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sheila is now in sauna talking to james about him being up on the block. NT - sunflower721
6:18PM 27/03/2008

Sheila in sauna room with James - Shannon72
6:21PM 27/03/2008

sheilas telling james that she is trying to protect him (shyeah right) ,james aid you told me the house was trying to BD me.she denies it,then tells - sunflower721
6:21PM 27/03/2008

sheila telling james that she knows he will win POV.sheila tells james she feels that he turned on her.talking about POV if who wins/ what scenarios - sunflower721
6:23PM 27/03/2008

ooooo josh is in KT listening to sheila and james whole convo..... NT - sunflower721
6:25PM 27/03/2008

josh listened for a few minutes then went off to the WC.sheila talking to james about chels comments last night.james tell her to let it go the more - sunflower721
6:31PM 27/03/2008

Sheila telling James that she has a gut feeling he (James) is going to win this game. - Shannon72
6:31PM 27/03/2008

nats telling josh that sheila will not go against what she (nat) wants.josh is worried because james is going to work sheila the hardest. NT - sunflower721
6:33PM 27/03/2008

Nat saying to Josh that James is a threat and she can't have him in the house anymore. - Shannon72
6:37PM 27/03/2008

all 4 feeds of nat and jos his red br she is telling josh she will pray and telling him to pray,josh tells her sharon will pray.nat then goes up to .. - sunflower721
6:38PM 27/03/2008

LOL nat is now cooking food for her and Adam,sheila is now going up to listen to music.Sharon is in the DR,then josh has to go to the DR. NT - sunflower721
6:40PM 27/03/2008

All feeds back on Sheila and James in SR - Shannon72
6:40PM 27/03/2008

Nat and Josh in kitchen - Shannon72
6:44PM 27/03/2008

nat sharon josh and sheila in KT ,nat asked sheila what she and james were talking about.sheila says it was about chels.(That is not all she said to - sunflower721
6:46PM 27/03/2008

James and Sharon sitting in and around hottub - Shannon72
6:51PM 27/03/2008

Sheila said that Evel Dick told her it was only going to get harder as they get closer to the end. - Shannon72
7:00PM 27/03/2008
he mentioned he wanted matty out, because matty intimidated him NT - alienangel
7:05PM 27/03/2008
I went back to feed clip -- Sheila asked James if anyone else left in the house intimidated him and he said - Shannon72
7:18PM 27/03/2008

Sheila now talking about Chels attitude AGAIN and how she was nothing but nice to her. - Shannon72
7:11PM 27/03/2008

Sheila/Sharon/James in hottub - lakeview
7:11PM 27/03/2008

Adam and Josh in kitchen. Josh says he won't campaign right now, just remain calm and collective. - BBInsider1
7:15PM 27/03/2008

Sharon just told Josh that James had told Sheila that when Chelsia was unhappy with James it was all just an act NT - lakeview
7:19PM 27/03/2008

Sheila: "I just walked in on Adam while he was wiping his ass" NT - lakeview
7:23PM 27/03/2008

Adam/Sheila in bathroom - lakeview
7:27PM 27/03/2008

Natalie calls others in to pick the veto players. Feeds still on for a little bit, then flames NT - lakeview
7:29PM 27/03/2008

sharon and ryan are playing veto so far NT - raindrop110475
7:39PM 27/03/2008
Adam only HGs not playing NT - WVpdles
7:39PM 27/03/2008

Josh says James is trying to sike himout wont work whole house is against james NT - raindrop110475
7:39PM 27/03/2008

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