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lexi adam tells sheila she looks hot! NT 0 5:27PM 12/04/2008
sunflower721 adam asks sheila if they should not tell nat until wed.(that shes leaving)sheila says uh huh,whisper it in her(nats) ear I know what you did 0 5:27PM 12/04/2008
sunflower721 sheila telling ryan that he has lost weight since he got into house and he looks good,ryan tells adam dont be jealous that your wifey is hitting on me 0 5:30PM 12/04/2008
lexi ryan said he's never met a character like adam. BB tells them to stop that NT 0 5:32PM 12/04/2008
sunflower721 boys talking about there diary room convos.what they are asked etc. they are talking in code LOL and BB keeps yelling at them to stop. NT 0 5:33PM 12/04/2008
sunflower721 boys planning on dressing up tomorrow for the blow out with nat and sharon.they are planning out they are gonna do. NT 0 5:34PM 12/04/2008
lexi ryan + adam going to make salad to have with dinner NT 0 5:35PM 12/04/2008
sunflower721 LOL ryan says he is gonna bring the bible to the meeting,adam said we are gonna look like as*es dude..ry and adam go to SR for food for the 0 5:36PM 12/04/2008
lexi everyone in KT except sharon preparing dinner NT 0 5:37PM 12/04/2008
lexi ryan says sheila is irresistable to flirt with NT 0 5:41PM 12/04/2008
lexi sheila + sharon up in HOH. ryan/adam/nat in KT making dinner NT 0 5:42PM 12/04/2008
WieKacie Natalie chopping up some carrots for the furrrriends. NT 0 5:51PM 12/04/2008
lexi sharon + sheila talking in HOH 0 6:00PM 12/04/2008
lexi sharon talking to sheila about hoops coming out she's getting pretty fired up NT 0 6:01PM 12/04/2008
lexi sheila says her biggest fear is that one of the boys will give nat a pity vote and force a tie NT 0 6:02PM 12/04/2008
lexi BB: "Adam, stop that" NT 0 6:04PM 12/04/2008
lexi sheila tells sharon she never wanted james to leave NT 0 6:05PM 12/04/2008
lexi sheila tells sharon if the vote is a tie, she will definetly evict nat NT 0 6:12PM 12/04/2008
lexi sharon is telling sheila that the week james was hoh + sheila was on the block, everyone was gunna vote sheila out 0 6:24PM 12/04/2008
lexi sheila tells sharon she's told people sharon is the most loyal person she's ever met NT 0 6:28PM 12/04/2008
AlexaRay Sharon and Sheila Nat bashing in HoH.... talking about how Nat craves attention from men NT 0 7:09PM 12/04/2008
lexi sheila + sharon in hoh talking about how snappy nat has been NT 0 7:10PM 12/04/2008
lexi All HG's sitting around the table eating dinner NT 0 7:24PM 12/04/2008
lexi sheila, sharon + nat still sitting around the table eating NT 0 7:35PM 12/04/2008
lexi sharon + nat are talking to the furrrriends NT 0 7:39PM 12/04/2008
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