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Topic #8606893
BB9NATFAN11 - Feeds on James and Sharon again 0 Replies #8606893 5:36PM 04/04/2008
James said that veto is supposed to be played by yourself, not group help. Sharon saying that they talked to eachother and knew the answer.. Sharon saying how Sheila was crying when Ryan won POV, cause' she knows she's safe.
Sharon asked James if he would have taken her off if he had won the veto, James said: I dont know and he wishes he would have won.

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Topic #8607433
allen - James, Sharon, & Ryan shot the breeze in BR (adult) 2 Replies #8607433 6:11PM 04/04/2008
couch is undone again, Sharon is in a good mood telling stories, Ryan is in the green chair, and James is in bed next to sharon talking away, all laughing having a good time talkin tellin stories, the boys have sharon rolling. James gave some girl the splitskiess, which makes her not being abele to have sex, she cant pee,,, the girl calls the father of the boy says he split her virginia.... girl goes back to atlanta,,, sharon is rolling,,, the girl could only do handies,, cause her virgina got split,,, sharon laughing so hard.. James asked sheila have you ever been split?,,, cause you got boned so hard. Sheila no that has never happened to me,,, sharon nooo we are not talking bout this no more.. shes screaming volume,, this is all lies,,,Sharon it happened to her,,, she healed in few weeks,, James can you see up inside the musle? sharon didnt hurt.. not like your legs hurting, but hurt when you pee,,, James have you ever had a dildo? ryan do you use a shower head,, sharon, no no, sharon if i dont have the real deal i dont have any of that.

Sharon its not my story, its james's,, it was jacob that did it to her
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CruiseCritic - They were all laughing so hard and afterwards Adam kept calling Sharon, "Sharon Splitskies" - they were all cracking up.... NT #8613553 5:55AM 05/04/2008
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melanie24680 - it's kind've worded weird. james is telling sharon's story about jacob doing that to her. NT #8607680 6:29PM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8607534
Tikkanen - James (to Ryan/Sharon): Do you know how many loads I've let out in the bathroom (masturbating)? Peed in the sink mult. times, jacked in the KT. NT 0 Replies #8607534 6:18PM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8607596
Tikkanen - Adam/Ryan/James continue to tease Sharon about Jacob and sex. She denies they had sex in sequester. They fought for 3 days and settled issues. NT 0 Replies #8607596 6:23PM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8607649
Tikkanen - Sharon likes guys in uniform, esp. military. She likes Abercrombie cologne or Mary Kate (?). Doesn't like scruff, likes tan lean, non-muscular. NT 0 Replies #8607649 6:27PM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8607690
Tikkanen - Adam/James/Ryan go outside for a smoke (random chitchat). Talk of Jen applying since BB2, ED applied 3 times. NT 0 Replies #8607690 6:30PM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8607793
allen - sharon in HT now james and adam playing pool,, sharon in shriek voice mode 1 Replies #8607793 6:38PM 04/04/2008
in high excited laughing voice she is going on about how can james repeat that splitskies story ,, james saying DR will ask you about it now, sharon I dont want that on national TV. Adam kidding her about it, she cutly laughing it off being very girly girly bout it all being adorable. sharon talking above the bubbles. she has her bikini on that has the black band on the waist line.
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susooz - Adam told Sharon her new nicknames was gonna be "Splitskies" NT #8607831 6:41PM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8607840
allen - the gas heaters are gone from the BY 1 Replies #8607840 6:42PM 04/04/2008
there are two tall skinny poles on the corners of the patio at the pool table and sitting area, standing in the grass on little square bases. James asking about the kissing in the pool nite if she got all googlie eyed when mat and alex was kissing her.

Adam is happy he heard brittney today.
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augie - Poles are holding up an awning - they've had rain I think. NT #8607913 6:48PM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8607852
camera12 - Sharon in hot tub saying "BeBopityBooBop" (ed LMAO). NT 0 Replies #8607852 6:43PM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8607888
Tikkanen - Sharon says Matt told her that Amanda started a rumor about Alex/Sharon wanting a relationship, and putting that off until after the wrap party. NT 0 Replies #8607888 6:45PM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8607927
allen - sharon asks the boys whos the fartherest from their types 0 Replies #8607927 6:49PM 04/04/2008
james quickly says jen, adam says sheila,, james says oh yeah sheila. James says jen flashed him.

James did not like parker for PO? Adam says he like sharon the most. James atleast I dont have to pretend to like Nat anymore, and critizies nat for saying james is evil.

