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CruiseCritic BB- SHeila please do not obstruct your microphone. Sheila - sorry NT 0 10:49AM 12/04/2008
CruiseCritic Sharon gets a pepper out for the GPs - Sheila gets her first cup of coffee and Nat is making 0 10:51AM 12/04/2008
echo ryan joins sheila in kitchen she asks him where adam was he says still sleeping 0 10:51AM 12/04/2008
echo sharon says she was tossing and turning because of the dreams 0 10:54AM 12/04/2008
echo sheila doin a few dishes, tells sharon to drop the dishes in the sink 0 10:57AM 12/04/2008
echo adam says they are gonna have some kind of party from bb today 0 11:01AM 12/04/2008
echo ryan explains adams grand total spent on smokes is up around 0 11:03AM 12/04/2008
echo nat says she wasnts some i mean COFFEEE, she tells them to stop sayin joe 0 11:07AM 12/04/2008
echo they reflect on sheila making adam breakfast in bed on valentine day 0 11:11AM 12/04/2008
echo shiela fryin scrambled eggs, adam talks about his mom being the best 0 11:13AM 12/04/2008
echo nat says number 11 is another one of her lucky numbers 0 11:15AM 12/04/2008
echo they discuss what pms stands for the guys are correct and nat says no ur wrong its pmc 0 11:20AM 12/04/2008
echo ryans goin to make some new noodles later, at around 2-3 per adams suggestion 0 11:25AM 12/04/2008
echo nat and sheila still in kitchen they talk about sharon being a pawn 5 times 0 11:27AM 12/04/2008
echo nat says shes giving an inspiring speach, nats says what about a tie 0 11:35AM 12/04/2008
echo sheila says james would have wiped them all out if they didnt take him out 0 11:39AM 12/04/2008
echo adam and sheila are laughin and making faces 0 11:44AM 12/04/2008
echo sharon joins ryan n pool, nat in wc puttin on makeup 0 11:50AM 12/04/2008
echo nat joins them outside, sharons tryin to get a bee and she screams 0 11:55AM 12/04/2008
echo adam jumps in again almost hitting his head, sheila pops head out 0 11:58AM 12/04/2008
marinswife Sharon talking about wearing her David Beckham shirt when she got into her wreck. 0 12:08PM 12/04/2008
marinswife Shelia talking about how well all the guys dressed in the house, she said the best dressers were Adam and Josh for the guys. Nat says Matt dressed 0 12:11PM 12/04/2008
marinswife Adam whispering to Shelia ( can't hear what he is saying ) 0 12:13PM 12/04/2008
marinswife Everyone still outside, Ryan, Adam, Nat, and Sharon in the pool. Talking about Ryan snoring last night. 0 12:15PM 12/04/2008
marinswife Everyone outside talking about how the last HOH comp is held. 0 12:18PM 12/04/2008
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