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feeds going in and out from BY to trivia NT - BB_Addiction
1:25PM 27/03/2008

Ryan saying he's starving and now he's on slop NT - BB_Addiction
1:26PM 27/03/2008

Sounds like whole house in on Slop NT - harleyinlv
1:26PM 27/03/2008

All HG's talking about all the questions that were asked yesterday during HoH comp NT - BB_Addiction
1:28PM 27/03/2008

All HG;s in BY must be lockout NT - harleyinlv
1:28PM 27/03/2008

Sharon said she will not use her slop pass and stay on slop with rest of house NT - harleyinlv
1:34PM 27/03/2008

Ryan/Adam/James smashing watermelons in BY leftover from food comp NT - harleyinlv
1:37PM 27/03/2008

Flames NT - harleyinlv
1:38PM 27/03/2008

James pulverising leftover watermelon spreading it EVERYWHERE in BY NT - harleyinlv
1:42PM 27/03/2008

The HGs are explaing pickles to Nat. She didn't know they were made from cucumbers. NT - SouthernBelladonna
1:45PM 27/03/2008

HG's explaining to Nat where pickles come from....she didn't know they were cucumbers NT - harleyinlv
1:46PM 27/03/2008
*She said I was wondering how/where pickles grew!! lolol NT - DanaRose
1:47PM 27/03/2008

only nat and adam get to eat...all others on slop NT - echo
1:46PM 27/03/2008

James smashing more watermelon while the HGs discuss the food comp. - SouthernBelladonna
1:48PM 27/03/2008

Adam said "the food this week is just for you Natalie, I wonder if they'll still put the same amount in SR" NT - DanaRose
1:49PM 27/03/2008
They all picked food or slop and minority would get to be on food so all picked slop besides Adam - raindrop110475
1:57PM 27/03/2008
Adam is eating food ??? thought everyone is on slop NT - raindrop110475
1:55PM 27/03/2008

Adam teasing Sheila, she says you know what Adam, suck on a big one, Adam says OK, I like that kind of talk!! NT - DanaRose
2:01PM 27/03/2008

nat and josh in sauna talkign abotu keeping noms same worried James is right and will eb how much will u give up Nat says she will win and hell stay - raindrop110475
2:02PM 27/03/2008

adam tells josh if it is josh vs sharon adam would vote for sharon to leave NT - raindrop110475
2:05PM 27/03/2008

nat has 5 step process - raindrop110475
2:06PM 27/03/2008
Adam laid out these steps for her this morning while Nat was in the shower. Adam was in the BR as well going over the 5 steps. NT - Suzan
2:56PM 27/03/2008

rayn is sortof sasd to be on slop says he misses his pizza already NT - raindrop110475
2:07PM 27/03/2008

adam and ryan talkign about how much of idiot move it is that ryan didnt pick food - raindrop110475
2:10PM 27/03/2008

ryan says this was vacation week with Nat as HOH and now its rained on with slop - raindrop110475
2:11PM 27/03/2008

ryan having his first bowl of slop this week is saying eww until he eats and says excellent sharon excellent he is despondant NT - raindrop110475
2:14PM 27/03/2008

sheila and josh talking josh tellign sheila that chel can say whatever she wants on housec calls - raindrop110475
2:17PM 27/03/2008
Discussing Chelsia being on the Early Show and Housecalls....... Josh says that HCs is an hour long internet show, Gretchen is a nice lady. NT - Shar
2:20PM 27/03/2008

Shelia told Josh that James will go out worse than Chelsia NT - Oak1984
2:21PM 27/03/2008

Sharon to DR NT - Oak1984
2:23PM 27/03/2008

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