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Topic #8631743
veedsboo - James tells Adam he is not gonna campaign... 0 Replies #8631743 2:14PM 06/04/2008
He also said Nat has been tryna get me out for a while. Adam says he can try to help him, but James declines the offer, he has accepted his fate.
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Topic #8631770
veedsboo - James is telling Adam things he knows aboout the game... 0 Replies #8631770 2:16PM 06/04/2008
Various pieces of info he has learned throughout the game. Passing on his knowledge I guess.
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Topic #8631795
veedsboo - Adam and James are playing a game of pool in the BY. The three girls are still tanning. NT 0 Replies #8631795 2:18PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8631919
veedsboo - Shelia and Sharon talking... 0 Replies #8631919 2:27PM 06/04/2008
about the show and what people are seeing, Sharon says it doesn't matter we all know how it went down. Shelia says her and James kissing and Nat and Adam touching tounges last night is gonna be on TV.
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Topic #8631931
veedsboo - We get flames. NT 0 Replies #8631931 2:27PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8631954
veedsboo - It's back...Adam talking about his friends... 0 Replies #8631954 2:29PM 06/04/2008
Then more flames.
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Topic #8632286
veedsboo - James is now sitting with the girls (Shelia/Sharon/Nat) NT 0 Replies #8632286 2:52PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8632385
allen - girls all out sunbathing in a line cam loves that shot of nat 0 Replies #8632385 2:58PM 06/04/2008
zoomed tight from her thighs up. Nat asksing if Sheila would come back for allstars, at 50 she said no prob not but i would host. Sharon added she wouldnt if she had kids. Then the two go off on lazer eye surgery, her mom has to wait until a certain age, her mom was born in 59 and has to wait. sharon rolls over to her belly. Sharon explains eyes get worse with age, sheila acts as if she never heard that to sound engaged in the conversation. wave at plane that slowly flys over..
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Topic #8632469
allen - cam shot now across the bow ... 0 Replies #8632469 3:06PM 06/04/2008
of sharons bottom toward nats boobs. all quiet worshiping the sungod. Sheila went inside and now returns giving nat a drink, shiela has towel wrapped around her, lays back and takes towel off, this is the best part of bing in this house, at home I just never have the time, there is a pool but just dont take the time to layout, she settles back on her back. Talks to Adam across the yard... a little bird? thats interesting, cam keeps going back to the favorite shot of up nat.
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Topic #8632514
veedsboo - Shelia walks to the door from outside to inside... 0 Replies #8632514 3:08PM 06/04/2008
She talks to the girls, Nat and Sharon, and says loud "Angles would you like something to drink" Adam laughs and Shelia says, "Hello Charlie." James asks Shelia to talk later and she said sure later, "The evening is so much better for me" (jokingly) A moth flies close to Adams face and he is startled he screams, "WOOOO", Shelia is laughing he says "it caught me off guard" Shelia says "Okay Adam, Whatever you say" James mocks Shelia in a nasty voice, James says little kids are jacking off to the girls right now (Nat/Sharon/Shelia).
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Topic #8632544
cindytexas - Sheila walks by, Adam says to James that she's so unnatractive. James says Natalie has a butterface. 0 Replies #8632544 3:09PM 06/04/2008
James says if you switched Sharon's head onto Natalie's body it would be okay. Adam says he doesn't think either one of them are very attractive. They talk about Jen. Adam says she was too skinny around the shoulders, like almost anorexic looking.

Adam says there's a bunch of nut cases in this house, huh? James agrees, says he thought he was f'd up, but every one of these people have issues.
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Topic #8632571
allen - Sheila says Adam prob did that to her photos when he was little 0 Replies #8632571 3:11PM 06/04/2008
Adam responds out of ear shot of feed 1, sheila says I dont want to hear that. Adds we are all sexual creatures both male and female. Gets quiet again, cam goes back to nat, who has on her multi-colored bikini top with a solid red bottom, mix/matching today. breeze blows across her face, cam switches back to sheila who pulls her top up a bit adjusts things, then cam goes back to nat, control room busy, back to sheila, nothing being spoken..........
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Topic #8632575
cindytexas - James says, "If I could just somehow get Shiela and Ryan." Then he says but Ryan is scared of him. Adam confirms it. 0 Replies #8632575 3:11PM 06/04/2008
James says Nat would shi* her pants if he stayed. Adam says she would probably walk.

Adam says he was trying to get Ryan to keep Sheila on the block and take Sharon down, but it didn't work.
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Topic #8632576
veedsboo - Adam tells James that Shelia is afraid to win. 0 Replies #8632576 3:11PM 06/04/2008
James says Ryan is "mad scare of me." he also says Nat would poop her pants if I stayed, Adam agrees. he says, "Ive been ruthless to the big She(Shelia) she won't forget that. Adam tells James he tried to get Ryan to keep Shelia on the block, but he wouldn't.
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Topic #8632662
veedsboo - James goes to the bathroom inside...the cam shows Adam in his HOH room.. 0 Replies #8632662 3:16PM 06/04/2008
The other views are of the three girls tanning.
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Topic #8632773
veedsboo - James is in the red room sorting through his stuff. NT 0 Replies #8632773 3:24PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8632778
allen - still very quiet in BY 0 Replies #8632778 3:24PM 06/04/2008
cam likes that shot of nat showing folds in her bikini bottom, then switches to side shot of the side sting tie on hip ,, a jet flys over, birds chirpping. sharon has bottom of her feet stuck under the round pillow, then flips over to her back and around in the lounger so head is up with sheila and Nat. Sharon has her tan colored bikini on with string ties at sides mic clipped to her clevage side of top and the cord running underneith to the side
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Topic #8632800
veedsboo - He puts on deordorent and sings this was an amazing experience.. NT 0 Replies #8632800 3:25PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8632831
veedsboo - James is walking through the house, talking to himself... 0 Replies #8632831 3:28PM 06/04/2008
Pretending to be presenting on BB show...He is moving the furniture in the house around, not sure why.
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Topic #8632861
veedsboo - James is in the storage room, he gets something then leaves. 0 Replies #8632861 3:31PM 06/04/2008
Then he heads in the DR,,,James has a diary leak, he is asking someone for "____ Blue Ribbon"
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Topic #8632876
binkie94 - DR Leak - James ask if he can get some Pabst Blue Ribbon the last few days he's there NT 0 Replies #8632876 3:31PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8632897
veedsboo - Feeds cut back to Adam in his HOH trying to sleep. 0 Replies #8632897 3:32PM 06/04/2008
James comes out with yellow gloves on, he is dying his hair pink again, in the BR mirror.
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Topic #8632924
binkie94 - Girls sunning in BY - James coloring his hair - No sign of Adam or Ryan NT 1 Replies #8632924 3:34PM 06/04/2008
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TracyTurnblad - I saw Adam laying down in the HoH room, sleeping maybe? NT #8633008 3:40PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8632971
allen - sheila flips over to her stomach NT 0 Replies #8632971 3:38PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8632986
veedsboo - James singing,,,"how bad do these ppl suck, they suck really bad..". 0 Replies #8632986 3:39PM 06/04/2008
He also sings, "They want me gone."
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