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Topic #8787539
Taffy - A/R decide to talk more about it later (aaaarrrgghhhhh! ed)...Ryan is going to lay down 0 Replies #8787539 4:02PM 15/04/2008
because he doesn't feel good
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Topic #8787561
sunflower721 - F3 and F4 are of nat laying in bed in Boat room with her blanket over her head,adam went to use the bathroom and ryan is laying down in cottage room. 0 Replies #8787561 4:02PM 15/04/2008
before boys left KT they said they will think about what they are gonna do (about nat or sharon ed.)
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Topic #8787611
saskwatch - Adam walks in br and says Big sheil is gonna f you up bro.. Ryan says let her try. Adam goes to Nat. NT 0 Replies #8787611 4:04PM 15/04/2008
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Topic #8787628
saskwatch - Nat tells Adam she doesn't know what to do or think anymore. Adam says he's sorry it's been rough for her. NT 0 Replies #8787628 4:05PM 15/04/2008
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Topic #8787649
sunflower721 - ada mout of Wc went into boat room and in bed next to nat telling her its ok,she said she doesnt feel like its ok,she says she doesnt know what to 0 Replies #8787649 4:06PM 15/04/2008
think or do anymore,adam says he is sorry he made it rough on her,she said she thought she could always trust him.Adam says we hear all this stuff and its hard to know what to believe.
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Topic #8787683
saskwatch - Adam says to Nat .. you feel like crazy james did? and she says yeah.. he says he felt that way the other way. Nat says she would have kept adam 0 Replies #8787683 4:07PM 15/04/2008
and never ever said she'd get rid of him.
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Topic #8787709
saskwatch - Nat says Sharon knows all she has to do is win and put you guys up. NT 0 Replies #8787709 4:08PM 15/04/2008
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Topic #8787724
saskwatch - Nat says f she and f sha NT 0 Replies #8787724 4:09PM 15/04/2008
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Topic #8787780
saskwatch - Nat saying to Adam all the things that James said when he was trying to save himself. NT 0 Replies #8787780 4:11PM 15/04/2008
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Topic #8787855
milajoy - Nat to Adam: "of course She will flip out if You guys keep me. She knows I am loyal to you boys. She wants Sharon to stay because 0 Replies #8787855 4:15PM 15/04/2008
Sharon will have Sheilas back" (ed....Smart!)
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Topic #8787929
sunflower721 - sharon in the WC taking a shower,nat adam still in boat room on bed chatting. NT 0 Replies #8787929 4:17PM 15/04/2008
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Topic #8788183
CruiseCritic - Natalie says she remembers weeks ago when they used to always talk to 0 Replies #8788183 4:29PM 15/04/2008
eachother and they would be final four and make it to the end. Adam says we all cant make it to the end.

Nat just wants final four and to see the little mini (KT table)

Nat says she just doesnt know what to do.

Adam says he is ready to go to sleep and Nat says her mind is racing and she cant sleep. talk about Sharon playing the game good, silent but deadly and sneaky.
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Topic #8788213
sunflower721 - sharon in the BY doing laundry.Sheila and ryan in red BR. sheila talking about the blog she wrote,nat and adam in boat room. NT 0 Replies #8788213 4:30PM 15/04/2008
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Topic #8788244
raindrop110475 - Sheila did a shout out to alex and is talkign about her doll again NT 0 Replies #8788244 4:32PM 15/04/2008
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Topic #8788263
sunflower721 - sheila now i nthe boat room telling adam and nat about the blog,sheila says I said adam is homesick and misses his family,adam asks if she wrote to 0 Replies #8788263 4:33PM 15/04/2008
alex she says she did,she wrote hey alex so sorry you didnt show back up here in a box I so wanted you too,thanks for the t-shirt blah blah blah all that kinda stuff she said.
then tells what she wrote to other HGs.

Adam leaves boatroom after messing with sheila,sheial says get off of me,adam laughs and then leaves.

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Topic #8788274
CruiseCritic - Adam hands in pants and Nat says that Sheila is going to ask Adam what he is doing 0 Replies #8788274 4:33PM 15/04/2008
regarding the vote. Adam says he doesnt want to say anything and that is why he isnt telling the girls how he is voting because they will talk.

Sheila comes in the room and asks if Adam is sleeping - he pretends to snore. Sheila says she said hi to Adams Mom, Dad and brother in the Blog and that she said hi to Natalie's family and that Nat is homesick.

Natalie thanks Sheila for that.

Adam asks if she said anything to Alex and she said she did and Adam says Alex is going swimming later - Sheila doesnt want him to get wet - they all laugh. Talk of Adams houseshoes on Alex pillow person and they laugh that Alex is walking in Adams shoes.

Sheila says she thanked Alex for the tshirt and said Happy Birthday to Parker and to Mattie and that she said something to Ally, that is about it and she also said stuff to her family.

