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PunkyPower Shortly before BBAD ended Ryan and Baller agree that they will wait til Sunday after Nat is on the block and then weigh their options on possibly... 0 12:03AM 12/04/2008
mrmac Sheila in bed watching spy screen and listening to Coldplay CD. Sharon asleep. Ryan/Nat/Adam getting ready for bed. NT 0 12:05AM 12/04/2008
mrmac Ryan, Natalie, Adam talking about how few days are left. Talking about what if Matt were still in game. NT 0 12:13AM 12/04/2008
mrmac Natalie now trashing the "SheBot." Ryan, Natalie, Adam talking about how hot the Boat Room is. NT 0 12:15AM 12/04/2008
sunflower721 nat rubbing ben gay on ryans lower back.. NT 0 12:17AM 12/04/2008
sunflower721 adam and ryan in cottage BR talking about how they will run sh*t in the houseAdam says Sunday after 7:00 dude.(to make decision on who to keep) NT 0 12:20AM 12/04/2008
mrmac Ryan using toilet. Camera operator doing pull focus and panning of "Occupied" sign on toilet door (ed. camera operator must be bored). NT 0 12:26AM 12/04/2008
mrmac Ryan in bed in the Pink Room. Adam in kitchen blowing his nose then heads to bathroom to use mouthwash. 0 12:38AM 12/04/2008
HookedOnBB Adam and Ryan talking about seeing people in the mirrors saying these f*ckers watch everything we do dude NT 0 12:51AM 12/04/2008
JustHrt Ryan and Adam talking in bedroom, Ryan calls James a f*cking f*ggot. NT 0 1:30AM 12/04/2008
JustHrt R/A telling stories in the bedroom, inappropriate stories... 1 1:48AM 12/04/2008
cannotsleep All HGs in bed and sleeping NT 0 4:55AM 12/04/2008
BopthoR All HG's asleep NT 0 6:22AM 12/04/2008
pooh5983 All HG are still sleeping NT 0 7:09AM 12/04/2008
pooh5983 Still not much going on HG sleeping NT 0 8:03AM 12/04/2008
CruiseCritic F1-Adam/Ryan ~F2-Adam ~F3-Sharon ~F4-Natalie. No feeds on HOH room and all HGs appear to be sleeping. No lights on yet NT 0 9:06AM 12/04/2008
BopthoR All HG's still sleeping Robin on patio in F3 NT 2 10:02AM 12/04/2008
echo trivia wake up call time NT 0 10:17AM 12/04/2008
CruiseCritic Sheila in KT putting away silverware on two feeds and Sharon getting out of bed on 2 feeds 0 10:42AM 12/04/2008
echo sheila in kitchn puttin dishes away wearing her hoh robe 0 10:42AM 12/04/2008
CruiseCritic Ryan says GM Sharon as she comes into WC and Ryan is shaving and tells her that Natalie is in the toilet. 0 10:43AM 12/04/2008
echo sharon now in wc with ryan talkin about weird dreams she had of ex's 0 10:44AM 12/04/2008
CruiseCritic Sheila in HOH takes a belt off of a pair of jeans and leaves the HOH 0 10:46AM 12/04/2008
echo sheila coming back down from hoh , ryan still shaving, sharon brushing teeth 0 10:47AM 12/04/2008
CruiseCritic Sheila outside and starts the load of towels - I think she put the pair of jeans in there as well 0 10:47AM 12/04/2008
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