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voodoochild1207 ryan and james in bed NT 0 12:00AM 04/04/2008
cannotsleep Nat to Adam in the salon: Eventually, Sheila's gotta go, Sharon's gotta go, as long as we keep switching beds we'll be fine (winning HOH each week) NT 0 12:04AM 04/04/2008
cannotsleep Nat: Sheila's gotta get an extra kick in her *ss, Adam says yeah and they laugh. Adam: I'm one step ahead of James, don't bullsh*t a bullsh*tter NT 0 12:08AM 04/04/2008
DrC Natalie told Adam that before Matt left he said to only trust YOU 0 12:09AM 04/04/2008
cannotsleep Natalie & Adam rehearsing his POV speech, Adam says why can't I put myself up, they say they'll check the manual NT 0 12:10AM 04/04/2008
cannotsleep Nat and Adam leave the salon, Adam goes out to the BY to smoke, Nat tells him good night and is brushing her teeth NT 0 12:14AM 04/04/2008
RockinThePink Adam goes up to his HOH , Sheila is there. He asks her to scratch his back. She complains of how her ex always made her do that and she hated it. 0 12:31AM 04/04/2008
cannotsleep Adam comes into the bathroom, and tells Nat Sheila in still in his room. He says she looooves me. They laugh. Adam heads upstairs to the HOH, Sheila 0 12:32AM 04/04/2008
evillady Sharon in bathroom NT 0 12:33AM 04/04/2008
evillady Sharon telling pigs goodnight NT 0 12:34AM 04/04/2008
cannotsleep Sharon finishes brushing her teeth and takes off her earrings and her necklace, wraps her blankie around her neck & says goodnight bay-bees, as she 0 12:37AM 04/04/2008
RockinThePink Sharon is brushing her teeth now in WC on all 4 cams. She seems kind of upset after coming out of DR. 0 12:38AM 04/04/2008
cannotsleep Two feeds of Sharon in bed, and two feeds of James sleeping. Presumably, Adam and Sheila are still upstairs talking, but BB is blocking the feed NT 0 12:40AM 04/04/2008
RockinThePink Adam alone in HOH reading bible laying on his stomach. NT 0 12:45AM 04/04/2008
cannotsleep Now, all four feeds of Adam lying on his stomach in the HOH room, reading the bible NT 1 12:45AM 04/04/2008
cannotsleep Sheila is in the bathroom washing her face, now goes into the WC NT 0 12:56AM 04/04/2008
cannotsleep Sheila puts some lotion on her face, heads to the kitchen and is putting the wine glasses into the sink and washes them. Now refilling the ice tray 0 1:03AM 04/04/2008
cannotsleep Sheila changes for bed, turns off the lights, and gets under the covers, yawning several times. Lets out a big sigh NT 0 1:05AM 04/04/2008
minimesmom All Houseguests snuggled down in their beds. NT 0 1:15AM 04/04/2008
cannotsleep F1: Sheila in bed, F2: Natalie and Ryan each in their respective beds, F3/4: Adam in center of the HOH bed, reading the bible, occasionally out loud 0 1:15AM 04/04/2008
cannotsleep All HGs appear to be sleeping soundly, no tossing or turning, and Adam is quietly snoring NT 0 1:35AM 04/04/2008
bcbmom All hgs are snug as a bug in a rug in their beds sleeping. NT 0 4:55AM 04/04/2008
urban_treasure All HGs still sleeping. NT 0 8:18AM 04/04/2008
urban_treasure Ryan was awake, probably bathroom, feeds just showed him coming back into bedroom. NT 0 8:19AM 04/04/2008
echo flames/trivia NT 0 9:31AM 04/04/2008
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