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Topic #8746501
sunflower721 - ryan tells nat as soon as he gets this (fixes his clippers)he will be out of her way. NT 0 Replies #8746501 10:37AM 13/04/2008
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Topic #8746505
echo - sheila in hoh bathroom tweezing eye brows 0 Replies #8746505 10:37AM 13/04/2008
ryan says to nat hes having technical difficulties with his razor
nat wrapped in towels gettin makeup out, blow drys eye brow curler to heat up
sharon still doin makeup in small mirror
ryan says once he get this he will be dont in 1 min
sheila tweezing whiskers on chin
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Topic #8746522
sunflower721 - adam now in bathroom telling a story.nat giggling in mirror and repeating what he says. NT 0 Replies #8746522 10:40AM 13/04/2008
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Topic #8746526
echo - ryan still tryin to fix razor/clippers in wc as nat picks her face 0 Replies #8746526 10:41AM 13/04/2008
adam joins in wc said he had nightmares again lst nt
he was at his moms left his cell, missed flight, date was wrong on ticket, lol baller behind the times he says never that
adam getttin into showersheila still doin face in hoh bathroom
(ed im havin feed issues)
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Topic #8746586
echo - feeds are out on all players at the moment, having trouble connecting NT 0 Replies #8746586 10:46AM 13/04/2008
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Topic #8746626
echo - feeds still messed but did see ryan blowing on clippers and spraying something on them in wc 0 Replies #8746626 10:49AM 13/04/2008
sharon in hoh bathroom with sheila blowdrying hair
feeds very choppy right now
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Topic #8746683
echo - sheila tells sharon no matter what happened she never planned to put 0 Replies #8746683 10:54AM 13/04/2008
ryan on the block this week
ryan now in shower in wc
nat putting on her ton of makeup in wc
sheila still puttin on makeup in hoh bathroom
sharon says nat said she would put up adam and sheila this upcoming week
sheila said she wasnt budging in the hoh comp , nat wouldnt have lastest much longer
sharon straightening her hair as they talk
adam called to dr

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Topic #8746738
sunflower721 - sharon talking to sheila up in HOH bathroom,they are talking about nat.Sheila says that nat didnt give Comp to me I stayed up there for three fricking 0 Replies #8746738 10:59AM 13/04/2008
hours,sheila says if nat didnt feel safe she shouldnt have dropped.

Sheila saying nat couldnt have done that one (Glass house comp) that it was not a comp for her (oh paallleeaassse ed.) sheila saying her(nats) legs were hurting her.

Sheila saying she is claustrophobic (si) and thought they (bb) was going to throw water on her(sheila)during the comp.SHeila is blowdrying her hair and sharon leaves to go Downstairs.
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Topic #8746754
sunflower721 - nat in WC brushing hair.ryan done showering toweling off.Sharon now down in WC with nat and Ryan.Nat talking about her root(hair root) growth. NT 0 Replies #8746754 11:01AM 13/04/2008
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Topic #8746782
sunflower721 - ryan in Wc mirror now cleaning ears and putting lotion or aftershave all over his face and arms.Nat is blowdrying her hair now.Sharon is sitting on WC 0 Replies #8746782 11:02AM 13/04/2008
couch.All feeds on downstairs WC.
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Topic #8746791
sunflower721 - Ryan now in Boat room getting dressed . NT 0 Replies #8746791 11:04AM 13/04/2008
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Topic #8746824
echo - ryan and adam in kitchen gettin some joe, adam says its starting in the next half hour 0 Replies #8746824 11:07AM 13/04/2008
(ed we know in bb time it could be 2 hrs still )
nat joins them
adam says maybe i wont veto myself and laughs
nat told to put on mic
adam says to ryan i hope ur ready
ryan says i think im ready
they talk about workin out later
adam says the pasta salad was the bomb
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Topic #8746839
sunflower721 - Sharon just got called to DR. all feeds on Ryan in boat room. Ryan leaves boat BR and adm walks up behind him to KT 0 Replies #8746839 11:09AM 13/04/2008
they start whispering and adam said dude it's her (not sure who they are referring to) ryan says yeah its her.

