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Topic #8485941
Shannon72 - About 10 min ago Sheila, Adam and Sharon talking about the unitards they had to wear for POV 2 Replies #8485941 9:02PM 28/03/2008
and Sheila asked Adam why BB told James to take it off. Adam said it was because of James' big c*ck. Sheila said she just remembered BB telling James to take off the unitard but didn't know why. (ed. I wasn't able to catch all of this convo over the hottub sounds but that was the gist)
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WieKacie - unitards for food comp. not pov. NT #8485997 9:05PM 28/03/2008
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Shannon72 - Oops -- thanks for the correction! :-) NT #8486049 9:08PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8486031
Shannon72 - Adam and Nat in kitchen making dinner. Only lucky one's not on slop! 0 Replies #8486031 9:08PM 28/03/2008
Nat is doing something with garlic. Nat is saying it sucks that she can't play HOH comp next week. Now talking about today's POV comp and what they could have done differently. Nat saying that if Ryan didn't play against her but played with her they could have won. Adam said that Ryan f'ed it up. (ed. Ryan admitted earlier that he knows he screwed up and was really mad at himself). Now talking about Sheila and Adam said, "She ain't winning s**t. She f'ing sucks, dude".

Adam now attempting to make mac&cheese and he had to ask Nat if it had to be drained after the noodles were cooked.
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Topic #8486104
Shannon72 - All 4 feeds on Nat and the Mac & Cheese challenged Adam in kitchen NT 0 Replies #8486104 9:10PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8486177
Shannon72 - Adam blew nose really hard into napkin. Checked out the napkin before throwing it away, looked up his nostrils in the mirror then picked his butt. NT 0 Replies #8486177 9:14PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8486178
JanJan - BBAD: J/J/S/S in BY sitting around hot tub, w/feet in water. Talking about people/happings in the house. 0 Replies #8486178 9:14PM 28/03/2008
Sheila doing a lot of the talking.
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Topic #8486247
JanJan - 4 in BY talking about going to sequester, taking a DVD, what will/won't be shown on DVD. NT 0 Replies #8486247 9:16PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8486299
FrouFrou - Nat says go Team Christ to Adam. NT 0 Replies #8486299 9:19PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8486380
Shannon72 - Nat telling Adam that if Sheila wins HOH she won't put up Sharon or her because "girls stick together" 0 Replies #8486380 9:23PM 28/03/2008
Nat telling Adam that he and Ryan have to come through this week. Nat saying that James' winning streak can't last forever.

Nat talking about a George Carlin joke about how George doesn't understand why people put words together like "Jumbo Shrimp". She laughs at the irony (ed. my word, not hers.. she wouldn't understand) and Adam giggles.

James comes in from backyard and quickly heads to bedroom.

Nat and Adam having mac & cheese, spinach and marinaded steaks for dinner. Adam is helping with the food preparation in between sticking his hands down his pants.
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Topic #8486390
JanJan - Sheila says 'everyone underestimates the She-devil' ...Josh talking like he is going, and he's accepting it w/grace. 0 Replies #8486390 9:24PM 28/03/2008
He says he knows he only has five days and he want to enjoy it. Sharon says she will come visit him after game is over. James goes in house.
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Topic #8486444
FrouFrou - Sheila saying she won't talk to them any longer. She will let someone else take care of them. NT 0 Replies #8486444 9:27PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8486470
FrouFrou - Sharon saying if I get HOH next week...Sheila saying You never can predict. Sharon saying I will win HOH. I am pumped. Sheila saying this is what 0 Replies #8486470 9:28PM 28/03/2008
'they' did. Not me.
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Topic #8486493
FrouFrou - Josh explaining how the vote and number of votes will work to the girls in the ht. NT 0 Replies #8486493 9:29PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8486512
FrouFrou - Nat stealth whispering in kitchen. I missed it. Anyone get it? NT 1 Replies #8486512 9:30PM 28/03/2008
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WVpdles - She was asking Adam what they should do, Adam said stick with the plan, keep sharon NT #8486522 9:31PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8486529
FrouFrou - Nat saying once Josh ... he has done it before...Adam saying give it a day. Nat saying yes. It seems crucial. NT 0 Replies #8486529 9:31PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8486573
JanJan - J/S & S talking around HT. S & S talking about what will happen in the house...upcoming comps, how they will play, how they hope it goes down. 0 Replies #8486573 9:33PM 28/03/2008
Josh calmly sitting by, mostly listening to the girls. Josh makes a comment about "after I leave". Sheila and Sharon both wearing towels(?) wrapped around their shoulders like shawls - Sheila in red, Sharon in blue. Sheila walks across yard, asks inside HGs what time it is, then comes back. Sheila talking about her lastnight dream.
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Topic #8486592
Shannon72 - Poor Sharon -- in backyard with Josh and Sheila planning the next comps and who SHE is going to get out WHEN she wins HOH. 0 Replies #8486592 9:34PM 28/03/2008
Sheila saying how quickly things change in the game. Josh is helping Sheila and Sharon plan the next evictions. Josh is doing everything in his power not to smirk during the convo. Sheila told Joshua that she will be seeing him soon (in sequester). Josh said, "maybe so, maybe not". Then plays it off as if Sheila will be staying in house. Sharon saying that she has to win first, then James and then Sheila.

