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KingMac James says just cuz Ryan has black friends does not mean anything, Sheila says well Ryan admitts to not approving of interacial realtionships. NT 0 7:50PM 04/04/2008
allen Sheila has a big blue beach towel on NT 0 7:51PM 04/04/2008
KingMac Sheila says since Ryan does not agree with interacial realtionships that makes him a racist point blank. NT 0 7:51PM 04/04/2008
SouthernBelladonna James says the game would have been really different if they had played as singles from the beginning, but he thinks he same alliances would have... 0 7:52PM 04/04/2008
raindrop110475 James tellign them that Nat and ryan wont be adam and sheilas friend anymore after next week cause will be dog eat dog NT 0 7:53PM 04/04/2008
SouthernBelladonna James tells Sheila that come Wed., it will be dog eat dog in there. 0 7:54PM 04/04/2008
SouthernBelladonna Sheila says she's been in a pressure situation since day one. Adam tells her he doesn't think she's ever been in one, she just thinks she has. NT 0 7:55PM 04/04/2008
allen james saying to sheila needs the money and he is ok leaving before her 0 8:02PM 04/04/2008
SouthernBelladonna Sheila says she really wants to try to win comps from this point on. NT 0 8:03PM 04/04/2008
raindrop110475 james sheila sharon and adam talkign abotu how they never watched the show really either NT 0 8:05PM 04/04/2008
BB9NATFAN11 Sheila saying that everyone came in with strategies 0 8:07PM 04/04/2008
BB9NATFAN11 Sheila says that people look at her that shes never won anything. 0 8:10PM 04/04/2008
BB9NATFAN11 Ryan and Adam working out. NT 0 8:12PM 04/04/2008
dustytissue Sheila telling James it really bothered her in some way seeing James isolated because she thought, "What if that was my son?" NT 0 8:19PM 04/04/2008
dustytissue Sheila and James talking in hot tub. James: I'm ready for the game to end for me. 0 8:33PM 04/04/2008
dustytissue Sheila asks James if he would do All-Stars. He says yes, alone. Sharon thinks Baller would come back too. 0 8:35PM 04/04/2008
dustytissue James: The games on TV don't look hard. They look kid-like. NT 0 8:35PM 04/04/2008
dustytissue Sheila says Sharon must have lots of fans because of the military and that Baller must have all the players. NT 0 8:49PM 04/04/2008
mcoop Natalie woke up from her nap. Disappointed BB didn't give them their outdoor toys yet NT 0 9:02PM 04/04/2008
mcoop Adam and Sharon in BY talking about how grateful they are to even be here. NT 1 9:03PM 04/04/2008
crateriko Sharon and Ryan going over what they will do next week. They're in an alliance. NT 2 9:13PM 04/04/2008
Vixter They have wine. Sheila is cooking chicken for everyone. NT 0 9:14PM 04/04/2008
Vixter James says he likes much older women. Not sure if he is joking. NT 0 9:17PM 04/04/2008
MyBestBud They are getting ready to sit at the table to eat. Sheila finally got Adam to set the table. NT 0 9:27PM 04/04/2008
MyBestBud Sharon inside now. Adam being very loud joking around with everyone. NT 0 9:28PM 04/04/2008
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