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Topic #8779547
BBSheri - All still sleeping...... Cam 1 is Sharon, Cam 2 is Sheila, Cam 3 is 0 Replies #8779547 8:21AM 15/04/2008
the boys and Cam 4 is Nat. Ryan snoring really loud.
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Topic #8779665
Divinemissm30 - HG's sleeping soundly.....Adam & Ryan having snoring contest....Loud banging (hammering) coming from outside of House NT 0 Replies #8779665 8:32AM 15/04/2008
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Topic #8780237
JLPrinzess - All HG's still sleeping NT 0 Replies #8780237 9:30AM 15/04/2008
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Topic #8780247
JLPrinzess - Flames NT 0 Replies #8780247 9:31AM 15/04/2008
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Topic #8780472
echo - nat brushing teeth, yells to sheila that the song was by the killers 0 Replies #8780472 9:49AM 15/04/2008
sharon lyin in bed, noone else on cams right now
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Topic #8780519
echo - ryan and sheila sayin gm in kitchen as they get coffee, nat calls them 0 Replies #8780519 9:52AM 15/04/2008
weirdos, sharon yells from her room what time is it
sheila says i guess noones doin dishes again , talks about her dream, crazy, she thinks a hudson river thing is coming with huge flood and dr will was in it and past hgs were also in it
ryan chows down
sheila is worried a comp will have water, she says her dream had alot of dirty water , huge river,, the hudson river,,she and drw ill survived and a few others
sharon staring off into space lyin in bed
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Topic #8780562
echo - adam shown in bed still, nat off to wc from kitchen, cant see ryan anywhere 0 Replies #8780562 9:55AM 15/04/2008
sheilas shaken up by her dream heads off to shower in hoh
ryan now in kitchen drinkin water

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Topic #8780586
echo - ryan shavin in wc, adam still alseep, noone else on feeds NT 0 Replies #8780586 9:57AM 15/04/2008
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Topic #8780665
lexi - nat in shower. ryan shaving. sharon cutting up an apple for the gps. sheila in hoh. adam still asleep NT 0 Replies #8780665 10:02AM 15/04/2008
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Topic #8780716
Divinemissm30 - Nat & She in shower....Ry shaving....Sharon in KT ....Adam sleeping NT 0 Replies #8780716 10:06AM 15/04/2008
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Topic #8780758
Divinemissm30 - Sharon checking on GP's.....then to Red room....making up bed 0 Replies #8780758 10:08AM 15/04/2008
Ryan whistling while he shaves
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Topic #8780847
Divinemissm30 - Ryan finished shaving.....checking out face in mirror..... 0 Replies #8780847 10:13AM 15/04/2008
Sharon going through dresser picking out clothes....

Natalie out of shower...yawns

Ryan and Nat singing "chiquita bannana"

Nat walking around bathroom with towel wrapped around body and head...

Ryan grabs tshirt walks out of WC
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Topic #8780878
Divinemissm30 - Sharon and Nat in WC...She down to KT to get coffee....back up to HoH 2 Replies #8780878 10:16AM 15/04/2008
Nat and Sharon having random chit chat...

Sharon: I really want to go home and find an apartment in town
Nat: Yeah
Sharon: I wanted to do that since I heard Chelsia talking about it
Nat: yeah

Sharon brushing teeth....
Nat picking at her face...

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bcbmom - Sharon said she couldn't wait to get home to see if she could get a #8780948 10:20AM 15/04/2008
permanent top retainer and has wanted one since she saw Chelsia's.
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Divinemissm30 - Sharon was speaking of an apartment in town AFTER the retainer talk NT #8780994 10:23AM 15/04/2008
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Topic #8780894
Divinemissm30 - Sheila in HoH getting ready for the day....sitting at sink putting on makeup NT 0 Replies #8780894 10:16AM 15/04/2008
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Topic #8780956
Divinemissm30 - Nat now putting on makeup......Nat joins Ry in KT 0 Replies #8780956 10:20AM 15/04/2008
Nat asking Ryan how the coffee turned out?

Ry and Nat whispering...

Nat: Adam came in last night and said no worries...
Ry: yeah he's all supped up

Nat: I can't believe they played those songs
Ry: yeah for big Balla

Nat: I woke up as soon as I heard my son
Ry: that's a pretty good song
Nat: Yeah it's on the same album as
Ry: yeah Mr. Brightside
Nat: That's a really good CD

Ry: Darren Flowers
Nat: Huh?..Yeah
Ry: That's a pretty good band
Nat: yeah I love 'em

More talk about songs

goes to Flames
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Topic #8781004
Divinemissm30 - Nat back in WC fnishing makeup....Sheila still in HoH getting ready....Sharon in shower NT 0 Replies #8781004 10:24AM 15/04/2008
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Topic #8781034
Divinemissm30 - Sharon wondering if she should lay out for the day... 0 Replies #8781034 10:26AM 15/04/2008
Nat saying that she would like to...

