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Adam says there were 9 faces, that was it. Ryan says thats why he thought they were - CruiseCritic
5:45AM 11/04/2008

Adam says they had like an Ipod rigged in there and Ryan says yeah I know and - CruiseCritic
5:49AM 11/04/2008

All quiet in pink BR now and all 4 feeds on them (I have to let dog out) NT - CruiseCritic
5:50AM 11/04/2008

2 feeds on Sheila in HOH bed and two on the boys BR - all quiet in the BB house now. NT - CruiseCritic
5:55AM 11/04/2008

Adam sits up and gets out of bed. Cam not following him NT - CruiseCritic
5:56AM 11/04/2008

Adam leaves WC and Sharon saying how she asked about her sheets - CruiseCritic
6:03AM 11/04/2008

Adam wants to "pound" a beer to get him to sleep NT - timetakenbyBB
6:04AM 11/04/2008

Adam now in SR drinking a - timetakenbyBB
6:05AM 11/04/2008

Adam in SR finishing up his beer. Sharon finishing up making her bed. - CruiseCritic
6:06AM 11/04/2008

Sharon removes hairclip from hair and gets all comfy on her pillow. Now there is a feed of Nat in bed on F4 - CruiseCritic
6:07AM 11/04/2008

All HG in their beds. Adam still very restless NT - timetakenbyBB
6:09AM 11/04/2008

Sharon now out of bed in one of the dresser drawers in her BR. Looks like she - CruiseCritic
6:10AM 11/04/2008

All HG in bed for the night (DAY) :) NT - timetakenbyBB
6:15AM 11/04/2008

Ryan now snoring and Adam back up NT - timetakenbyBB
6:23AM 11/04/2008

Ryan snoring quite loudly now and Adam tossing and turning with hand under the covers. Ryan is LOUD and Adam gets out of bed - CruiseCritic
6:24AM 11/04/2008

Hear water running in WC? and a loud burp from Adam. No cam on him. NT - CruiseCritic
6:26AM 11/04/2008

Adam back in bed Again! All others asleep NT - timetakenbyBB
6:28AM 11/04/2008

Trivia shows up on one of the feeds and now to Adam walking thru LR and on his way - CruiseCritic
6:28AM 11/04/2008

Adam tossing and turning, Ryan snoring soo LOUD and quiet on the other three feeds of Nat, Sheila and Sharon NT - CruiseCritic
6:31AM 11/04/2008

Sleeping - BBSheri
8:28AM 11/04/2008

Ryan is still tossing and turning on F1 - veedsboo
9:14AM 11/04/2008

last night meaning this morning NT - veedsboo
9:15AM 11/04/2008

Ryan is asleep on F1 and F2, Nat is shown asleep on F3 + F4 NT - veedsboo
9:46AM 11/04/2008

Everyone still sleeping! (Ed. House Calls is on) NT - veedsboo
10:18AM 11/04/2008

Ryan is snoring. - veedsboo
10:32AM 11/04/2008
the half wall lights are now on in brs NT - echo
10:34AM 11/04/2008

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