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FrouFrou Ryan saying I am feeling betrayed. James reminds Ryan that he isn't on the block either. Adam has told Ryan 3 times that James goes up if someone 0 6:44PM 03/04/2008
FrouFrou Ryan saying listen James as they walk out the back door. NT 0 6:44PM 03/04/2008
FrouFrou Ryan asking James again that he won't use it. James says I even told Sharon I am here for me. NT 0 6:45PM 03/04/2008
Brendabythebay Sheila just came out to the kitchen and is calling out Adam for what he did. Says she never woulda done that to him. NT 1 6:47PM 03/04/2008
FrouFrou Ryan saying I am not bitter. James just saying lets work together. If you get the POV please don't use it. Ryan said understand that I was pissed 0 6:48PM 03/04/2008
scandalous Ryan says he (finally) understands that James will not use the veto if he wins it... 0 6:48PM 03/04/2008
allen sharon wearing tight set of jeans and hoodie zipper front Nat 0 6:48PM 03/04/2008
FrouFrou Ryan burping. James and Ryan say the thing between them is squashed. NT 0 6:48PM 03/04/2008
FrouFrou Nat saying do I need to wait for it to heat up. Everyone getting involved. NT 0 6:49PM 03/04/2008
FrouFrou Nat and James grilling. NT 0 6:49PM 03/04/2008
Brendabythebay She telling Adam she KNOWS why he did what he did. It just p's her AWF. IF that PP wins... 1 6:51PM 03/04/2008
allen sheila saying she promised allison garner that she would stop cussing NT 1 6:52PM 03/04/2008
KingMac Adam saying- you know what it is its the DR they throw ideas in your head and i go with it. NT 1 6:52PM 03/04/2008
cindytexas Nat put her knife in Adam's face and said, "I'm gonna kill you. I'm gonna hurt you." NT 0 6:54PM 03/04/2008
Brendabythebay She just told James that was an insightful speech james give, ya have to win in this game. 0 6:56PM 03/04/2008
Brendabythebay in BY, Ryan and Nat saying that they wanna win pov and take Sheila down, *force* Adam to put James up. NT 0 7:00PM 03/04/2008
allen Nat realizes that if james wins veto, takes sharon down then james and sharon will decide who goes NT 0 7:03PM 03/04/2008
allen its a grilled meat feast as they chuncked everything they had onto the new grill 0 7:09PM 03/04/2008
Cay12 Talking about food comp. :) they did pretty good. 0 7:17PM 03/04/2008
Cay12 Still talking about food comp.... 0 7:19PM 03/04/2008
eddiesgirlmx ryan telling adam that sheila won't have his back anymore. NT 0 7:20PM 03/04/2008
Cay12 Natalie talking about what if NO ONE tried and wanted to get her on SLOP! 0 7:20PM 03/04/2008
eddiesgirlmx ryan said he still don't trust james. esp. if he wins pov NT 0 7:20PM 03/04/2008
eddiesgirlmx ryan telling adam that he knew james would get him with his emotional bullsh** NT 0 7:21PM 03/04/2008
eddiesgirlmx ryan is obviously pissed. telling adam that james and sharon have all the votes now. that james conned adam. NT 0 7:22PM 03/04/2008
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