Discussing how red Sharon is...Nat saying she doesn't know...

Sheila blow drying her hair..

Slow morning..not much going on
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Topic #8781062
Divinemissm30 - Ryan joins Nat and Sharon in WC.... 0 Replies #8781062 10:28AM 15/04/2008
Ryan says it's going to be a nice day....

Nat: yeah I like it when it's not too hot

BB: Ryan, please come to the DR

Ryan and Nat joking around about taking his time going

BB: Good Morning House Guests...It's time to get up for the day!
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Topic #8781122
Divinemissm30 - Ryan combing his hair before going to DR....Nat saying it looks good.. 0 Replies #8781122 10:30AM 15/04/2008
Sharon out of shower...


Nat laughing at BB calling Ryan again

Ryan complaining about his hair....sighs

Ry: I'm just going to throw a hat's hat time

Nat laughing

Ryan leaves for DR

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Topic #8781291
Divinemissm30 - Sharon & Nat alone in WC..... 0 Replies #8781291 10:38AM 15/04/2008
Talk of getting dressed...what to wear for the day..

Sharon talking about her skin being red...tan lines

Nat showing her tan lines to Sharon...putting on more makeup

Sharon checking out her face in towel rack mirror...

Sharon: Ugh!

Sharon: You know what?..I hope they give me eyeliner...I don't wanna do an interview without eyeliner...They'll give it to you right?

Nat: I think so...but you don't know if you're going yet
Nat: I have a feeling I'm going though
Sharon: You get some weird vibes though girl
Nat: I'm usually right about them too...I'm getting them from the guys..especially Adam and Sheila
Nat: I thought I would stay, but I don't know...I've been getting really weird vibes since the "Church" meeting
Nat: And with me and Sheila's arguement too...I just have that feeling
Sharon: I didn't want to be in that....(something about God's que for her to go)
Nat: I don't even remember saying that about Josh...I might have said that in the heat of the moment
Sharon: I didn't know what that was about...I was like I didn't have any business being here
Sharon: Especially when u have nobody in the house
Nat: Mmm Hmm..yeah I guess so
Sharon: Especially when that happens to you...Sheila was like no F that..F Natalie
Nat: I know sheila doesn't have my back
Sharon: U don't think she does?
Nat: No, I just get these vibes
Nat: I thought I could trust Matty...but couldn't even trust him
Sharon: Yeah, You're on the block with somebody...then they're more worried about being with somebody James..
Nat: mmm hmm
Sharon: That's why you gotta worry about you....
Nat: Yeah I know...I'm on the block and I can't really defend myself
Nat: interesting how that works
Sharon: That's usually how that goes
Sharon: Especially if you're going home
Nat: That's why I say I'm going home
Sharon: No, You know what I mean

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Topic #8781365
Divinemissm30 - Sharon and Natalie ...more talk in WC..... 0 Replies #8781365 10:41AM 15/04/2008
BB: ADAM! It's time to get up for the day.

Natalie finishing her makeup

Sharon starting on her makeup

Sharon: Im just happy that I got this far
Nat: Yeah...F5..that's pretty good
Sharon: No joke
Nat: I still can't believe it!...I made it to F5!...Good job Nat!
Nat: Who would have thought it....when I came in here I wasn't sure

Nat now blow drying her hair...

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Topic #8781398
BBSheri - BB to Adam...............I said it is time to get up for the day. 0 Replies #8781398 10:43AM 15/04/2008
Nat and Sharon talking in WC. Nat says she gets bad vibes from Sheila and Adam, she says she is going this week. (Ryan told her last night not to trust Sheila because she wants her out).
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Topic #8781407
WieKacie - Adam up outside smoking. NT 0 Replies #8781407 10:44AM 15/04/2008
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Topic #8781415
Divinemissm30 - Adam awake...fully dressed....outside in BY smoking...pacing around NT 0 Replies #8781415 10:44AM 15/04/2008
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Topic #8781464
Divinemissm30 - Adam walks into KT....goes into WC...yells Good Morning to everyone NT 0 Replies #8781464 10:47AM 15/04/2008
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