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Sheila asks Adam, why would you put me up instead of Natalie? Adam says because you would be safer on the block than Natalie, Sheila says because - cannotsleep
12:05AM 06/04/2008

James comes out of the DR and gets into bed next to Sharon. They're whispering so it's hard to hear. Sharon says everyone is scared of Natalie - cannotsleep
12:14AM 06/04/2008

Sounds like Sharon and James are discussing the possiblity of trying to get - BBfan87
12:17AM 06/04/2008

Adam says it's been me, you (Sheila), Natalie and Matty from the very beginning of the game. Sheila says 3 of us are still here. NT - cannotsleep
12:19AM 06/04/2008

James gets up and goes to the bathroom. Sharon runs in and tells Ryan what was just said. NT - BBfan87
12:19AM 06/04/2008

James to Ryan: Are you dead set on using the veto? Ryan says yeah, pretty much, and it's going to be Adam's decision on who to put up NT - cannotsleep
12:24AM 06/04/2008

James gets out of the bathroom, washes hands walks back to the room. - BBfan87
12:27AM 06/04/2008

James and Ryan discuss different things that could happen at veto ceremony. - BBfan87
12:34AM 06/04/2008

Ryan asked James if hes ever gone to Natalie asking for deals. - BBfan87
12:40AM 06/04/2008

Natalie just told Adam and Sheila, they're going to try and get you (Adam) to put me up instead of him (James). Adam said I already told him I was - cannotsleep
12:40AM 06/04/2008

James realizes its his time to go. Ryan gives him props on what hes done in the house saying he does deserve more time. - BBfan87
12:47AM 06/04/2008

Ryan is just laying there in bed... on his back, alone staring at the the dark--feed 1 NT - KWren11
1:01AM 06/04/2008

Adam says final three is when you've got to win. Sheila says I say the final three is right here, we deserve it more. Sheila says you've just got - cannotsleep
1:01AM 06/04/2008

Nat, Adam, and Sheila chatting in another bedroom on feeds 3 & 4 NT - KWren11
1:02AM 06/04/2008

Flames on all four feeds NT - KWren11
1:03AM 06/04/2008
Before flames... - Rubykins
1:11AM 06/04/2008

Adam says "I know she's the one who doesn't like me", referring to DR person, he speaks into his microphone - KWren11
1:05AM 06/04/2008

Sheila, Nat, and Adam discussing what might be happening in sequester NT - Vixter
1:05AM 06/04/2008

Natalie is now talking about how she won a 'mental' when she had to... - KWren11
1:07AM 06/04/2008

More flames. NT - KWren11
1:09AM 06/04/2008

Nat and Adam in bedroom; Sheila almost asleep. Nat is discussing the final four... Sheila, Ryan, Adam, and herself... NT - KWren11
1:12AM 06/04/2008

Nat and Adam discussing Matt and the lies. NT - Vixter
1:13AM 06/04/2008

Sheila 'wakes up' a bit, laying on her side --Adam laying next to her.. - KWren11
1:15AM 06/04/2008

Nat left HOH. Sheila still there letting Adam know that the two of them need to have each others back. NT - Vixter
1:15AM 06/04/2008

Ryan seems to be having a really hard time getting to sleep. NT - Vixter
1:16AM 06/04/2008

James & Sharon sleeping. One is snoring. Nat looking at everyones pics. NT - Vixter
1:18AM 06/04/2008

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