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sheila is also playign so adam only one not playing NT - raindrop110475
7:40PM 27/03/2008

They say they had to givev their sizes so all think ther eis uniform in pOV comp NT - raindrop110475
7:41PM 27/03/2008

sheila says shes PMSINg and on slop so her rage face is coming NT - raindrop110475
7:42PM 27/03/2008

Nat/Sheila/Ryan in kitchen - lakeview
7:53PM 27/03/2008

Adam on BY couch, Josh in HT, Ryan with his feet in HT NT - ILuvMySoldier
8:27PM 27/03/2008

Josh in HT, Ryan and Adam BY discussing POV Comp - artqueen5
8:28PM 27/03/2008

Adam thinks James would prefer Adam play over Ryan; Adam says at least Sharon is playing - ILuvMySoldier
8:29PM 27/03/2008

James drew Sharon's ball NT - ILuvMySoldier
8:29PM 27/03/2008

Sharon says maybe this is Sheila's turn to win POV; Adam says 24 hours, Josh says less... - ILuvMySoldier
8:30PM 27/03/2008

Adam, Josh and Sharon = just general chit chat NT - ILuvMySoldier
8:31PM 27/03/2008

Ryan in his room; Sheila in KY cleaning; Adam changing for HT NT - ILuvMySoldier
8:38PM 27/03/2008

Adam messing with Sheila in the KT at the sink; Ryan going outside NT - ILuvMySoldier
8:39PM 27/03/2008

Adam in HT now NT - ILuvMySoldier
8:40PM 27/03/2008

Josh saying how he isn't gonna freak out because either way-he has to spend time with them in the house or seq NT - ILuvMySoldier
8:43PM 27/03/2008

Ryan saying Sharon is due to win- boys tell her not to tank it like chels did NT - ILuvMySoldier
8:44PM 27/03/2008

FurFriends eating on feed1 and NT - artqueen5
8:44PM 27/03/2008

Sharon thinking it will be a timed POV-who ever finds certain things the fastest NT - ILuvMySoldier
8:44PM 27/03/2008

Josh talking about how eating slop will get to you around Day 3; Sharon wants to save a bug from getting wet NT - ILuvMySoldier
8:46PM 27/03/2008

Sharon trying to revive a MOTH-talking to it like it understands (can you say crazy??) NT - ILuvMySoldier
8:47PM 27/03/2008

Adam tells Sharon the moth is dead; Ryan says give it CPR; Sharon asks it if it is really dead (will it answer??) NT - ILuvMySoldier
8:49PM 27/03/2008

Nat comes out to HT; Sharon asks Nat if a moth gets wet wil it die - ILuvMySoldier
8:50PM 27/03/2008

Nat thinks it might have to do with balance; Josh says maybe hide n seek - ILuvMySoldier
8:51PM 27/03/2008

Nat says she feels 100% better-that she will have a clean sweep this week - ILuvMySoldier
8:53PM 27/03/2008

Guessing a figure 8 puzzle? - ILuvMySoldier
8:54PM 27/03/2008

Everyone at HT except James NT - ILuvMySoldier
8:55PM 27/03/2008

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