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BB9Sucked Sharon telling Sheila she is convinced that Ryan is voting to evict Natalie. NT 0 1:32PM 15/04/2008
BB9Sucked Sheila tells Sharon "I told Joshuah I'd take care of you, you have to stay here and you have to win the HOH. If Adam wins, he'd probably put up 0 1:35PM 15/04/2008
BB9Sucked Sheila: "If Nat stays here, my game is over. She'll never forgive me for putting her on the block and she'll come after me with a vengance." NT 0 1:36PM 15/04/2008
BB9Sucked Sheila to Sharon: "Don't worry, I'll get into Adam's ear tonight." NT 0 1:38PM 15/04/2008
BB9Sucked Nat packing LOUDLY while boys are trying to sleep. Sheila goes inside to find something to eat. NT 0 1:42PM 15/04/2008
BB9Sucked All is quiet for the moment, Nat packing, Sharon in BY, Sheila foraging for food, boys asleep. <someone takeover, I'm outta here> NT 0 1:45PM 15/04/2008
WieKacie Natalie is talking to the furrriends. sticking her finger in the little holes petting one. NT 0 1:49PM 15/04/2008
WieKacie Ry/Ad still sleeping. One of them is snoring. NT 0 1:50PM 15/04/2008
WieKacie Sharon tanning in BY by herself. Nat checked on her laundry, now back inside by the furrriends. NT 0 1:53PM 15/04/2008
WieKacie Natalie in boat room, says "there's my coffee." She's now making her bed. 0 1:54PM 15/04/2008
WieKacie Flames. NT 0 1:58PM 15/04/2008
WieKacie Natalie reheated her coffee, Now eating ice cream. Sheila comes out of HOH room 0 1:59PM 15/04/2008
WieKacie Nat telling Sheila that she's calling Sharon out tonight. That she's p*ssed. NT 0 2:00PM 15/04/2008
WieKacie Sheila said she doesn't want to be apart of this. Nat says she will probably do it 0 2:08PM 15/04/2008
WieKacie Sharon called to DR. NT 0 2:14PM 15/04/2008
WieKacie Sheila said they are putting the camera up there. They locked the door. NT 0 2:16PM 15/04/2008
WieKacie Sheila said she wants Sharons slop pass. NT 0 2:17PM 15/04/2008
WieKacie Sheila is telling America they shouldn't sign up for BB unless you have thick skin. NT 0 2:18PM 15/04/2008
WieKacie Nat/Sheila still talking.. 0 2:20PM 15/04/2008
WieKacie Inside lockdown. NT 0 2:24PM 15/04/2008
WieKacie BB: "Head of household, please go to your room." NT 0 2:24PM 15/04/2008
WieKacie Sheila in HOH room on computer, She said "ah. I'm horrible at blogging." 0 2:26PM 15/04/2008
WieKacie Ryan and Adam up. Adam says I don't need to sleep anymore. 0 2:27PM 15/04/2008
WieKacie Adam and Natalie hug. Natalie told Adam Sharon is probably gonna cry. NT 0 2:29PM 15/04/2008
WieKacie Ryan says his stomach is still upset. Maybe he just needs to eat something. 0 2:31PM 15/04/2008
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