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Oak1984 Cam 1/2 Nat and Shelia in HOH looking at Nat pics 0 6:08PM 29/03/2008
allen Nat looks at picture of her dog 0 6:09PM 29/03/2008
Oak1984 Sharon shrieking while cutting up stuff for GP's 0 6:10PM 29/03/2008
Oak1984 Shelia telling Nat that Josh and Sharon are the only couple left in the game 0 6:15PM 29/03/2008
Oak1984 Nat/Sharon/Josh expecting pranks all night NT 0 6:17PM 29/03/2008
Oak1984 BB-Houseguests...did you know there are 116 windows in the house? NT 0 6:19PM 29/03/2008
Oak1984 Nat/Adam and Josh now in KT freaking out about what what will happen all night NT 0 6:20PM 29/03/2008
Oak1984 Cam 1/2 Ry and Adam bible reading 0 6:25PM 29/03/2008
allen bible boys retire to room for devotional readings after baller trys to rile josh 0 6:27PM 29/03/2008
Oak1984 Cam 1/2 Ryan and Adam sleeping in beds/ Cam 3-James in bed thinking NT 0 6:28PM 29/03/2008
Oak1984 Sharon/Nat/Shelia discussing on where to sleep tonight NT 0 6:29PM 29/03/2008
Oak1984 Shelia talking about hearing voices...thinks this is an April Fools Day show thing NT 0 6:30PM 29/03/2008
Oak1984 Sharon talking to Gp's...Shelia and Nat heading to HOH for the night NT 0 6:32PM 29/03/2008
allen Shelia and Sharon havent seen faces in mirrors yet, but shelia has heard voices 0 6:32PM 29/03/2008
Oak1984 Shelia telling Nat that she missed the rat in the did she miss it? NT 0 6:33PM 29/03/2008
WVpdles In HoH, Sheila telling Nat she could hear James/Chel having sex in the other room NT 0 6:41PM 29/03/2008
Oak1984 Shelia/Nat talking about it has to be killing James that Matt is in Sequester with Chelsia 0 6:43PM 29/03/2008
Oak1984 Flamessssss NT 0 6:49PM 29/03/2008
allen rest of house get quiet as N/S talk in HOH James naps as sharon reads bible 0 6:49PM 29/03/2008
allen Nat and shelia discuss POV comp HG guessed at weights of various items shelia won a point for lard ryan lost on popcorn 0 7:04PM 29/03/2008
WVpdles Sheila told Nat her son is James' size and he and George will beat James' ass at the wrap party for the way James has treated her NT 0 7:08PM 29/03/2008
WVpdles Sheila - when I win HoH, I don't want James in my room, he can come up and see my pictures then he needs to leave immediately, I don't want him here 0 7:11PM 29/03/2008
WVpdles She/Nat now going thru the previous HoH answers, who would you rather lead you into battle, James etc NT 0 7:13PM 29/03/2008
raindrop110475 The guinea pigs are on the screen in living room NT 0 7:14PM 29/03/2008
Oak1984 Nat getting ready to discuss Bible with Shelia 0 7:22PM 29/03/2008
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