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cindytexas Adam says if he doesn't put James up, that will make them work harder to win the POV. 0 2:52PM 03/04/2008
cindytexas Nat is very worked up, talking fast and furious, trying to convince Adam that he HAS to put James up this week. 0 2:54PM 03/04/2008
cindytexas Ryan and Sharon whispering in kitchen. Can't catch what they're saying. Heard Sharon say she can't beat Natalie in the end. NT 0 2:55PM 03/04/2008
cindytexas Nat telling Adam that the next HOH will be physical and she will win it. She says it's a trait of Scorpios, when they put their mind to something 0 2:57PM 03/04/2008
bb9lover James in HoH talking to Adam to try and save him (James) NT 0 3:13PM 03/04/2008
sexylexie1 James goes up to HOH after speaking with Natalie. 0 3:13PM 03/04/2008
sexylexie1 Adam telling James he is arguing with these people about not putting him up. 0 3:18PM 03/04/2008
cindytexas James finally tells Adam that he's with him 110%, looking him in the eye, mano-a-mano. 0 3:20PM 03/04/2008
sexylexie1 Adam is telling James are you being straight up because I will be going out on the line. 0 3:21PM 03/04/2008
eddiesgirlmx James says I don't know why but I keep coming back to you NT 0 3:21PM 03/04/2008
eddiesgirlmx James says people look the other way when they see him coming NT 0 3:23PM 03/04/2008
cindytexas James tells Adam if he thinks he would use the veto on Sharon, he's sadly mistaken. NT 0 3:23PM 03/04/2008
eddiesgirlmx Natalie just walked in asking "Why did I hear my name in here?" NT 0 3:24PM 03/04/2008
cindytexas Nat comes in and asks why is she hearing her name being used? They don't answer. 0 3:25PM 03/04/2008
eddiesgirlmx Natalie is telling james "you don't go up to people and lie" NT 0 3:25PM 03/04/2008
eddiesgirlmx James "I hav'nt done anything to adam. I have to you natalie, but we've cleared it out." NT 0 3:25PM 03/04/2008
eddiesgirlmx Natalie "Sheila is a mole. I see right through her." NT 0 3:26PM 03/04/2008
eddiesgirlmx James telling adam over again, I hav'nt done anything to YOU NT 0 3:27PM 03/04/2008
eddiesgirlmx James says to natalie "Did I f*** you? personally? NT 0 3:28PM 03/04/2008
eddiesgirlmx Natalie says no, but you did mattie. You are the biggest threat NT 0 3:29PM 03/04/2008
eddiesgirlmx Natalie says "everybody else is a piece of cake, but you are a threat" NT 0 3:29PM 03/04/2008
eddiesgirlmx james says the votes are already pre determined, i'm going home NT 0 3:31PM 03/04/2008
cindytexas James tells Nat, I'm talking to Adam, yet Nat keeps talking, arguing with him. NT 0 3:31PM 03/04/2008
eddiesgirlmx natalie says chelsia has been mean to her since day one. I never did anything to her NT 0 3:32PM 03/04/2008
eddiesgirlmx Adam says I don't care about sharon or sheila, i'll put them up, but that will be wrong to natalie and ryan who have never did anything to him NT 0 3:33PM 03/04/2008
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