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Topic #8400339
WildestOrchid - Josh says he heard a coo NT 0 Replies #8400339 3:06AM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8400347
WildestOrchid - James and Chelsia think back to the first time they had sex. NT 1 Replies #8400347 3:08AM 24/03/2008
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WVpdles - James said it was b4 he was evicted, Chel says it was after he came back and was HoH #8400352 3:10AM 24/03/2008
They also confirmed they were 1/2 way thru when the DR called Chel down to talk, which is when we heard her complete DR session leak.
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Topic #8400354
WVpdles - josh said he got a warning, for hiding food, the beers they hid for Chel 0 Replies #8400354 3:11AM 24/03/2008
Josh also said BB said he's the worst houseguest always getting in trouble.
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Topic #8400356
WildestOrchid - Josh says he will not hide beers for chelsia agian NT 0 Replies #8400356 3:11AM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8400364
Taffy - James and Chelsia in the BR on the couch... 0 Replies #8400364 3:15AM 24/03/2008
She has her legs wrapped around his neck as they "play" (sexy time) around. James asks Chelsia something about being hairy and she asks him if he's gonna shave it for her, James asks her if she's gonna stop acting f*cking crazy and she says "no" James: please?...Chelsia: please?, please don't be crazy... James: at least for the next couple of days, it would be weird...Chelsia: alright! I won't be crazy

Chelsia asks James to stop pressing her legs (which are over his shoulders)on her body or she will throw up... James: maybe that's why you can't win competitions, you can't win sh*t because your flexibility sucks, your agility gets a grade of five(?)James puts his hand on her crotch and says something about it being a volcano...then F2&3 switch to Adam reading the bible (F&2 on sleeping Hgs)...Apparently Josh got tired of waiting under the bed, came out from under it and left the room...
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Topic #8400406
Taffy - After Josh leaves the BR...James spreads Chelsia's legs (adult) ... 0 Replies #8400406 3:28AM 24/03/2008
and says: Look at it, look at it that's a monster vagina...Chelsia: It is not! James:...and look at all that hair coming out of...Chelsia I know! James: that's a major clit...Chelsia: it is not...The cameras switch but we can still hear James saying how "it" bulges out...then sleeping HGs...(Not fair!)
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Topic #8400458
Taffy - sleeping HGs on feeds but we can hear some heavy breathing (as in someone having sex ed) for a little while then they seem to cut the sound... 0 Replies #8400458 3:44AM 24/03/2008
and we go back to hearing someone breathing/snoring
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Topic #8400462
Ymans - James and Chelsia going at it 0 Replies #8400462 3:46AM 24/03/2008
The corner of the bed was moving up and down and you could hear the unmistakable sounds of sex.
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Topic #8400463
CruiseCritic - Heard heavy breathing (sounded like Chelsia) and movement from red BR 0 Replies #8400463 3:46AM 24/03/2008
and no camera on James/Chelsia and then the sound went OUT.

Sound is now back and can hear movement from their bed and someone in the room snoring

6:47eastern time - no sound again
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Topic #8400554
Taffy - Chelsia walks into bedroom (as if to get something ed) then disappears from view again (I guess James and her were doing it in the bathroom ed.) NT 1 Replies #8400554 4:19AM 24/03/2008
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dontjudgeme - I think they actually did it in bed. She got dressed and went out of the room for a bit then came back. :) NT #8400562 4:21AM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8400568
Taffy - All four feeds on sleeping Hgs and no sound other than people breathing as they sleep... 0 Replies #8400568 4:27AM 24/03/2008
(Goodnight )
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Topic #8400937
DanaRose - All HGs sleeping soundly NT 0 Replies #8400937 6:27AM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8401888
JLPrinzess - Theres a lot of noise coming from james and chelsia's side of the room 0 Replies #8401888 8:34AM 24/03/2008
but all we have are sleeping HG's on the feeds. Could be big brother banging around or it could be james and chelsia
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Topic #8402130
sunflower721 - josh sharon still sleeping james chels still sleeping was some noise from their side of room then silence. 0 Replies #8402130 9:01AM 24/03/2008
nat and ryan are sleeping as is a baller up in HOH.sheila is not alseep but in bed tossing and turning ,she let out 2 big sighs and a yawn (so definitely awake).
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Topic #8402169
emy - Josh seems to be awake NT 0 Replies #8402169 9:04AM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8402592
DanaRose - Sheila tossing a bit, All other HGs sleeping, someone snoring loud, sounds like Ryan's snore! NT 0 Replies #8402592 9:37AM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8402623
emy - and Ryan is sawing logs ...LOUDLY NT 0 Replies #8402623 9:39AM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8402835
Tara555 - Lots of noise 0 Replies #8402835 9:54AM 24/03/2008
I don't know what's going on...
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Topic #8402938
Tara555 - Someone just farted! NT 0 Replies #8402938 10:01AM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8402958
sunflower721 - ****FLAMES*** )BB probably waking up HGS for the day ed.) NT 0 Replies #8402958 10:03AM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8403217
CruiseCritic - Chelsia is making some eggs and Sheila said (a few minutes ago) that she will 0 Replies #8403217 10:36AM 24/03/2008
always remember this Easter due to Chelsia tearing apart all the eggs. Sharon outside eating some cereal talking to Josh.
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Topic #8403222
DanaRose - Chelsia cooking Sheila putting dishes away, Josh and Sharon in BY NT 1 Replies #8403222 10:36AM 24/03/2008
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WVpdles - Josh telling Sharon, Sheila is related to Matt NT #8403248 10:38AM 24/03/2008
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Topic #8403241
CruiseCritic - Josh thinking that Matt is part of Sheila's family, says he is either her son or they are in 0 Replies #8403241 10:37AM 24/03/2008
cahoots and says she has his vote in the jury.

Chelsia still at stove cooking and Sheila picking up a little after Chelsia and asks her if she is going to make more eggs or not. Chels said she is probably going to make some more
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Topic #8403264
CruiseCritic - Josh says that Chelsia is just crazy and on her way out she is going to blow out - he says 0 Replies #8403264 10:39AM 24/03/2008
that she showed her true colors last night and that she isnt a pretty drunk. Josh says she was in a different world last night and says the same things over and over again - go after her clothing or jewelry and not the abortions.

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Topic #8403312
CruiseCritic - Sharon talking about the lesbian story and how they didnt raise their hands when 0 Replies #8403312 10:42AM 24/03/2008
they were asking if there was another couple in the house.

Sharon says how do we know his Mom is (some age) and they talk about him and his mom wanting to act. Josh thinks it makes sense.

Sharon doubts that Matt is her son, laying in bed getting head next to his mom? Josh says do you think she is his aunt? Sharon says yes.

More talk about Sheila and Matt - Matt coming from single family home. Josh says there is a family tie there - something isnt right.

sharon wants to know if we know who Mik's dad is? Josh says no and talk about Matts name being Matthew Michael McDonald?
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