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saskwatch Sheila asks what did Alex ever do to you guys. Ry says it's more about you Sheila. NT 0 12:06PM 15/04/2008
saskwatch Sheila jokingly tells ry she'll never forgive him for this. Ry said Alex told him he'd had enuf of the nail polish and man bashing . NT 0 12:07PM 15/04/2008
saskwatch Adam asks Ryan what he thinks he's doing. Ry says he's chillin dude, just chillin. Adam tells Sheila that 0 12:08PM 15/04/2008
BB9Sucked Nat checking to ensure Sheila and Sharon are outside so she can talk to the boys. NT 0 12:10PM 15/04/2008
saskwatch Nat in pink br with Ryan and Adam and begging Adam to keep her while bashing Sharon. NT 0 12:11PM 15/04/2008
BB9Sucked Nat: "Please keep me!" If Sharon is here, you boys are going up." NT 0 12:11PM 15/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan assisting Nat in her defense to Adam against Sharon. Ry vouching for Nat. NT 0 12:11PM 15/04/2008
BB9Sucked Sheila and Sharon in BY. Sheila "I'm going to talk to Adam tonight to make sure he's on the right page." NT 0 12:12PM 15/04/2008
BB9Sucked Sheila "I prolly won't make it tew the final three, but I have to at least try!" NT 0 12:13PM 15/04/2008
saskwatch Nat denies telling Sharon F2. 0 12:14PM 15/04/2008
BB9Sucked Sharon: "I told Baller, why would you believe I have any power? I'm on the block every week!" NT 0 12:14PM 15/04/2008
BB9Sucked Sharon: "People would believe Nat over me? She hasn't been on the block as a single! I've been up 5 times! Why would I talk $h!t when I'm 0 12:16PM 15/04/2008
saskwatch Baller telling Nat that the convo yest was an opp for her to call the girls out. 0 12:17PM 15/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan and Nat tell Adam that ShaShe are working together and throwing Adam under the bus. NT 0 12:17PM 15/04/2008
saskwatch Nat says Sharon turns around all her convo. NT 0 12:18PM 15/04/2008
BB9Sucked Sharon: "Ryan told me he will not vote to keep Nat, he does not trust her." 0 12:18PM 15/04/2008
saskwatch Ry and Nat continue trashing Sharon. NT 0 12:19PM 15/04/2008
saskwatch Ry encourages Nat to call Sharon out. Adam says go for it. Nat says yes. NT 0 12:19PM 15/04/2008
saskwatch Nat says who told you about womens club? I did . Because I wasn't having any part of it. Ry checks and SheSha still out there. NT 0 12:21PM 15/04/2008
saskwatch Nat says she can only say yes, that makes sense, when SheSha are coming up with these scenarios. NT 0 12:22PM 15/04/2008
saskwatch Ry and Nat say it was Sheila lying about having the deal with Jamees. They caught her in it.. but She claims forgetfulness. NT 0 12:23PM 15/04/2008
saskwatch Ryan says to Adam that She says the same $hit over and over again. NT 0 12:24PM 15/04/2008
saskwatch they are now discussing how to vote out She next week if any of them get hoh. NT 0 12:24PM 15/04/2008
saskwatch Nat says Julie even asked her who she trusted and she told her the only people she cared about in the house was those 2 boys. NT 0 12:25PM 15/04/2008
BB9Sucked Sheila threatens to beat Sharon's @$$ when Sharon says she's going to give Jacob 3 more months trial when she gets out. NT 0 12:25PM 15/04/2008
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