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Topic #8758226
sunflower721 - sheila gets some wine from the SR,the girls are in KT ,sheila is opening the wine,nat is scooping some ice cream into a cup. NT 0 Replies #8758226 9:26PM 13/04/2008
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Topic #8758261
sunflower721 - sheila saying that when she is out of the house she is going to take mick and george out to eat.She says she owes him so much for what he has done for 0 Replies #8758261 9:29PM 13/04/2008
her son,they will all go to a sushi bar called cheecki's (not sure on spelling) in LA.Says Nat should go with her and sharon too if she is there or comes to LA.

Nat says if she gets any acting jobs after this she may move to LA.
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Topic #8758285
sunflower721 - sharon and nat grab the hair dye and supplies and head up to the HOH,sheila is in there already pouring some wine for her and nat. NT 0 Replies #8758285 9:31PM 13/04/2008
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Topic #8758302
sunflower721 - Boys are crashed out in cottage rooms.(LOL ed.) they have pillows over their heads. NT 0 Replies #8758302 9:32PM 13/04/2008
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Topic #8758326
sunflower721 - sheila tells nat again she looks like jane fonda,nat doesnt know who jane fonda is.sharon and sheila are trying to think of the movies she was in . NT 0 Replies #8758326 9:33PM 13/04/2008
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Topic #8758371
sunflower721 - sheila saying nat looks like her(jane fonda) when she was doing all the vietnam stuff,like the protests.Sheila says she was in monster in law and that 0 Replies #8758371 9:36PM 13/04/2008
she was a great actress.Sheila telling nat that people were pissed off when Jane fonda was protesting and stuff like that.nat says she remembers a little of that but not much.

Sheila says it was before their time,it was her(sheilas) moms time back then.
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Topic #8758427
sunflower721 - nat is doing sharons hair now.Sheila says nat might know who jane fonds is by her ex hubby ted turner.nat says nope still dont know and she said she 0 Replies #8758427 9:40PM 13/04/2008
doesnt know who he is either.

Sheila says there is one more way but you wouldnt know who she is by this,said she was in barberella.Nat says oh yeah I know who she is now,sheila and nat laugh that nat would remember her from barberells but not her recent stuff,nat says because she was a pinup in that and I paint pin-up girl stuff.

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Topic #8758455
sunflower721 - nat joking that the boys are going to come up and say what are you girls up here scheming,nat jokes that we cant scheme we are both up on the block. 0 Replies #8758455 9:42PM 13/04/2008
together.nat says yeah we are thinking of a way that we can both stay in the house,nat brings up possibility of double eviction.Sharon says no not this late in the game.
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Topic #8758483
sunflower721 - now talking about billy idol,nat asks if they saw labryrnth sheila says she has and asks if nat or sharon has seen another movie he was in cats or 0 Replies #8758483 9:45PM 13/04/2008
something with cats sheila says.Nat and sharon not replying nat working on sharons hair.
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Topic #8758507
sunflower721 - now sheila brings up james hair and why he dyes it blonde then pink,nat says so the pink shows up more.Sheila said that must do a number on his hair 0 Replies #8758507 9:47PM 13/04/2008
sharon says guys are not like us gilrs they can just shave their heads when they need too.
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Topic #8758527
sunflower721 - Sheila getting snacks out for the girls and herself. On feed 1 ryan in bed cuddled with his pillow sleepin still. NT 0 Replies #8758527 9:48PM 13/04/2008
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Topic #8758561
sunflower721 - sharon asks if the girls have been awake this whole time,they say yes,sharon asks what they were doing,nat says I was doing my hair and sheila says I 0 Replies #8758561 9:51PM 13/04/2008
was up here listening to my music (not true nat and sheila were up in HOH talking things out and it seems sheila has had a change of heart,at least by what she said when nat went downstairs and sheila was along talking to herself up in hoh and by what she said to natalie, not sure if she is acting though but she is being EXTREMELY nice to nat now).
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Topic #8758574
sunflower721 - sheila talking about how clean neil was in the house sheila says alex was too. NT 0 Replies #8758574 9:52PM 13/04/2008
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Topic #8758594
sunflower721 - LOL sheila getting concerned that the dye will get on sharons pants ,sharon says she is fine.sheila says those are cute pants,sharon says my gauchos 0 Replies #8758594 9:54PM 13/04/2008
I love them they are comfortable.
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Topic #8758617
sunflower721 - the girls talk about tomorrow they hope its nice so they can lay out,nat says it gets to hot laying out. NT 0 Replies #8758617 9:55PM 13/04/2008
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Topic #8758641
sunflower721 - girls are saying they are so bored and they wish they had some games,sheila wishes they had trivia pursuit.nat and sharon agree. NT 0 Replies #8758641 9:57PM 13/04/2008
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Topic #8758683
sunflower721 - Sheila talking about jacob says it sounds like he comes from and amazing family,sharon says they are amazing people and jacob puts them thru so much. 0 Replies #8758683 10:00PM 13/04/2008
Sheila talking about her ex george saying he will see what she has to deal with every day.She what she has to go through with her son.
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Topic #8758710
sunflower721 - LOl sharon telling the girls a story about jacob,how stupid he was sharon says he called her to tell her that he hit a squirrel with his car and what 0 Replies #8758710 10:03PM 13/04/2008
should he do,she said she told him to get a bag and put him on the side of the road and to go to work.she said she could not believe he called her woke her up to tell her that,she says I was in Ga not like I could do anything it was just a squirrel.

Sheila says its just that he cares about you.

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Topic #8758726
sunflower721 - sharon telling girls how depressed that jacob was over their break up. NT 0 Replies #8758726 10:04PM 13/04/2008
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Topic #8758934
hiphopshorty18 - Nat coloring Sharons hair all girls talking in bathroom NT 0 Replies #8758934 10:34PM 13/04/2008
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Topic #8758965
lexi - boys finally wake up. adam + nat in BR. sharon + sheila in HOH. Ryan not on feeds. NT 0 Replies #8758965 10:41PM 13/04/2008
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Topic #8758973
lexi - Sheila + Sharon talking about Nat in HOH. Nat comes in + breaks it up. NT 0 Replies #8758973 10:42PM 13/04/2008
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Topic #8758990
lexi - Adam in BY wandering around smoking a cig NT 0 Replies #8758990 10:46PM 13/04/2008
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Topic #8759035
lexi - Ryan in BR washing his face NT 0 Replies #8759035 10:52PM 13/04/2008
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Topic #8759085
hiphopshorty18 - N/She/S in HOH 1 Replies #8759085 10:59PM 13/04/2008
Talking about Adam looking for beer in storage on the tv
Natalie: Ya know I can't call them out on their stuff because I'm on the block
Adam shaking his beer
Sharon: Why would he (adam) be that way with James if he didn't want votes in the sequester.
They are talking about James going back and telling everyone in the sequester and telling everyone that adam is the better one
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BoJangles76 - Talking about Ryan looking in the fridge in Kitchen, Ryan changed his mind and was shaking OJ NT #8759104 11:02PM 13/04/2008
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