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Adam and Sheila are alone discussing the final four... - KWren11
1:32AM 06/04/2008

LOUD snoring on feeds one and two... Ryan and either James or Sharon sleeping... NT - KWren11
1:33AM 06/04/2008

Adam & Sheila laughing about her being a campaign machine. - Rubykins
1:49AM 06/04/2008

Adam and Sheila both lauphing about how the swore to Parker & Jen to keep them Adam says yeah i cross my heart. NT - KingMac
1:54AM 06/04/2008

Sheila heading to bed , Adam eating a candy bar and staring into space at nothing really. NT - Rubykins
1:56AM 06/04/2008
Camera zooming on all of Adam's pictures as Adam burp's in background and says nasty M F'er about himself NT - Rubykins
1:57AM 06/04/2008

Adam looks at camera and says whats up fella's - Rubykins
1:58AM 06/04/2008

Sheila jumps into bed on F1, Sharon & James asleep on F2 & - Rubykins
2:00AM 06/04/2008

Adam fell asleep reading the bible....lights still on in laying across his chest. NT - Jolt10
2:17AM 06/04/2008

James, Sharon and Ryan are all in their respective beds. Adam, Natalie and Sheila are still up talking in the HOH room. They are discussing (LONG) - cannotsleep
2:21AM 06/04/2008

All HGs sleeping, Adam snoring and James tossing and turning occasionally NT - cannotsleep
3:33AM 06/04/2008

Everyone is still sleeping NT - pooh5983
6:42AM 06/04/2008

Ryan is awake using the restroom and now sitting and thinking. NT - KevSlider
7:12AM 06/04/2008

HGs all sleeping NT - lester04
8:29AM 06/04/2008

flames NT - echo
9:17AM 06/04/2008

now trivia NT - echo
9:21AM 06/04/2008

james swimming in pool adam talkin to him sittin on couch, sharon in wc washing face - echo
9:43AM 06/04/2008

James is naked in pool asks BB for one more song guns and roses - allen
9:54AM 06/04/2008

Nat in a pynk sports style bra with thin straps and short shorts - allen
10:00AM 06/04/2008

Nat is grooming James back. Adam is watching. NT - Vixter
10:00AM 06/04/2008

Natalie is popping a zit on James' back, Adam intently looking on. - cindytexas
10:01AM 06/04/2008

Adam asked Ryan if his neck was better and he said no, and went on a little tirade about how he was up - cindytexas
10:03AM 06/04/2008

Ryan wearing the same gray tshirt and blue loose long legged short with vertical stripe up the sides - allen
10:05AM 06/04/2008

James is alone, says, "Yo, veto lady, you ready to do some interviews today? I'm ready." NT - cindytexas
10:06AM 06/04/2008

The HG's are on the topic of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Sheila said something about him dying. - cindytexas
10:18AM 06/04/2008

sharon up james whispering about nat to her in KT - allen
10:21AM 06/04/2008

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