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Topic #8715787
CruiseCritic - Adam says there were 9 faces, that was it. Ryan says thats why he thought they were 0 Replies #8715787 5:45AM 11/04/2008
people. Adam asks if he saw his goofy a$$ head and Ryan says no, but Mattys looked weird. Adam motioning with hands how big his head looked. they laugh

Adam yawns. boys are quiet again
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Topic #8715825
CruiseCritic - Adam says they had like an Ipod rigged in there and Ryan says yeah I know and 0 Replies #8715825 5:49AM 11/04/2008
Adam talks how he placed them all out, started in the top right.

Ryan asks if he remembered them all. Adam says he placed the grid out, 3-3-3 and then he started with the faces. Adam saying he matched Parkers afro with the GPS. Adam says he was trying to move pics with the remotes and it wasnt working and he said what the F and they told him to point it lower.

ADam says thats why he thought he lost - that would have gave someoen more time to get it right. Adam laughs and says you put cotton balls in your ears?? they both laugh and Ryan says yes.

Adam said he read his directions twice, Ryan said he read it once. Adam said the second time he read it slower. Adam says Natalie took 12 of how good Sharon did - she knew her furrennnnds right away.

ADam says - and we are both not going up dude. we are good.

Ryan says - I hope, I think so
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Topic #8715840
CruiseCritic - All quiet in pink BR now and all 4 feeds on them (I have to let dog out) NT 0 Replies #8715840 5:50AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8715905
CruiseCritic - 2 feeds on Sheila in HOH bed and two on the boys BR - all quiet in the BB house now. NT 0 Replies #8715905 5:55AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8715915
CruiseCritic - Adam sits up and gets out of bed. Cam not following him NT 0 Replies #8715915 5:56AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8715997
CruiseCritic - Adam leaves WC and Sharon saying how she asked about her sheets 0 Replies #8715997 6:03AM 11/04/2008
and says goodnight to the GPS and then says good night Baller. He says goodnight baby as he finishes blowing his nose ad head back to BR and gets in bed.

Ryan asked ADam if he just went and jerked one and Adam says no he just had to go blow his nose.

Adam passed Sharon making her bed on his way to bed, Adam just said it is 9 o'clock east coast. Ryan - it is 6am dam.

Talk about someone being up all night last night. Adam says yup like us, straight thru.

Adam sounds clogged up. Both boys quiet again and 2 feeds on them and 2 feeds on Sheila in HOH bed.

Adam sound like a little hard time breathing thru his nose. Big ywan from Ryan. Adam says he should go pound a beer and pass out and then asks Ryan if he wants one and Ryan says no man

Adam says he is going to go pound one and leaves the BR. Adam now in SR getting a beerf from the fridge, Opens it and takes a huuuge swallow.

Feed showing Sharon finishing making her ned. Adam with beer in one hand and other hand in pants.
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Topic #8715999
timetakenbyBB - Adam wants to "pound" a beer to get him to sleep NT 0 Replies #8715999 6:04AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8716004
timetakenbyBB - Adam now in SR drinking a 0 Replies #8716004 6:05AM 11/04/2008
Cant' seem to calm down after the pov.
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Topic #8716011
CruiseCritic - Adam in SR finishing up his beer. Sharon finishing up making her bed. 0 Replies #8716011 6:06AM 11/04/2008
Beer seems almost empty as Adam takes another huge gulp. Last gulp and beer is gone.

Adam leaving SR and goes thru BR and asks Sharon if she is all set up there and she is good.

Adam says Miller lite, pounded it. I deserved it right? Ryan says yes.

Adam says they are such pu$$ys now (in regards to drinking). Sharon removes mic and gets into bed.

All HGs now snug and quiet. No feeds on Natalie in boatroom
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Topic #8716025
CruiseCritic - Sharon removes hairclip from hair and gets all comfy on her pillow. Now there is a feed of Nat in bed on F4 0 Replies #8716025 6:07AM 11/04/2008
Boys in bed on F1, Sheila in bed on F2 and Sharon on F3

(Have a good day all)
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Topic #8716044
timetakenbyBB - All HG in their beds. Adam still very restless NT 0 Replies #8716044 6:09AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8716063
CruiseCritic - Sharon now out of bed in one of the dresser drawers in her BR. Looks like she 0 Replies #8716063 6:10AM 11/04/2008
grabbed a pair of shorts and changes from sleep pants to shorts and gets back into bed.

Adam tossing and throws a pillow on the floor. gets comfy and NOW everyone appears to be in bed for the night (DAY)
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Topic #8716112
timetakenbyBB - All HG in bed for the night (DAY) :) NT 0 Replies #8716112 6:15AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8716197
timetakenbyBB - Ryan now snoring and Adam back up NT 0 Replies #8716197 6:23AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8716203
CruiseCritic - Ryan snoring quite loudly now and Adam tossing and turning with hand under the covers. Ryan is LOUD and Adam gets out of bed 0 Replies #8716203 6:24AM 11/04/2008
Goes thru red BR and cam not following him
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Topic #8716228
CruiseCritic - Hear water running in WC? and a loud burp from Adam. No cam on him. NT 0 Replies #8716228 6:26AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8716240
timetakenbyBB - Adam back in bed Again! All others asleep NT 0 Replies #8716240 6:28AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8716246
CruiseCritic - Trivia shows up on one of the feeds and now to Adam walking thru LR and on his way 0 Replies #8716246 6:28AM 11/04/2008
back to bed. Goes in his BR and gets into bed. Covers up and sounds like breathing a little heavy, big yawn. Ryan stopped snoring for a few seconds and now is loud once again - soooo loud LOL
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Topic #8716274
CruiseCritic - Adam tossing and turning, Ryan snoring soo LOUD and quiet on the other three feeds of Nat, Sheila and Sharon NT 0 Replies #8716274 6:31AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8717883
BBSheri - Sleeping 0 Replies #8717883 8:28AM 11/04/2008
All Still Sleeping
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Topic #8718421
veedsboo - Ryan is still tossing and turning on F1 0 Replies #8718421 9:14AM 11/04/2008
Nobody is up yet, everyone still asleep from POV last night
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Topic #8718436
veedsboo - last night meaning this morning NT 0 Replies #8718436 9:15AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8718964
veedsboo - Ryan is asleep on F1 and F2, Nat is shown asleep on F3 + F4 NT 0 Replies #8718964 9:46AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8719393
veedsboo - Everyone still sleeping! (Ed. House Calls is on) NT 0 Replies #8719393 10:18AM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8719523
veedsboo - Ryan is snoring. 1 Replies #8719523 10:32AM 11/04/2008
The morning sunlight is now shining through to the BR
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echo - the half wall lights are now on in brs NT #8719545 10:34AM 11/04/2008
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