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Topic #8727059
cjo - Ryan says "because someone said Jimmy will work votes for you in jury" NT 0 Replies #8727059 6:55PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8727073
bbshannon - Ryan: Noone wants to go to the end with you (to Adam) 0 Replies #8727073 6:56PM 11/04/2008
Except me.

Adam: not Sheila?
Ryan: oh ya Sheila does too.
Adam: Nat doesn't? Sharon doesn't.

Ryan: youre a triple threat
Adam: its all heresay dude

Ryan: someone said Jimmy is gonna work for you in the sequester house. By Jimmy saying that, that didn't do you much good. Someone told me that. I don't know.
Adam: it's all ***** dude

Still playing pool.
Ryan: I aint winning *****..cuz of Jen, I won 10 g's. I've been told that since the beginning.
Ryan goes inside to exchange his microphone.
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Topic #8727076
cjo - Ryan says - I will go with you to the end though baller.. Idon'tGAF NT 0 Replies #8727076 6:56PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8727103
cjo - Ryan says to Adam - We grill everything now, in this house. NT 0 Replies #8727103 6:57PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8727128
augie - Ryan tells Adam that nobody wants to be next to Adam at the end - but Ry doesn't care. Adam seems surprised - Ry said it's because he wins 0 Replies #8727128 6:59PM 11/04/2008
alot and James said because Adam helped him James would sway the Jury for him to win.

Adam asked who said this - Ryan says Nat, Sharon, James,
Adam asked if Sheila said it, Ry says I don't remember.

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Topic #8727168
bbshannon - Adam outside smoking a cig. Ryan comes back outside to continue pool game. 0 Replies #8727168 7:01PM 11/04/2008
Ryan: nothing goes without being grilled in this house anymore.
You aint never seen anything like this...kid...nothin..this table is getting more fuked and more fuked.
I'm like a shark dude.

Ryan takes a drag. You gonna shave your chest again? Was it that hairy before?
Adam: it grew back thicker.
Ryan: you get grey hair or anything yet?
Adam doesn't.

Ryan can't believe that Adam exhales out his nose..he's a professional smoker. They laugh. Adam didn't even notice he did that.
Ryan watches him in awe..wishes he could look that cool when he smokes. You get mad bi*ches because of that.

They are shocked at how much money they waste on smokes..could have a car in exchange for healthy lungs.

Ryan told again to exchange his microphone.

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Topic #8727231
bbshannon - Ryan and Adam laughing about the "weak crew" (Josh, James etc) 0 Replies #8727231 7:04PM 11/04/2008
They only ran the house one week, when James was HOH.
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Topic #8727264
bbshannon - Ryan likes a girl in the DR named Shannon. A guy in the DR always bugs him about it. 0 Replies #8727264 7:06PM 11/04/2008
The guy in the DR always says: I know you want to talk to Shannon.

She apparently called Adam hunnybunch.
Ryan: Youre just saying that to make me jealous
Adam: your girls a cheat.
Ryan: she better not be cheating on me. Wants to make her proud.
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Topic #8727285
bbshannon - Ryan is talking about a girl in the house (not sure who) 0 Replies #8727285 7:08PM 11/04/2008
They know this person is talking to both sides of the house, throwing them under the bus, Adam is pissed about it. Not one to talk bs..but he's mad.
They think she should give it up, telling them final 3, and then talking to the girls too.
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Topic #8727338
bbshannon - More random backyard talk with Ryan and Adam 0 Replies #8727338 7:13PM 11/04/2008
Adam: I make love to cigarettes dude.
Ryan: you know the best time to smoke a cigarette?
Adam: when you take a ripper? (do coke)
Ryan: you can't smoke one fast enough.
Adam: only 3 more weeks dude..the commencement of getting looser.

Natalie comes out singing. Ryan says k Amanda..
Adam: BUENO!!!! They all say BUENO!!
They talk about Jen having a raspy voice.
51 days ago Jen was in the house..I havent seen that broad's face in 51 days. Says something about seeing her face last night..I don't know.

Adam does a behind the back shot. Just missed.

Natalie: thanks guys! thanks rye-bread! (he opened the door for her, she's carrying a plate of meat to the BBQ)

Nat's legs are hurting her..she says its her "hammies"
Ryan's a** hurts the most.

Nat stretches, tries to touch her toes. Goes inside.

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Topic #8727357
Divinemissm30 - Sheila and Sharon not shown on feeds NT 0 Replies #8727357 7:15PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8727421
bbshannon - Grill time. Nat, Ryan and Adam fiddling with the BBQ, trying to turn it on 1 Replies #8727421 7:19PM 11/04/2008
Ryan tells her to let it warm up first. She was gonna throw the steaks on.