Sheila wants to know what happened earlier - Adam says the sh!t hit the fan...Adam wrestles Sheila a little bit and leaves the room

Sheila heard people yelling and Natalie tells her about the argument with SHaron and that Sharon told her she wasnt saying anything behind her back and the boys didnt say anything.

Sheila yelling to Adam that he better not do anything to Alex because those are her clothes.

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Topic #8788289
sunflower721 - Sheila in boat room on bed with nat sheila asked what happened between sharon and nat ,they are whispering hard to hear over ryan and adam laughing 0 Replies #8788289 4:35PM 15/04/2008
in other room,sheila asked if sharon cried,nat says sharon didnt cry at all.
Nat breifs sheila on what happened.
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Topic #8788305
CruiseCritic - Sheila said she heard some screaming and Sheila asks if she (Sharon) cried and 0 Replies #8788305 4:36PM 15/04/2008
Natalie says no. Now talk of "triple threat" and that Sharon did say that she did say he was mental, strong and something else.

Nat says that Sharon says everyone comes up to her and asks her what the word is on the street, Sheila says she does say that to her too.

Nat tells Sheila that Sharon said the tapes will tell and Nat reiterated that the tapes WILL tell. Sheila agrees.
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Topic #8788323
CruiseCritic - Natalie tells Sheila that Sharon said her feelings were hurt when she found out about the 0 Replies #8788323 4:37PM 15/04/2008
mole and mention that Ryan is the one that came up with the name.

Nat says that Sharon said she was pi$$ed about being called the mole and that Nat told her that EVERYONE called her the mole.
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Topic #8788340
PunkyPower - Adam and Ryan talking about how nasty Allison was sexually. NT 0 Replies #8788340 4:39PM 15/04/2008
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Topic #8788367
sexylexie1 - Adam and Natalie in boat room...Nat says Sheila is going to ask you waht you were doing in here and she is proably going to try talk ***** to you. 0 Replies #8788367 4:40PM 15/04/2008
Adams says I'm the best at not letting people know what I'm doing.
Nat - I know, just tell her you don't know.
Adam - I'm teh best...don't worry about that.
Nat - I know. You don't knwo what you are doing, I don't even want to know.
Adam - Says that is why I don't want to tell you what I'm doing because you can't be going around saying you got my vote, ha ha.
Nat - I know, I'm not saying *****. Sheila keeps asking me what are the boys saying. I say I don't know.
Adam - Good.
Nat - But I told Sheila I'm scared and she said I'll talk to Adam Natalie and I told her you don't need to Sheial I will. I need to do my own campaigning.

Sheila comes in and interrupts their ejust finished with HOH blogging.
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Topic #8788416
CruiseCritic - Nat says that Sharon is trying to protect herself and coming up with some good sh!t - Natalie 0 Replies #8788416 4:44PM 15/04/2008
goes on to tell her about the rest of conversation and Nat tells her that Sheila's name never came up (although Sharon did bring up Sheila's name)

Sheila says that she is going to talk to Adam later - can hear Adam yelling in other room. Sheila mentions that Sharon already has three votes and that is a bad thing, Nat - I KNOOOWWWWW

Nat mentions that she told Sharon that they have to vote for one of them anyways and that Sharon said they were better off taking her to the end.

Nat says if it is Sheila and Sharon at the end and they go over scenarios. If Adam and Sharon at end then Adam would have the votes. Nat says that Sharon is thinking too far in advance about saying who is going to vote for who.

Sheila saying they will have no choice, they will have to vote for one of us and Nat reminds her about the talks weeks ago when they talked about the four of them in the final together and it would be a happy house and Nat tears up and Sheila hugs her.

Nat says she feels like such a fool and says now Sharon hates her for calling her out and Nat reminds her that she would have 4 ppl in SH that hate her and that Sheila would win for sure over Natalie. Nat tells Sheila that she (sheila) would win over Ryan as well.

Sheila says she doesnt know, it makes her nervous. Nat says she doesnt know and just knows she would feel so betrayed if her own people voted her out and that everyone there (SH) hates her. Sheila says that she has Mattie and that Mattie has never said a bad thing about her.
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Topic #8788431
PunkyPower - Adam says Allison was the "Anal Goddess" then says he made the name up. NT 0 Replies #8788431 4:44PM 15/04/2008
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Topic #8788458
PunkyPower - Adam now asks Sharon if she has ever had her back door knocked on and she says she's not having the conversation with them. NT 0 Replies #8788458 4:46PM 15/04/2008
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Topic #8788461
CruiseCritic - Sheila laying at the end of the bed and Nat sitting up, wiped a few tears and they are talking 0 Replies #8788461 4:46PM 15/04/2008
about Mattie being 24 and how the house thought Matt was her son - Sheila says - make me older than I already am. they laugh.

Sheila talking about how Josh thought Matt was her son and that Josh could tell by the look in her eyes. Sheila says that she wished Nat would have talked to her more when Matt left - Nat says she felt more connected with her (sheila) after Matt left. Sheila said she didnt feel that and she felt that Natalie isolated her....

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