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scandalous HG's are commenting it's a really nice grill, but are complaining asking where all the toys are at NT 0 4:58PM 03/04/2008
Stella222 Nat just said Adam is not putting up James for eviction and BB told them to go outside for lockdown NT 0 4:59PM 03/04/2008
FrouFrou Nat cold. James saying if he gives me a shot for trust. James saying it a chance for me to gain trust with you two as well. Ryan saying he is 0 5:00PM 03/04/2008
FrouFrou Ryan getting ready to bench press. NT 0 5:00PM 03/04/2008
eddiesgirlmx ryan lifting weights NT 0 5:00PM 03/04/2008
FrouFrou James gets into last of sun. NT 0 5:00PM 03/04/2008
Stella222 Trivia NT 0 5:01PM 03/04/2008
scandalous We still have audio: James is telling Ry that he's just trying to get a chance to prove he's trustworthy again... 0 5:01PM 03/04/2008
FrouFrou Trivia. I think we are going to noms. NT 0 5:01PM 03/04/2008
DanaRose Nat tells Ryan and Sharon, "He said hes not putting up James" as they go outside for LD...James and Ryan convo...(more) 0 5:05PM 03/04/2008
Mitzi TRIVIA (last 30 mins).....NOM ceremony NT 0 5:40PM 03/04/2008
bb9lover Flames.....Block Ceremony for the last 35 minutes NT 0 5:40PM 03/04/2008
DaisyDuck Still Trivia NT 0 6:02PM 03/04/2008
FrouFrou Feeds back on. Sheila and Ryan talking. NT 0 6:06PM 03/04/2008
DaisyDuck Back Looks like Sheila and Sharon are up, Sheila and Ryan are pissed NT 0 6:06PM 03/04/2008
FrouFrou Sheila is up. James saying he just wants to be straight. Adam says the Big She. Nat saying you are going to hear an ear full. NT 0 6:07PM 03/04/2008
FrouFrou Adam saying if James doesn't win, Adam will put James up. Sharon and James saying they owe each other nothing. NT 0 6:08PM 03/04/2008
Brendabythebay Sheila & Sharon up, Ryan is mad, James just told him to then win pov & take one of them off. NT 0 6:08PM 03/04/2008
Marisol He nominated Sharon and Sheila. NT 0 6:08PM 03/04/2008
FrouFrou Adam saying Sharon and Sheila in jeopardy. You are safe to Ryan. NT 0 6:09PM 03/04/2008
FrouFrou Nat saying I am winning the POV. I already have it around my neck. NT 0 6:09PM 03/04/2008
FrouFrou James saying it is done making deals. James saying why did you shake my hand then? Ryan saying well you just came right in...James says it is done. NT 1 6:10PM 03/04/2008
FrouFrou Sharon eating ice cream. Saying to Adam it's fine. It's whatever. Adam sighing. Saying don't stress. NT 0 6:11PM 03/04/2008
FrouFrou Adam saying if I won POV I was fed. NT 0 6:11PM 03/04/2008
FrouFrou Ryan and Sheila. Ryan still going on about Adam putting up Nat or jim. Nat saying Sheila keep quiet. Nat saying we don't need to blow this up. NT 0 6:13PM 03/04/2008
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