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sheila wants to give nat up as offerign to james and josh to give SH somethign but if they keep nat they gave SH nothing - raindrop110475
10:49PM 15/04/2008

ryan wants to know why she put James and Josh up instead.. Sheila says that was nats personal battle. NT - saskwatch
10:50PM 15/04/2008

Adam yelling at Sheila that this has nothing to do with her feelings and calls her a bitch. She kicks him out of the room. NT - saskwatch
10:51PM 15/04/2008

Now sheila saying adam and nat treated her like sh*t cause she did so bad in comps and adam says - raindrop110475
10:52PM 15/04/2008

Sheila draining tub. Sharon back and Sheila tells her they are not voting her out. NT - saskwatch
10:53PM 15/04/2008

Changing cameras... going to find boys. NT - saskwatch
10:54PM 15/04/2008

Ryan says I don't care what James, Josh and Chelsia think, Sheila says they are going to be the ones voting in the end, Ryan says yeah but I don't - cannotsleep
10:54PM 15/04/2008

adam says he shouldnt have called her an fn bitch and ryan says she is pissed but she was pissed before - raindrop110475
10:55PM 15/04/2008

sheila tellign sharon that she put her butt on block protecting them and they disrespected her NT - raindrop110475
10:56PM 15/04/2008

sheila says she told adam that nat used adam to get rid of james chels and josh asks who is guilty that sheilas hands are clean - raindrop110475
10:57PM 15/04/2008

Ryan convincing Adam that keeping Natty is for them, dude. NT - saskwatch
10:58PM 15/04/2008

Adam and Ryan going to Natty and telling her Sheila's a funcking biotch. NT - saskwatch
10:59PM 15/04/2008

sheila says she doesnt care what they do then says not saying to be mean to you sharon but i cant do anything - raindrop110475
10:59PM 15/04/2008

adam tellign nat he feels bad for boiling over on sheila NT - raindrop110475
11:00PM 15/04/2008

Sheila complaining about Nat and her Team Christ name NT - Ashleee
11:00PM 15/04/2008

Sheila talking and Sharon playing with her clothes and listening... ( where's hoops?? ed) NT - saskwatch
11:01PM 15/04/2008

Ryan says he wants to eat some cookie dough cookie dough NT - Ashleee
11:02PM 15/04/2008

Ryan's going to eat some cookie dough. Adam says to ryan we got to talk. NT - saskwatch
11:03PM 15/04/2008

Ryan in SR and back to pink br. with Adam. Adam says he can't find his Bible. NT - saskwatch
11:04PM 15/04/2008

Ryan telling Adam Sheila hates men like him. NT - saskwatch
11:04PM 15/04/2008

Adam alone in pink br and reading bible. don't know where ryan is. NT - saskwatch
11:05PM 15/04/2008

Sheila says Adam is a better actor than her b/c of the time he teared up with Sharon NT - Ashleee
11:06PM 15/04/2008

Ryan in kitchen at table. She and Sha still in HOH. no cams on Natty NT - saskwatch
11:06PM 15/04/2008

She tells Sharon she's her only hope and she dreads having all of them in HOH tomorrow. Sharon agrees that Nats made deals with them. NT - saskwatch
11:07PM 15/04/2008

sharon wants to go talk to ryan and sheila tries to tell her to leave him alone NT - raindrop110475
11:08PM 15/04/2008

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