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WhatdoIKnow Adam / Natalie / Sheila / Joshuah / Ryan in the kitchen 0 1:04AM 24/03/2008
EvelDickthebest Chelsia getting up NT 0 1:04AM 24/03/2008
Woofie Chelsea standing in the doorway listening to the convo going on in the kitchen NT 0 1:05AM 24/03/2008
sunflower721 chels sitting up in bed pulling sheets or something thats stuck in bed,put on robe listening from hallway to j/she/adam in KT NT 0 1:05AM 24/03/2008
WhatdoIKnow Same 5 in the kitchen, laughing and talking 0 1:06AM 24/03/2008
Woofie Chesea in the fridge looking around.. Takes the eggs out and asking Natalie if shes praying for her NT 0 1:06AM 24/03/2008
WildestOrchid Chelsia is awake now NT 0 1:07AM 24/03/2008
EvelDickthebest Chelsia praying for me Nat NO ! NT 0 1:07AM 24/03/2008
Woofie Natalie not saying a word, shes looking down NT 1 1:07AM 24/03/2008
sunflower721 chels in KT peeling egg asks nat is she is praying for her Nat in firm voice NO.chels says good. NT 0 1:07AM 24/03/2008
WildestOrchid Sharon talking to james NT 1 1:08AM 24/03/2008
WildestOrchid Sharon thinks that Shelia and Matt are related NT 0 1:09AM 24/03/2008
Taffy Sharon whispering to James that something is up...tells him that Matt is Sheila's nephew or 0 1:11AM 24/03/2008
WildestOrchid Sharon is thinking that "something is going on" , thats why shelia defendened matt. James is not say much. NT 0 1:12AM 24/03/2008
WildestOrchid james says that Shelia said her son had an eye disability NT 0 1:13AM 24/03/2008
rg1 Chelsia says that the way she was earlier isn't really her (ed note: then who is it??). NT 0 1:13AM 24/03/2008
WildestOrchid Sharon thinks matt is Sheilas son or nephew NT 0 1:14AM 24/03/2008
rg1 Chelsia just says that if they were to keep her in the house she would keep her mouth shut, Sheila says interesting NT 0 1:14AM 24/03/2008
sunflower721 chels in KT with josh sheila ,chels there is nothing wrong with abortion,women have fought for those rights for years. NT 0 1:15AM 24/03/2008
WildestOrchid Shelia tells Chelsia that she is evil (joking) NT 0 1:15AM 24/03/2008
rg1 Sheila and Chelsia convo in kitchen (Adam and Josh are their as well) 0 1:19AM 24/03/2008
Woofie James/Sharon in BR going through various theories how Matt could be Shelias son NT 1 1:20AM 24/03/2008
rg1 Chelsia says so what's going on? Sheila says, I don't know, I just know that you're not going to walk out of her quietly NT 0 1:21AM 24/03/2008
sunflower721 chels in KT with adam she/josh talking about why she is here,said she is not here to get money or fame,mentions the car on Ebay again. NT 0 1:22AM 24/03/2008
rg1 Chelsia apologizes for squising the Easter bunny. Josh says Ryan actually ate it 1 1:25AM 24/03/2008
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