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Ryan says "because someone said Jimmy will work votes for you in jury" NT - cjo
6:55PM 11/04/2008

Ryan: Noone wants to go to the end with you (to Adam) - bbshannon
6:56PM 11/04/2008

Ryan says - I will go with you to the end though baller.. Idon'tGAF NT - cjo
6:56PM 11/04/2008

Ryan says to Adam - We grill everything now, in this house. NT - cjo
6:57PM 11/04/2008

Ryan tells Adam that nobody wants to be next to Adam at the end - but Ry doesn't care. Adam seems surprised - Ry said it's because he wins - augie
6:59PM 11/04/2008

Adam outside smoking a cig. Ryan comes back outside to continue pool game. - bbshannon
7:01PM 11/04/2008

Ryan and Adam laughing about the "weak crew" (Josh, James etc) - bbshannon
7:04PM 11/04/2008

Ryan likes a girl in the DR named Shannon. A guy in the DR always bugs him about it. - bbshannon
7:06PM 11/04/2008

Ryan is talking about a girl in the house (not sure who) - bbshannon
7:08PM 11/04/2008

More random backyard talk with Ryan and Adam - bbshannon
7:13PM 11/04/2008

Sheila and Sharon not shown on feeds NT - Divinemissm30
7:15PM 11/04/2008

Grill time. Nat, Ryan and Adam fiddling with the BBQ, trying to turn it on - bbshannon
7:19PM 11/04/2008
Adam said he was "chinking" his cigarretes NT - veedsboo
7:24PM 11/04/2008

Nat, Adam, and Ryan talking about the POV. Nat said there were different paths you could take. NT - veedsboo
7:19PM 11/04/2008

Adam said he had an ant in his bootyhole - veedsboo
7:27PM 11/04/2008

Ry and Adam in KT... - Divinemissm30
7:28PM 11/04/2008

Sheila tried to make a joke to A&R saying the DR told everyone to get ready - veedsboo
7:29PM 11/04/2008

S said the jury house will have a party when they see Nat - veedsboo
7:30PM 11/04/2008

Nat still grilling....Sharon asleep in her bed..... NT - Divinemissm30
7:30PM 11/04/2008

All HG's at kitchen table eating dinner....random chit chat NT - Divinemissm30
7:43PM 11/04/2008

Still at kitchen table..... - Divinemissm30
7:48PM 11/04/2008

HG's switching topics rapidly...... - Divinemissm30
8:00PM 11/04/2008

Random Chit Chat ..... - Divinemissm30
8:05PM 11/04/2008

Ry & sink.....She at counter....Sha & Nat table.... - Divinemissm30
8:11PM 11/04/2008

Everyone cleaning up kitchen.....Nat still sitting at table watching.....more random talk NT - Divinemissm30
8:15PM 11/04/2008

sheila likes peppermint mocha coffee. - hill10003
8:16PM 11/04/2008

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