Nat walks into the KT and they change subject.

She leaves and the boys talk about todays events.

adam says the pasta salad was off the hook ( ad and ry made it last night).they then talk about what they are going to wear for the "meeting"

BB then says HGs you are not allowed to talk about diary room convos.

Ryan leaves the KT.
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Topic #8746855
echo - adam tells ryan when he was in dr he told shannonhe got all shaved up for her 0 Replies #8746855 11:10AM 13/04/2008
bb voice says hgs you are not allowed to talk about dr sessions they laugh
sheila comes down stairs and teases them for always being happy on sundays as thy get to talk to shannon
adam tells sheila and ryan nat told him not to use the veto they all laugh they are now in wc
ryan fixing hair

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Topic #8746873
sunflower721 - Sheila now coming down from HOH and tells adam its all him (about the Dr convos) he laughs.Sheila then asks where nat is,ry back in KT now tells 0 Replies #8746873 11:12AM 13/04/2008
sheila where nat is,sheila ryan and adam are talking about what nat said,about her telling adam not to use the veto.They are in downstairs WC now ,sheila complaining about the towels everyone uses and says she is going to hide the towels,nat comes in and said she uses the same towels for a few days at least.

adam tells nat she is next (for the DR).Nat says she knows.

Then BB calls ryan to DR.

Nat now back in WC doing her hair.
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Topic #8746881
echo - nat comes in yelling i only use 2 towels dont blame me i heard my name 0 Replies #8746881 11:13AM 13/04/2008
sheilas pissed at how many towels they used since yesterday
nat doin hair
rayn washing hands
sheila asks if ryan fixed his razor he says yes
sharon in kitchen with ryan and adam now and sheila
sharon cuttin treats for gps
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Topic #8746888
sunflower721 - sharon feeding the GPS,adam and sheila in KT sheila says she is going to make some more coffee.ryan goes off to the DR. NT 0 Replies #8746888 11:13AM 13/04/2008
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Topic #8746973
realitydoll - Natalie to DR NT 0 Replies #8746973 11:22AM 13/04/2008
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Topic #8746995
realitydoll - Sharon comments to the other 3, about the boys commenting on the 9th commandment to Nat last night, and laughing NT 0 Replies #8746995 11:24AM 13/04/2008
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Topic #8747005
lexi - everyone except nat in KT. nat in DR NT 0 Replies #8747005 11:25AM 13/04/2008
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Topic #8747017
echo - nat in dr the rest in kitchen talkin about how nat doesnt understand 0 Replies #8747017 11:26AM 13/04/2008
anything in the bible, sheilas shocked as a christian she doesnt get any of it and uses it out of context
sharon laughin at adam ready the 9th commandments to nat , sharon said u made fun of her and she had no clue
sheila says some people can be smart without alot of education with life experiences
sharon eating bagel
, so is sheila
nat back asks sharon if she feds the gps, she talks to them in loudly
nat asks sharon for help later with her hair
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Topic #8747047
realitydoll - Sharon makes fun of Nat when they called her out about asking what the 9th commandment means, sharon says she explains to her about "false profit", Sh 0 Replies #8747047 11:28AM 13/04/2008
shelia comments she doesn't understand why she doesn't know if she is a christian (paraphrasing - my browser is hung!!)
Sharon laughing and thinks it's so funny how the boys called her out.
Nat comes back from DR. to KT where they all are.
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Topic #8747081
realitydoll - Nat is happy and telling them about doing her hair/highlights after POV (i'm few mins behind) NT 0 Replies #8747081 11:31AM 13/04/2008
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Topic #8747118
realitydoll - The others wander off. Nat comments about how the guinea pigs need human contact. It's just her & sharon. Nat says she wants to lay out. 0 Replies #8747118 11:34AM 13/04/2008
Ryan/Shelia back, talking about getting lockdown outside. Nat says Hi!Rye bread! as she walks away....
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Topic #8747138
realitydoll - Hg's, Shel/Ryan/Sharon in KT general chat NT 0 Replies #8747138 11:35AM 13/04/2008
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