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Stella222 FLAMES NT 0 2:34PM 04/04/2008
Stella222 James lying on bed. Sharon brushing her hair. Nat saying to Sharon she can relax now NT 0 2:35PM 04/04/2008
lakeview Sheila/Adam in bathroom then Adam/James in pullout bedroom 0 2:37PM 04/04/2008
cindytexas Adam just got naked on the feeds, changing into shorts. NT 0 2:37PM 04/04/2008
WhatdoIKnow 1's on Sheila doing her hair in bathroom, 2's distant shot of bathroom, 3 's showing James lying down in bed, obviously looking very down 0 2:37PM 04/04/2008
dustytissue Seems like comp involved getting wet. Ryan's in the shower, Sheila was blowdrying her hair, Nat's hair is wet too. NT 0 2:37PM 04/04/2008
Stella222 S/S/R/N in WC talking about how many days they've been there. Ryan is totally stoked NT 0 2:38PM 04/04/2008
Stella222 james hiding something in SR NT 0 2:39PM 04/04/2008
WhatdoIKnow Didn't hear the whole thing, but Nat said she remembered "them" doing it before, with the riddles (re: the POV) NT 0 2:40PM 04/04/2008
aubrey04 Doesn't look like James won POV NT 0 2:41PM 04/04/2008
lakeview Nat/Sheila in bathroom 0 2:41PM 04/04/2008
Stella222 All HGs coming and going to kt to eat NT 0 2:41PM 04/04/2008
Stella222 Sharon telling Ryan, James has to go NT 0 2:42PM 04/04/2008
lakeview Sheila/Ryan in boat room 0 2:43PM 04/04/2008
aubrey04 Sheila/Ryan worrying on feed 1 about who Adam will put up as a replacement, not sure who won still NT 1 2:43PM 04/04/2008
Stella222 Adam just yelled to everyone "I love you guys" NT 0 2:46PM 04/04/2008
aubrey04 Sheila is talking about how Dr. Will is totally her type. She says she likes professional men & he has an amazing sense of humor. NT 0 2:50PM 04/04/2008
aubrey04 Sheila is asking why Dr Will wasn't interested in Janelle, Ryan says that your (sheila) is his type. (lol) NT 0 2:51PM 04/04/2008
dustytissue Everyone in the kitchen. Talking about Janelle. Someone asked what she does. They say she was an extra on Apollo 13. Nat goes "Isn't she a waitress 0 2:51PM 04/04/2008
aubrey04 Sheila/Ryan/Adam all hyped up. Baller talking sex.. James is just sitting there quietly. NT 1 2:52PM 04/04/2008
Stella222 Ryan just said he won POV comp NT 0 2:53PM 04/04/2008
dustytissue Sheila/Nat/Sharon in kitchen talking about POV comp. Sheila says she was really off on something thinking it happened a lot longer ago. NT 0 2:55PM 04/04/2008
dustytissue Ryan: Next POV will only be five people. Nat: Mm hmm.. crazy. NT 0 2:56PM 04/04/2008
augie James in his bed - very quiet and nearly in a fetal position. Everybody else in the kitchen. NT 3 2:57PM 04/04/2008
dustytissue Nat talks about sensing a theme. Sheila: You're always sensing a theme babe. NT 0 2:59PM 04/04/2008
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