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Topic #8603323
dustytissue - Everyone but James in kitchen talking about POV comp. Seems like it had to do with BB (numbers of days, when things happened, etc.). NT 0 Replies #8603323 3:03PM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8603641
BBFanChelle - POV medallion on Ryan's photo NT 0 Replies #8603641 3:11PM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8603955
BBFanChelle - Talking about what the outdoor toys are. They want a slip n slide, pool floaties, a 0 Replies #8603955 3:20PM 04/04/2008
a tramboline. Ryan: There's no room for a tramboline. Nat: They've had one before.
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Topic #8604115
cindytexas - James and Ryan are playing chess. Ryan asks how he's doing. He says he's disappointed in himself, that's all. 0 Replies #8604115 3:26PM 04/04/2008
He says, "That's all you can feel." Ryan, "Yup."
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Topic #8604374
dustytissue - Adam/Nat/Sharon/Sheila eating in the kitchen, random chat. 0 Replies #8604374 3:36PM 04/04/2008
Sheila and Nat saying they are blown away at the POV they set up. Nat mentions the palm trees.

They're talking about the rat competition from last year. Sheila: Who won that? Sharon: Eric.

Ryan walks over from his chess game to take some food. Goes back to chess game with James.

Talking about music now. Sheila likes 80's music. Talking about Bon Jovi now, that he donates to charity, helped with New Orleans. Nat: That's so nice.

Sheila says again that she's always blown away when she goes out there (for the comps). Says they're so creative.

Talking about comps, they're trying to remember a certain one. Adam to Sheila, "The first one, where you got off me within 2 minutes?" Nat repeats it and laughs.
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Topic #8604597
dustytissue - All feeds on Sheila and Adam cleaning the kitchen. NT 0 Replies #8604597 3:49PM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8604828
dustytissue - Nat/Sheila/Adam talking in room. Nat says Mattie will flip out. Sheila says she thinks James will try to manipulate Ryan. NT 0 Replies #8604828 3:59PM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8605440
King_Kaysars_Queen - sheila talking with adam and nat about how she felt when she was put on the block 0 Replies #8605440 4:24PM 04/04/2008
nat said that sheila said to adam " you are officially the biggest jerk"
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Topic #8605460
King_Kaysars_Queen - all cams on sheila, nat, and adam. sheila to adam: " you deserve your own show, you turned something that upset me into something to laugh at" NT 1 Replies #8605460 4:26PM 04/04/2008
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Shar - This was in response to Adam yellin "Rode hard" again. NT #8605612 4:32PM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8605489
King_Kaysars_Queen - nat saying she is so glad chelsia is gone. apparently james told natalie chelsia couldnt stand nat since day 1 NT 0 Replies #8605489 4:28PM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8605507
King_Kaysars_Queen - nat and sheila talking about how chelsia was jealous of them because" they have big fake boobs" NT 0 Replies #8605507 4:28PM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8605559
King_Kaysars_Queen - sheila says she isnt making anywhere near $60,000 a year NT 0 Replies #8605559 4:30PM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8605615
King_Kaysars_Queen - sheila says she doesnt get james mentality. she says "take your beatings/lashings and just end the manipulating" NT 0 Replies #8605615 4:32PM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8605643
King_Kaysars_Queen - all 4 cams on sheila and Nat talking about how the guys have had to sit back and watch the women be verbally abused. NT 0 Replies #8605643 4:33PM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8605713
King_Kaysars_Queen - natalie telling sheila that ryan said he wanted this POV to ensure sheila, nats, and his own safety. sheila says she needs to get hoh next week 0 Replies #8605713 4:36PM 04/04/2008
because this is her last chance.
nat: the next hoh is going to be physical and im going to win it
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Topic #8606027
Vixter - A/J talking in kitchen. James saying he knows he has no chance. NT 1 Replies #8606027 4:52PM 04/04/2008
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Shar - Sounded like James was trying to get Adam thinking about getting rid of Natalie, and also trying to get him #8606277 5:05PM 04/04/2008
to get rid of Sheila and Nat before Sharon. James seemed to be working Adam after he finished a long DR session.
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Topic #8606127
BB9NATFAN11 - James talking about going to Vegas with Chelsea!! NT 0 Replies #8606127 4:58PM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8606165
BB9NATFAN11 - Sharon talking to BEebbeeeesss NT 0 Replies #8606165 4:59PM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8606282
Vixter - j/r/a in kitchen hoping for clothing luxary comp tomorrow. NT 0 Replies #8606282 5:06PM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8606394
RockinThePink - James, Adam and Ryan still in KT talking about James wanting to get some tattoos and talking about boxing other guy stuff. 0 Replies #8606394 5:11PM 04/04/2008
James goes into bedroom lays down next to Sharon.
He says do or die and that Sharon is going next.
James says he has already been evicted his hymyn is poppped now he can be more relaxed.

Sharon says she will figure things out.
James says you better. He says it is cool he can go spend 2 weks in sequester with Chelsia.

Sharon says it will be like a vacation. Then she talks about last season when they showed the sequester house.
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Topic #8606405
Vixter - James looking forward to spending a couple weeks with Chelsia in sequest. NT 0 Replies #8606405 5:11PM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8606452
RockinThePink - Adam and Ryan in the Sauna room talking game. Adam says they are good. as long as they don't go on the block together. 0 Replies #8606452 5:14PM 04/04/2008
Ryan says they are good for next week, he is gonna win HOH and put some bitches up.

Adam says its a wrap.
Ryan " its getting down to it man, nothing but air time"

talking about all the time they have gotten on the air, how much time they are on TV during the week.

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Topic #8606497
Devi - 5:12 pm Ryan and Adam 0 Replies #8606497 5:16PM 04/04/2008
Ryan and Adam talk about taking down some bitc. . s in the next week.
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Topic #8606549
RockinThePink - Adam, and Ryan still in sauna room whispering about comp today. Calling her and idiot (not sure who she is) 1 Replies #8606549 5:20PM 04/04/2008
All 4 feeds on the boys still.

Adam: the last few weeks has flown by
Ryan; we are guaranteed at least 70 days. I don't think their will be a
double eviction uless they bring someone back.
Ryan: we are feasting tonight dude
Adam: we gotta. Grill out maybe
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WVpdles - Ryan called Sheila an idiot NT #8606604 5:24PM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8606722
RockinThePink - All feeds on James and Sharon. james is biting his nails, Sharon chewing on her lip laying in Sharons bed. 2 Replies #8606722 5:28PM 04/04/2008
Both looking kind of gloomy. James says this sucks.

Feeds now on Adam and Natalie whispering by the memory wall.

Natalie saying the whole thing will be done in 3 weeks BOOOM
She says the POV was crucial today.

Natalie holding on to her key. Mocking people on the memory wall saying " See ya" to their pics.

Now they bang their keys together. Giggling and whispering.

Natalie saying all the HGS that are watching at home will be so happy that they got out James everyone hated him. She is excited about seeing Matty at the end of the show.
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Rubykins - Natalie also looked at Chesia's picture and said she s a witch #8606880 5:35PM 04/04/2008
and has wrinkles...Natalie said I am older and I dont have those thats why I dont tan a lot, I take really good care of my skin
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Shar - She said she looks like a witch in her picture, especially in black and white. NT #8608823 7:58PM 04/04/2008
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