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ILuvMySoldier James crawled under the bed Josh was sleeping in to scare him while Sharon and Chels watched NT 0 12:20PM 24/03/2008
ILuvMySoldier James/Adam in SR; Chels going to DR NT 0 12:22PM 24/03/2008
ILuvMySoldier Sheila and Nat in WC talking about having roommates -living for 3 months with strangers... (blah blah) NT 0 12:26PM 24/03/2008
ILuvMySoldier All feeds still on Nat and Sheila in the WC (I tuned them out sorry) NT 0 12:50PM 24/03/2008
ILuvMySoldier Nat called to DR; Adam, James and Chels in kitchen making lunch NT 0 12:51PM 24/03/2008
ILuvMySoldier James explaining to chels how it works when you leave to see Julie... BB: calls out his name and he stops NT 0 12:55PM 24/03/2008
DanaRose Sharon eating in KT all alone in her flesh colored suit, camera does close up up and down her body NT 0 1:10PM 24/03/2008
DanaRose Nat and Sharon talking to GPs, Sharon now goes into her bed where Josh has been laying... 0 1:15PM 24/03/2008
erin33520 Che/Shar talking about James talking in his sleep last night, Sharon dreaming about being pregnant. She/Nat on other feed I can't stand 0 1:21PM 24/03/2008
sunflower721 nat and sheila in spa room talking about this game and how insane it is. 0 1:23PM 24/03/2008
sunflower721 sheila and nat in SR talking about chels and what kind of player that she (chels) is,sheila to nat she only knows one side of you (nat)just what she 0 1:26PM 24/03/2008
sunflower721 sharon now sleeping james is laying in his bed still,chels is in WC doing her hair. NT 0 1:28PM 24/03/2008
sunflower721 nat saying to sheila how chels is nice to her all day and has conversations with her all day and then attacks her at night,nat says why even bother 0 1:30PM 24/03/2008
sunflower721 chels in bathroom doing her eye makeup in mirror that is by the two showers. NT 0 1:34PM 24/03/2008
sunflower721 nat and sheila in spa room still talking about the next HOH ,nat says it is going to be a hard comp., 0 1:38PM 24/03/2008
cindytexas Nat says she figured out that she was put on this Earth to make people smile. That's one reason she liked working at Hooters. 0 1:47PM 24/03/2008
sunflower721 chels done with hair/makeup,now laying in bed with james facing away from each other sharon in other bed sleeping,nat and sheila still chit chatting 0 1:47PM 24/03/2008
cindytexas Sheila says she was attacked when she first came into the house, by Amanda and Jen, about her boobs, asking if they were real. 0 1:49PM 24/03/2008
cindytexas Nat says you can't hate anyone for lying because everybody in the house has done it. NT 0 1:50PM 24/03/2008
sunflower721 (LOL)sheila and nat talking about nats fake boobs,sheila said they (other HGS) cant attack her(nat)about her boobs because nat is open about her 0 1:50PM 24/03/2008
sunflower721 BB just announced that the lockdown is now over and they are free to move around the house.sharon is up out of bed.adam just woke up from nap NT 0 1:52PM 24/03/2008
sunflower721 sharon and adam out BY ,nat and sheila still in spa room ,james chels still laying down NT 0 1:54PM 24/03/2008
sunflower721 sharon called to DR,nat left sheila is spa room to use restroom,sheila now taking nailpolish and remover out to do nails NT 0 1:56PM 24/03/2008
sunflower721 BB tells sheila to exchange her MIc with one from SR.she goes and gets one out of SR,now sheila in the boat room getting stuff from the boat dresser 0 1:58PM 24/03/2008
sunflower721 all 4 Feeds on sheila in boat room she but blue bikini top on and is in mirror adjusting top NT 0 2:00PM 24/03/2008
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