James is wearing his grey sweat hoodie and dark purple pants with black converse shoes. Sharon is pouring on the charm tonight all smiles, and laughing jokeing around. hi shreiks in her voice. did someone give her a happy pill??
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Topic #8608068
allen - James joins in the HT see another skinny pole against wall by HT in line with the others 0 Replies #8608068 6:56PM 04/04/2008
didnt know the awning came out that far. sage grasses run along the wall next to the hot tub, Adam sits on the lounge chair near the HT. james counting days in head, day 4 that sharon got evicted, day 16 was peanuts friday nite, sharon helps 17 ,, must be about the POV comp. Sheila had 32 too. Adam saying sheila is just bad at this game,, meaning comps ,, she just sucks so bad.
Adam gets up walks over to garbage can and back. Sharon are we gonna grill tonight, James do we have any meat left, we are gonna eat all that meat quick.
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Topic #8608188
Brendabythebay - Sharon asking Sheila about who she thought she'd get along with & didnt and vice versa... 0 Replies #8608188 7:06PM 04/04/2008
She says:

Parker... if he'd a stayed, they'd have been tight.

Adam: You voted him OUT!

She: Thanks Adam, thank you for that bit of trivia. Do you have any more you would like to share?

Adam: sure (laughing) I got lots.

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Topic #8608203
allen - sheila wanted to hook up with alex or Neil at first 0 Replies #8608203 7:07PM 04/04/2008
she was really attracted to alex. adam thought this is ucked up, and Alex started hitting on amanda as soon as they walked into the house.

adam is wearing black short sleeve shirt and white long pants.

Ryan walked up, he didnt like josh at first thought he was stuckup or somethng. Sharon got quiet listening to the boys talk. James saying josh use to be a straight guy, he had gfs. Oh adam has those button all the way up the sides white pants on.
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Topic #8608311
allen - they thought mat was sheilas son 0 Replies #8608311 7:19PM 04/04/2008
Sheila denys it, james says they look alike, and believes they are. Ryan says mat and parker liked each other. James believed allison and sheila were a couple. baller scratches. baller leans on one of the skinny poles, it has a rope going up the side of the pole and its square bout inch or two in cross section.

Ryan saying that was a crazy idea sheila and allison cooked up when everyone else was so paranoid about other couples. Adam says it was just stuupid. James smiles guess hes taking it all well. Adam and sheila pretend to banter.
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Topic #8608422
allen - ryan comes out of the BY walks thru the house eating checks out the chess board 0 Replies #8608422 7:30PM 04/04/2008
flames on the tv screen in the LR, Ryan heads to the boat room by himself, goes over to dresser, pulls out a pair of pants and goes thru door to other bedroom.

Not sure where James got his brand new white with green leave print swim suit. Rayan puts a towel around his waist to change.
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Topic #8608430
SouthernBelladonna - James says is bothers him when Nat says stuff about Chel being a slut and a whore. 0 Replies #8608430 7:30PM 04/04/2008
Sheila tells him he should say something to Nat about it.

James says he hasn't been a position where he could and not he just wants to go about on good terms with everyone.
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Topic #8608472
SouthernBelladonna - James says it bothers him Nat talking about him being an evildoer behind his back and then being friendly to his face. 0 Replies #8608472 7:34PM 04/04/2008
He says he hopes they can see past that and he isn't a evil person. Adam says of course he's not...Sheila says they've had their blow-ups, but she knows it.

James saying how he didn't go after Nat about the abortion thing...Sheila says she knows that.
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Topic #8608479
raindrop110475 - James tellign sheila adam and sharon he doesnt like Nat talkign smack he never talked abotu her abortions or mom or anyhting ( uh huh yeah right) NT 0 Replies #8608479 7:34PM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8608535
allen - ryan chasing a fly around the bedroom 0 Replies #8608535 7:37PM 04/04/2008
or some kind of bug that flys, swating it with a flip flop.. cussing it, but maybe its a stinger kind like a bee or whasp, cause he keeps jumping back when he swings... must have gotten it he flops back down on the bed belly first
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Topic #8608568
SouthernBelladonna - Sheila: I don't hate men, Adam! I just hate you! They laugh. NT 0 Replies #8608568 7:39PM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8608632
KingMac - James saying that Alex was an idoit for putting a member of his own allince on the block Adam agrees and says he f'd his own alliance NT 0 Replies #8608632 7:46PM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8608646
allen - Adam in the HT now sheila sitting on side with her feet in 0 Replies #8608646 7:46PM 04/04/2008
James and sharon there too rehashing the josh blow up on amanda. James thought it was a good idea to put the strong players out first.

Sheila says for jen to come in and talk bad about everyone then show her bf ryan under the bus, who does that, and she things shes got one on over all of us,,, for me that did it.

James adds that jen added ryans whole family to it.
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Topic #8608681
KingMac - Now James Sharon Sheila and Adam talking about Jen calling Ryan a racist NT 0 Replies #8608681 7:49PM 04/04/2008
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Topic #8608692
raindrop110475 - James said he would dump jen if jen called him a racist on TV NT 0 Replies #8608692 7:50PM 04/04/2008
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