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Smartster Shelia explaining why Josh must go. As he turned on Shar NT 0 11:37AM 29/03/2008
Smartster Shar and Shelia out by washer and Dryer NT 0 11:38AM 29/03/2008
Smartster s/s talking about how bored they are and nothing to do NT 0 11:38AM 29/03/2008
Melonie Sharon and Sheila leave the bathroom and go outside to check on the wash. Adam in the kitchen still cooking. 0 11:39AM 29/03/2008
Smartster Now Shebot complaining about dirty mess of dishes she states she will not clean up today NT 0 11:39AM 29/03/2008
Smartster Adam outside talking to Sharon NT 0 11:41AM 29/03/2008
Smartster Adam get promise from Shar that she will put up James if she stays and wins HOH NT 0 11:41AM 29/03/2008
Smartster Shar explains how James has gone after her multiple times NT 0 11:42AM 29/03/2008
Smartster She explains that Josh has to go b/c he will work with James to get Adam out! NT 0 11:43AM 29/03/2008
Smartster Ryan joins conversation. She assures them that she h@tes James NT 0 11:44AM 29/03/2008
Melonie Sharon tells Adam that sh** will get crazy in the house if Josh stays there. Adam tells Sharon Josh has not really campaigned. 0 11:44AM 29/03/2008
Smartster Sharon tells them both that she has never lied to Adam or Ryan NT 0 11:44AM 29/03/2008
Smartster A/R dissing each other about their choices that resulted in James still being in House NT 0 11:45AM 29/03/2008
Smartster Shelia joins conversation! NT 0 11:46AM 29/03/2008
Smartster Shar states that Josh's strag is to break ppl down NT 0 11:47AM 29/03/2008
Melonie Sheila and Sharon say the biggest mistake ever in the game was bringing James back. 0 11:47AM 29/03/2008
Smartster Sharon explains why she voted James back b/c she did not want Jacob back NT 0 11:48AM 29/03/2008
Smartster Ryan asks who is biggest threat to James (wants to know who James wants out) NT 0 11:48AM 29/03/2008
Smartster Shar tells them that James needs Josh to have his back NT 0 11:49AM 29/03/2008
Melonie Sharon says she will not have James's back. 0 11:50AM 29/03/2008
Smartster She says that James wants to take Josh to F2 b/c he can win votes over Josh NT 0 11:50AM 29/03/2008
Smartster She states that James need Josh as wingman as Josh is smart NT 0 11:50AM 29/03/2008
Smartster Sharon says James thinks he can manipulate everyone Lies to face trys to get themto forget later NT 0 11:51AM 29/03/2008
Smartster Sharon going off bout Josh turning on her NT 0 11:53AM 29/03/2008
Smartster Ryan says Like Sharon's campaigning NT 0 11:53AM 29/03/2008
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