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saskwatch Ryan tells Adam not to discuss this with Sharon or Sheila. NT 0 12:40AM 15/04/2008
saskwatch Adam asks Ryan what brought this change about.. something had to happen. 0 12:43AM 15/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan really throwing Sheila under the bus. Says he had an epiphany tonight. NT 0 12:44AM 15/04/2008
KingMac Adam says Sheilas gonna flip out when we keep Nat NT 0 12:44AM 15/04/2008
saskwatch Adam wants Natalie to man the f up and call Sharon out. Adam says don't talk about this either. NT 0 12:45AM 15/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan says he wants to do what's best for him and Adam NT 0 12:45AM 15/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan says Sheila was attacking her for no reason... just yelling at her for no reason. 0 12:46AM 15/04/2008
KingMac Adam keeps on telling Ryan that he was telling him this yesterday (trying to keep Nat) NT 0 12:48AM 15/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan says Natty wasn't throwing offers and that she's feeling betrayed. 0 12:48AM 15/04/2008
KingMac Adam says are best bet is to keep chatty, they both go inside and they closing the door and say this is between us. NT 0 12:54AM 15/04/2008
saskwatch Boys agreed to keep Natty and evict Sharon. Adam eating and Ryan held firm that he wasn't going to give in to urge to eat. Flames NT 0 12:58AM 15/04/2008
TexasDolly28 Flames NT 0 1:05AM 15/04/2008
KingMac Feeds back all feeds on Nat sleeping 0 1:05AM 15/04/2008
scandalous Back from flames, Nat's on 2 feeds & appeard to be praying but we can't hear her, other 2 feeds might be Adam but under the covers NT 1 1:06AM 15/04/2008
KingMac It looked like someone was in the bed with Nat but there are just pillows on, all feeds on nat in bed NT 0 1:08AM 15/04/2008
KingMac We can hear adam and ryans voices but feeds still on nat NT 0 1:09AM 15/04/2008
scandalous Nat still wiping away her tears, lying on her side. NT 0 1:10AM 15/04/2008
scandalous 2 feeds went to Adam in bed, digging for gold in his nose; now he's up in kitchen blowing it NT 0 1:15AM 15/04/2008
scandalous Something in Adam's nose is seriously bugging him, he does some blowing (no tissue) explores further in the WC mirror and is now blowing w/ tissue NT 0 1:17AM 15/04/2008
scandalous He says what the f & proceeds to kitchen where he appears to be eating the mac-n-cheese that was left out on the stove; blowing air out nose, too NT 0 1:19AM 15/04/2008
scandalous Adam gets something to drink, waves at a camera as he passes by & heads to the WC, blowing out of his nose the whole time, can still hear him in WC NT 0 1:21AM 15/04/2008
scandalous Adam leaves the WC, does not wash hands, looks @ himself in the mirror & is cleaning his eye boogies out with his shirt NT 0 1:22AM 15/04/2008
scandalous Adam starts messing with the cam in the WC, raising his hands @ it like, "what?", then runs & ducks to see if cam follows him NT 0 1:23AM 15/04/2008
scandalous Adam runs through the house & sits in the green chair in the red br for a sec, then back out to the kt NT 0 1:24AM 15/04/2008
saskwatch Adam running thru house and cams chasing him... he throws up his hands and laughs quietly.. this is too funny! NT 0 1:24AM 15/04/2008
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