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Adam goes to work out alone as Ryan doesn't feel good. NT - FrouFrou
5:20PM 15/04/2008

4 people in the house and 4 feeds of Adam working out alone. NT - FrouFrou
5:21PM 15/04/2008

Nat calling Sheila and Sharon two nut balls. Their mental. Nat saying I am not going to throw you under the bus. Nat saying sharon is bs. Nat - FrouFrou
5:38PM 15/04/2008
Who is Nat talking to? NT - Vaseflower2000
5:42PM 15/04/2008
Sorry. Adam NT - FrouFrou
5:43PM 15/04/2008

Nat saying if she won HOH she would put up Ryan and Sheila. (lol) Cuz Sheila would go home. NT - FrouFrou
5:39PM 15/04/2008

Nat is calling Sharon She-dog. Nat saying I looooooooove you Baller. We can do this. Cake walk. NT - FrouFrou
5:40PM 15/04/2008

Sharon telling Sheila about the fight in the back yard. NT - FrouFrou
5:41PM 15/04/2008

Sharon said all those things were scenarios. NT - FrouFrou
5:42PM 15/04/2008

Sheila saying that convo got her no where. Why did she do it? Sharon saying that Nat was saying that I am campaigning hardcore, but those boys are - FrouFrou
5:44PM 15/04/2008

Sheila talking about how Nat was telling her what James thought. Sheila says Nat says I am useless and she gave me the hoh. NT - FrouFrou
5:46PM 15/04/2008

Sharon saying she is panicing. Sharon saying she is an idiot. Sharon saying I called her on the mole thing. Sheila saying someone started it, but I - FrouFrou
5:47PM 15/04/2008

Sharon saying her calling me out was pathetic. Sheila saying I thought you might cry. Sharon says I wasn't going to cry and laughs. NT - FrouFrou
5:48PM 15/04/2008

Sheila saying that Adam doesn't like Nat. He tolerates her. Sharon saying that Ryan roles his eyes to Sharon about Nat. Laughing about how Nat - FrouFrou
5:51PM 15/04/2008

Sheila going over the scenario of how stupid it would be to f2 with James. Adam saying ryan is a user. Ryan is hugging on Sheila. NT - FrouFrou
5:52PM 15/04/2008

Now talking about food. Sharon saying you heard it from someone else's mouth. NT - FrouFrou
5:53PM 15/04/2008

Sharon saying that Nat is stupid for throwing me under the bus when I can break a tie. Sharon says only because she only needs 'her' boys. NT - FrouFrou
5:54PM 15/04/2008

Sheila telling Sharon and Adam that Nat said for her to put up Ryan and not Nat. NT - FrouFrou
5:54PM 15/04/2008

Sheila saying I like Ryebread more. I just put up with Adam. Sheila saying I can't have it anymore this girl throwing me under the bus. NT - FrouFrou
5:55PM 15/04/2008

Sheila saying Nat just blew it with me. Sharon saying Nat doesn't need you that is why she doesn't care. Sharon saying she is the biggest liar. NT - FrouFrou
5:56PM 15/04/2008

Sharon saying she is very selfish in the game. Sheila saying when Mattie left she has been a b*tch. James made her repeat the 'If I lose I deserve - FrouFrou
5:59PM 15/04/2008

Adam saying we and Ryan have to weigh our options out. Risk management. Minimize your risk. Adam saying they are going to vote the same way. NT - FrouFrou
6:00PM 15/04/2008

Adam saying that Nat gave up because everyone kept telling her too. Adam said Ryan kept giving her the thumbs up. Sheila says bs. NT - FrouFrou
6:01PM 15/04/2008

Sheila asks Adam why did she make a deal with me and not want you to know about it. Adam says I don't know. Sheila finally says that Nat did that - FrouFrou
6:03PM 15/04/2008

LAPD in helicopter waves to the Houseguests in the Backyard. NT - Pizzaman
6:09PM 15/04/2008

Not much going on. Sheila in KT peeling potatos. Ryan sleeping. Sharon reading the bible. Adam + Nat not on feeds. NT - lexi
6:41PM 15/04/2008

She cooking; Ryan/Sharon sleeping; Adam/Nat not on feeds NT - bb9lover
7:09PM 15/04/2008

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