Adam and Ryan whispering by the door, Adam is gonna "find out" Sit down on the outside couches.

More whispering b/w the boys. Natalie is still over by the grill. Don't know what they're talking about.

Adam has 22 cigs left. He's splitting them in half to make them last longer.

Natalie talking about the POV, she could've had it if she went for the "guineas" first, but she went for the humans. She should've known.

Everyone started with the wrong puzzle except Baller..Boom! D-U-N!
Natalie: thank god! The second person was Sharon and that would've been a nightmare.

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veedsboo - Adam said he was "chinking" his cigarretes NT #8727491 7:24PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8727423
veedsboo - Nat, Adam, and Ryan talking about the POV. Nat said there were different paths you could take. NT 0 Replies #8727423 7:19PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8727538
veedsboo - Adam said he had an ant in his bootyhole 0 Replies #8727538 7:27PM 11/04/2008
Ryan said "you probably have one in your d!ck-hole"
Adam- I need to get this out
A went to the BR,
now both A&R in kitchen, and are now talking to Sheila.
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Topic #8727561
Divinemissm30 - Ry and Adam in KT... 0 Replies #8727561 7:28PM 11/04/2008
Sheila walks in....says they (DR) said to put on sneakers...
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Topic #8727568
veedsboo - Sheila tried to make a joke to A&R saying the DR told everyone to get ready 0 Replies #8727568 7:29PM 11/04/2008
and to put sneakers on.
Neither R or A think it is funny.
Ryan calls Sheila's meal that she prepared a "yuppie" meal
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Topic #8727583
veedsboo - S said the jury house will have a party when they see Nat 0 Replies #8727583 7:30PM 11/04/2008
and that this is the week to get her out, b/c she is hard to beat in the end.
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Topic #8727587
Divinemissm30 - Nat still grilling....Sharon asleep in her bed..... NT 0 Replies #8727587 7:30PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8727782
Divinemissm30 - All HG's at kitchen table eating dinner....random chit chat NT 0 Replies #8727782 7:43PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8727859
Divinemissm30 - Still at kitchen table..... 0 Replies #8727859 7:48PM 11/04/2008
Sheila: HoH is everyone's room...go up there whenever you whatever you want.

A/R/N: Picking on Sheila about her photos...guys saying they'd "hit that"..laughing...cutting up

Nat: "Just b/c we're crazy fun people doesn't mean we're soulmates Sheila"..kidding around

Everyone having fun chit chat and eating
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Topic #8728050
Divinemissm30 - HG's switching topics rapidly...... 0 Replies #8728050 8:00PM 11/04/2008
Talk of PoV some HG's messed up

Adam's "half wood"

Parker and his eviction

About Ryan and Jen being secret bf/gf...seeing how far they could get

Sharon freaking out when Jacob came in house

Sheila talking about Parker and the snake issue

Sharon coming back and teaming up with Joshua being a blessing in disguise

Nat wondering how James is doing...if Josh & Chel freaked out when they saw him
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Topic #8728146
Divinemissm30 - Random Chit Chat ..... 0 Replies #8728146 8:05PM 11/04/2008
Sharon talking to GP's..."Hey Beeeebies!"

Discussion of final five..

How they think BB is making Sharon and Nat the animal lovers in the house

Sheila saying how she thinks they are making her the drama queen

Ry asking Adam to do dishes later on

Adam: You wash, I'll dry...I wanna listen to some Coldplay

Sharon: I just need some sleep..not having sleep sends up your stress levels

Adam & Ry at sink washing dishes

Nat: "This is a Kodak moment!...We need a picture of this!"

Random talk of washing dishes...

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Topic #8728236
Divinemissm30 - Ry & sink.....She at counter....Sha & Nat table.... 0 Replies #8728236 8:11PM 11/04/2008
Sheila telling Ry how lucky he is to have Jen that she really loves him

Ry & Sheila discussing coffee....Starbuck's..etc

Sharon: "Hey Beeeebies!" (LOL)

Nat at table being quiet...just listening
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Topic #8728255
Divinemissm30 - Everyone cleaning up kitchen.....Nat still sitting at table watching.....more random talk NT 0 Replies #8728255 8:15PM 11/04/2008
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Topic #8728258
hill10003 - sheila likes peppermint mocha coffee. 0 Replies #8728258 8:16PM 11/04/2008
sheila says you have to be tough as nails to do this.
nat: everything is messed up. i can't believe how banged up my knees got from doing the mashed potatoes.
sheila: what are we doing here, people? we'r not trying to design a mountain.
adam: i was mobile dude. i took the stairs twice.
sheila: can i ask why you put things on top of our table after we eat? it's like shoes.
nat: i can't stand shoes on the counter.
shela: who does?
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