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SouthernBelladonna Nat walks out of DR with a funny look on her face....flames. NT 0 8:37PM 29/03/2008
DanaRose Nat comes out of DR and flames NT 0 8:37PM 29/03/2008
ILuvMySoldier Feeds Back NT 0 8:50PM 29/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna It seems something happened with the pigs during the flames. 0 8:53PM 29/03/2008
allen feeds back all up in LR waiting, nat dressed watching GP 0 8:54PM 29/03/2008
VanWinkle When the feeds return the HGs talk about a clip about the GPs...apparently the GPs were 0 8:54PM 29/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna James imitatating Ry/Adam who are working out in the BY. 0 8:55PM 29/03/2008
allen James gets them laughing with Hauns and Frans interp 1 8:58PM 29/03/2008
WhatdoIKnow alright, this was hysterical, James in some kind of "strained voice" was doing commentary of Ryan and Adam out in the backyard 0 9:02PM 29/03/2008
WhatdoIKnow James is saying how annoying Amanda was with her "Buenos" and how glad he was to be the one to evict her then 0 9:05PM 29/03/2008
WieKacie Natalie got called to DR. James and Josh are doing the dishes. 0 9:28PM 29/03/2008
WieKacie Sharon chopping up some carrot for the guinea pigs. NT 0 9:31PM 29/03/2008
mks josh and sharon talking about how scripted the show really is NT 0 9:31PM 29/03/2008
mks sharon unzipped james' pants for him so he could go to the bathroom NT 0 9:33PM 29/03/2008
WieKacie Ryan is picking at his teeth in the bathroom mirror. 0 9:36PM 29/03/2008
WieKacie Natalie out of DR. Adam is helping James with dishes. NT 0 9:38PM 29/03/2008
WieKacie Ryan is in shower now. 0 9:40PM 29/03/2008
JanJan J/J/A/N/Sha in KT. James washing dishes, Adam drying & putting away. 0 9:41PM 29/03/2008
JanJan Josh saying he hates being scared (startled). They talk about him getting scared in the WC, by the GP cage, 0 9:44PM 29/03/2008
JanJan Nat tells a story to KT crew about a couple hemming and hawing about it because it might be too bad to say.... 0 9:48PM 29/03/2008
JanJan Sheila off camera (in HOH?), everyone else in KT...talking about casting, busting on the odd folks (guy in velour jacket, guy w/weird Ipod music, etc) 0 9:55PM 29/03/2008
JanJan Nat is getting boiling water ready to add to her cold bubble bath upstairs. 0 9:59PM 29/03/2008
JanJan HGs are talking about random stuff...hopping from one subject to another. 0 10:08PM 29/03/2008
JanJan Ry, Josh, Adam out in BY playing pool. James outside too. 0 10:14PM 29/03/2008
JanJan Nat & Sharon take huge pot of hot water to HOH to add to tub. 0 10:19PM 29/03/2008
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