Sheila walks away, sighs and says, "Oh god".

Sharon -- this sucks. I'm going to make sure I win this game. I'll make sure it happens.

Sheila back from checking her laundry. Josh debating whether or not he wants to get into hottub. Sheila now talking about her dream last night about her ex-bf being at the BB wrap party. She said it's not going to happen.

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Topic #8486723
Shannon72 - Shar/She telling Josh that they will be sending him a friend in sequester. 0 Replies #8486723 9:40PM 28/03/2008
They are telling Josh that at least he'll have a friend (Chels) there. Now they are wondering what sequester is like. Josh saying he is not going to miss the bed he and Sharon sleep in.

Josh asking what Sheila's mood is like. Sheila said she wishes she saw "this side" of Joshua weeks ago. Sharon is covering her face with her towel to hide her tears. Sharon getting emotional about Josh leaving the house. Sheila telling Josh how great of a guy he is now.

Sheila saying that she has no idea what Nat/Adam/Ryan's plans were when it comes to wanting to get out Josh, James and Sharon. (ed. totally not true)
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Topic #8486816
Shannon72 - Sharon said she'll do whatever it takes to stay in the game. Sheila said she will stay in the game. 0 Replies #8486816 9:46PM 28/03/2008
Sheila reminding Sharon she survived through many evictions. Sharon saying that she is getting more and more mad because people that she cares about keep leaving. (ed. this better be making Josh feel VERY guilty but I know it doesn't).

Sharon is saying that "Hoops" is going to take over the house. Sheila asked who "Hoops" is and Sharon pointed at herself. (ed. her nickname).

Sheila wondering what will happen if she decides to eat something other than slop. Josh told her she'd get a penalty nomination. Then they start talking about what Jen did last season.

Josh called to DR.
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Topic #8486876
JanJan - Nat/Adam sitting at KT table enjoying their meal together. Ry comes over and puts his face about 4 inches above Ballers plate and 0 Replies #8486876 9:50PM 28/03/2008
inhales deeply (ed: LOL), walks away & makes Mmmmm sound.
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Topic #8487005
Shannon72 - Sharon telling Sheila she asked James about Chels/Matt situation after Chels left house 0 Replies #8487005 9:56PM 28/03/2008
Sharon told Sheila she asked James what the real deal was between Matt and Chels and James told Sharon that Matt tried to make the moves on Chels but she didn't go for him. Sheila and Sharon saying that Matt was a nice guy and didn't deserve what happened to him. Sheila talking again about what Chels said to her about Sheila's private parts.

Sheila saying she can't talk to "them" anymore but she'll still talk to Nat and Sharon. Sheila saying she is no longer talking to the guys. Sharon saying that if James is in power then he'll put Ryan and Adam up and they will go after each other.

Sharon said this game is about to get crazy and she thinks that once Josh leaves Sharon will become who she becomes in this game.

Sharon said that Nat is worried that if Nat has to break a tie then that will put two people against her in the game. (ed. I'm guessing if Nat votes Josh out Sharon/Sheila will be upset. If she votes Sharon out it will upset Josh/Sheila).

Sharon said she doesn't have to think about the game all day long like Nat does. Sharon said she only needs a few minutes to think about it and that's it. She doesn't let the game consume her. Sharon saying that she won't realize how wrapped up she is with Josh until he leaves the house. Sheila saying she's going to cry when he walks out the door. Sharon saying that she feels bad he's leaving but knows it's not her fault.
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Topic #8487130
JanJan - S/S at hot tub. Sharon stated that she "knows" this game and "Hoops" is gonna come out. (ed: Hoops is her badass alter-ego.... 0 Replies #8487130 10:05PM 28/03/2008
...similar to the Sheila/Kimberly name game). They are talking like they have it all figured out. Adam comes out for a smoke after eating his massive dinner. He's wearing a lime green t-shirt and starts waving a lime green towel/flag on a pole (?) over his head, waving it around. Sheila goes inside then back out. Sharon gets up from HT, heads toward sliding door..chats with Adam for a few then heads inside. Sheila doing laundry.
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Topic #8487153
ILuvMySoldier - Everyone in BY waving at a helicopter that is hovering; waving Josh's flag NT 0 Replies #8487153 10:06PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8487163
floridagurlcash - Shelia saying I gotta step it up a noch (ED: doesnt she say that every week) LOL 0 Replies #8487163 10:07PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8487183
SouthernBelladonna - Adam walking around the KT with both hands down his pants messing with his junk. NT 0 Replies #8487183 10:08PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8487195
Shannon72 - Natalie downed the rest of her drink (milk?) and then burped. Ryan looking over the 0 Replies #8487195 10:08PM 28/03/2008
directions on how to make slop. Ryan saying it would be nice if they could add butter to it. Ryan done making his bowl of slop. Ryan leaves, Sharon comes in.

Sharon told Nat that Sheila is nervous she is going up. Nat confirmed that she wasn't going up.

A helicopter is flying over so Nat and Sharon run outside to wave to it and Adam is waving a flag.

Sharon/Nat back inside whispering really low -- can't hear. Convo was broken up by Adam and Ryan coming back in.

Camera pans in on Adam putting both hands down his sweatpants scratching himself.
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