants a guy. She will keep you here. NT 0 Replies #8352962 8:07PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8352983
Brendabythebay - Che (mimics BB) Chelsea, please go to the DR. Oh I thought I heard a door. (Then we hear a door) Che laughs. 0 Replies #8352983 8:09PM 20/03/2008
James comes back. Che tells him good nite. You goin to sleep?

BB: Joshuah. Please go to the DR.
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Topic #8353006
lakeview - James saying he'd throw the POV for a (ADULT) 0 Replies #8353006 8:11PM 20/03/2008
blow job.
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Topic #8353014
Birdie - chel says it's a deal.. NT 0 Replies #8353014 8:12PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8353018
lakeview - Chelia says "oh now? no, after" NT 0 Replies #8353018 8:12PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8353030
Brendabythebay - Che just told james that she would ((ADULT)) 0 Replies #8353030 8:13PM 20/03/2008
give him a BJ if he throws it and laughs. James says he would throw a comp for a BJ. Che laughs at him. You're crazy. James says I would, you are really going to do it. You have to really do it. Are you really gonna do it tho? Che: Are you serious? You would throw a comp for a BJ. James says yep.

Sharon: He must really think he's leavin then.

James: If I dont win veto, I will walk out that door so I might as well take the BJ. So lets go right now.

che: right now? after.

James: Ok after.

Che: Laughs.

James: NO I'm serious. OK you got it. I'll do that. You wanna shake on it.

Che holds out her hand.

James: I get a sweet BJ no lick and then you're done. I want mad head. Mad head. And I want you to s'ck on my nuts.

They shake.

Che laughs. We'll see. I dont think your'e serious.

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Topic #8353042
SouthernBelladonna - James says if he doesn't win PopV, he will walk out the door. He and Chel still joking (sorta) about him... 0 Replies #8353042 8:14PM 20/03/2008 her the PoV comp for a BJ.

Chel is laughing about it...they shake on it...she says she doesn't really think he'll do it (throw the comp)..he says he really wants a BJ...
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Topic #8353048
Brendabythebay - Che says lets not tell those guys about that. James says no. What does Jesus think about that tho? NT 0 Replies #8353048 8:14PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8353074
Brendabythebay - James not offers oral to Chels if she throws it. For TWO hours. "How bout you just throw it. I've already been 0 Replies #8353074 8:15PM 20/03/2008
evicted once. I'm just saying. I dont think you're gonna give me a BJ."
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Topic #8353088
SouthernBelladonna - Now James offering to orally pleasure Chel if she throws it. They're joking back and forth. 0 Replies #8353088 8:16PM 20/03/2008
Then James says "Why don't you just throw it. I've already been evicted."

Chel asks if he wants it (PoV) again now....

More back and forth...laughing...
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Topic #8353099
Brendabythebay - Che: No pushing. Bite if you push. James laughs and says you dont like that. NT 0 Replies #8353099 8:16PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8353122
Brendabythebay - James just said... 0 Replies #8353122 8:17PM 20/03/2008
Thats a $ 500,000 BJ. I'm an idiot but this is reality tv so I"ll do it.

Sharon laughs and says they'll call her into DR "SO...."
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Topic #8353132
SouthernBelladonna - James mimics...(adult content) 0 Replies #8353132 8:18PM 20/03/2008
pushing a head up and down over his crotch. Chel tells him no pushing....She says she bites if there is pushing "it will get ugly"

Now James asking how many loads she can take...they agree on 3.

James says I just agreed to a $500,000 BJ..I'm an idiot...

Now both are laughing about being asked about this "deal" in the DR...laughing
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Topic #8353143
Brendabythebay - J/C now talking about being asked if they would do 0 Replies #8353143 8:19PM 20/03/2008
sexual favors for votes. James asks Che if thats what she did with him. she says no, where she is sitting right now, if she had realized, wouldnt be good. (Pointing out she's on the block because she is in a couple with him.)
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Topic #8353155
SouthernBelladonna - Chel says it will make a great bar story. James says.... 0 Replies #8353155 8:19PM 20/03/2008
"Dude, one of the best ones I've heard so far. Went on a reality TV show, got a BJ, and gave up $500,000>"
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Topic #8353187
raindrop110475 - havent seen tis on here but chel said she was cast cause she told producers she would do sexual favors to get ahead in game NT 0 Replies #8353187 8:21PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8353231
raindrop110475 - feeds switch to sheila and nat nat says if she wins money she will fly matt to oregon then go to vegas NT 0 Replies #8353231 8:23PM 20/03/2008
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Topic #8353315
raindrop110475 - sheila and nat still on all feeds nothing new being said josh will save james blah blah if anything new illpost no worries NT 0 Replies #8353315 8:27PM 20/03/2008
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