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Sheila grilling outside, Ryan up and walking around. NT - PunkyPower
7:34PM 15/04/2008

There are 3 Nerf balls outside, Ryan says it's like Christmas NT - PunkyPower
7:36PM 15/04/2008

Sharon just whispered toSheila who is setting the table..I just talked to Ryan and he is not voting for her (meaning Nat). NT - sexylexie1
7:39PM 15/04/2008

Adam and Ryan hitting Nerf balls and takling like robots in BY. Sheila is beginning to FREAK Adam says. NT - PunkyPower
7:40PM 15/04/2008

Ryan: My hands are healed...just about (from HOH comp) NT - PunkyPower
7:42PM 15/04/2008

Sheila doesn't think the grill is working properly the boys are making fun of her. NT - PunkyPower
7:44PM 15/04/2008

Sheila tells Sharon, Adam is so annoying, he's talking robotic out there. NT - PunkyPower
7:45PM 15/04/2008

Adam teasing Sheila and she pretends kicks him and he's laughing. NT - saskwatch
7:46PM 15/04/2008

In the BY Adam says we're both voting out Sharon right? Ryan says that could be best NT - PunkyPower
7:47PM 15/04/2008

Sharon telling Sheila that Ryan told her he's not voting for Nat. NT - saskwatch
7:47PM 15/04/2008

Adam not doing well in his "golfing" NT - saskwatch
7:49PM 15/04/2008

Sheila: Tell me how you like it so I'll know Adam: OH I always tell you how I like it ( NT - PunkyPower
7:50PM 15/04/2008

Adam teasingly annoying Sheila at grill by scaring her and talking robotic, Adam and Sharon laffing. NT - saskwatch
7:50PM 15/04/2008

Adam striking out while Ryan pitches to him. NT - saskwatch
7:51PM 15/04/2008

Sheila: Can you just save some of those balls so we can play? Adam: Can you just SHUT UP (robot voice) NT - PunkyPower
7:51PM 15/04/2008

Sheila asking the guys to save some balls... and Adam says in robotic sing song... Shuuuut uuuup. NT - saskwatch
7:52PM 15/04/2008

Sheila to ADam: What is your deal? ADam: I told you before SHUT UP! he then says its the robot telling her to shut up NT - PunkyPower
7:53PM 15/04/2008

Big She tells Adam to stop telling her to shut up and he says... it's not me; it's the robot... ev one laffing and having gd time. NT - saskwatch
7:54PM 15/04/2008

Sheila saying she wants to get some real BBQ in Memphis if she goes home.. Memphis in May. NT - PunkyPower
7:55PM 15/04/2008

Adam: OK She-BITCH (ed.LOL) NT - PunkyPower
7:56PM 15/04/2008

Sheila tells Adam it feels like he's her kid and he says.... okay shebitch...Sheila's going to freak...LOL NT - saskwatch
7:57PM 15/04/2008

She says to Sharon... I'm slaving over a hot stove and that's the thanks I get? NT - saskwatch
7:58PM 15/04/2008

AdamBot: The Shebot is NERVOUS NT - PunkyPower
8:01PM 15/04/2008

Dinnertime, they are discussing telling Nat dinner is ready. NT - PunkyPower
8:03PM 15/04/2008

Nat is asleep and they start dinner. NT - PunkyPower
8:04PM 15/04/2008

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