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Adam: Hey Natalie, why do your mermaids all look like you? NT - Roadkill23
10:34PM 06/04/2008

Adam tells Natalie Sheila scratched his back for an hour and Sharon massaged his head. - Roadkill23
10:36PM 06/04/2008

Natalie says she doesn't dream about sex because she hasn't had it in a year and she doesn't remember what it was like NT - Roadkill23
10:37PM 06/04/2008

Ryan listening to Bon Jovi CD really loud. The music can be heard from the headphones NT - Roadkill23
10:38PM 06/04/2008

James wearing bathing suit and a towel around his neck, going outside to HT NT - Roadkill23
10:40PM 06/04/2008

James alone in HT NT - Roadkill23
10:43PM 06/04/2008

Sheila, Adam, and Natalie in Sauna Room. Natalie tells Adam she liked his speech today at the POV Meeting. - Roadkill23
10:46PM 06/04/2008

Natalie wants to go in the HT but won't go in while James is in there. Ryan joins the group in the Sauna Room. - Roadkill23
10:48PM 06/04/2008

Adam and Natalie saying that Sheila has a "side-piece" (guy that she has sex with on the side) - Roadkill23
10:50PM 06/04/2008

James out of HT. Gets in the pool. NT - Roadkill23
10:52PM 06/04/2008

James gets out of pool, grabs golf club, proceeds to hit all the golf balls in the pool. Then jumps in and retrieves them NT - Roadkill23
10:54PM 06/04/2008

James continues to hit the golf balls in the pool and then jump in and get them. NT - Roadkill23
10:57PM 06/04/2008

Adam lays down between Natalie and Sheila on the bed in the Sauna room. Ryan is on the massage table. - Roadkill23
11:05PM 06/04/2008
I think Nat said (adult) - scandalous
1:04AM 07/04/2008

Sharon out of DR. Joins N/R/A/S in Sauna Room. - Roadkill23
11:06PM 06/04/2008

Baller goes to KT to get Ice Cream and then rejoins the girls. The girls keep chatting in the Sauna Room (non-game) NT - Roadkill23
11:08PM 06/04/2008

Sharon goes to BY, puts feet in HT, makes small talk with James NT - Roadkill23
11:14PM 06/04/2008

Sharon: How much do you hate everybody? James: Pretty bad. - Roadkill23
11:15PM 06/04/2008

James: (Mocking Adam) It's gonna be alright, James, you're my boy. I'm just gonna f-up your chance at $500,000. NT - Roadkill23
11:16PM 06/04/2008

James' skin on his chest and fingers has turned light-blue from the chlorine in the pool NT - Roadkill23
11:18PM 06/04/2008
FYI: very common after HT, especially public HT, to get a blue-green fungus. - DrC
11:32PM 06/04/2008

Baller to BY to smoke, makes chit-chat with James and Sharon NT - Roadkill23
11:19PM 06/04/2008

Sharon asks Baller how many packs of cigs he's smoked in his life. Baller: 100,000. - Roadkill23
11:20PM 06/04/2008

Sharon says if businesses stopped giving employees smoke breaks at work, people would quit smoking. - Roadkill23
11:22PM 06/04/2008

Sheila, Adam, and Natalie now sitting in the lounger in the bathroom - Roadkill23
11:27PM 06/04/2008

Ryan sits between Sheila and Natalie on the lounger, the girls rest their heads on his shoulders. - Roadkill23
11:28PM 06/04/2008

Ryan: When they tried to get me to backdoor Matty, and you (Sheila) talked sense into me, that's when the house split. - Roadkill23
11:30PM 06/04/2008

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