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ILuvMySoldier F1 & F2- James/Chels outside F3 & F4-Nat, Josh, sharon and Sheila in KT NT 0 5:23PM 24/03/2008
ariel1981 feed on c/j changes to adam/ryan in hoh bathroom 0 5:26PM 24/03/2008
ILuvMySoldier Ryan cutting Adams hair in HOH WC NT 0 5:26PM 24/03/2008
DanaRose Wow, Ryan buzzed Adam's hair REAL short,(IMO: it looks much better!) NT 0 5:36PM 24/03/2008
DanaRose Now Ryan buzzing James' hair, shaving sides of mohawk NT 0 5:38PM 24/03/2008
WieKacie Adam was shaving his chest now Ryan is. NT 0 5:45PM 24/03/2008
DanaRose Adam buzzing his own belly and chest! James sweeping up hair., now goes to show Chelsia.. 0 5:46PM 24/03/2008
DanaRose Josh asks Chelsia what she wants to eat tomorrow for her roast, she says roast chicken. (Sounds like 0 5:54PM 24/03/2008
DanaRose Josh Adam Sheila Sharon and Chelsia sitting at table eating on all 4 feeds. Adam says 0 6:04PM 24/03/2008
sunflower721 Ryan upstairs in HOH Bathroom doing his arm hair with the clippers.chels/she/a/jo/shar/ eating in KT NT 0 6:05PM 24/03/2008
sunflower721 nat in ebdroom reading bible and praying out loud to God,to help her or sheila win the HOH! NT 0 6:07PM 24/03/2008
DanaRose More table talk... 0 6:08PM 24/03/2008
DanaRose James comes in KT and gives Chelsia a big hug, Sharon doing dishes, Sheila clearing table/counter Josh gets in bed and Chelsia says what are you... 0 6:14PM 24/03/2008
DanaRose James on elliptical, Adam smoking in BY Nat/Sheila in boat room NT 0 6:15PM 24/03/2008
Jacsb Nat and She in BR. Nat reading the bible and making comparisons about good and evil and the "good HG's and Bad Hg's". 0 6:28PM 24/03/2008
Jacsb James and Ry playing Chess in LR. 0 6:31PM 24/03/2008
Jacsb Nat and She in BR still gabbing. 0 6:33PM 24/03/2008
Jacsb N/S still gossiping like crazy! (omg) 0 6:41PM 24/03/2008
VanWinkle All 4 feeds of James and Ryan playing chess NT 0 6:55PM 24/03/2008
crazybiotch42069 James and Ryan stil playing chess. Josh and chels joins laughing and chating about the squished eggs, and egg salad NT 0 6:56PM 24/03/2008
crazybiotch42069 Nat shelia still chatting in whispers in br, talking about Matty not voting for james if he is in f2 NT 0 6:57PM 24/03/2008
crazybiotch42069 James ryan not really talking much, just studying game and moves in the chess game NT 0 6:58PM 24/03/2008
crazybiotch42069 Nat telling Shelia about James and her chat and him being sorry for the comments said about her......more 0 7:00PM 24/03/2008
crazybiotch42069 Adam in by,Josh in ht. laughing joking about not being happy ...that this isn't survivior! NT 0 7:01PM 24/03/2008
helena Natalie and Sheila in boat room yapping. Natalie thinks she and Matt turn people on. 0 7:01PM 24/03/2008
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