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Topic #8820139
Roadkill23 - Ryan goes inside. Sheila tells him she will get to the bottom of the relationship-in-the-house issue 0 Replies #8820139 9:54PM 16/04/2008
Sheila tells Adam "Sharon is worried about her slug"
Baller: "Poor Sluggie"
Adam and Sheila both say if they win POV, Sharon will go home.
Adam says he promises not to mess with Sheila
Ryan comes back out with another drink and Sheila takes a sip
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Topic #8820141
saskwatch - Sheila and Adam will take each other down if they can or save each other. Adam still questioning pre-existing relationships. NT 0 Replies #8820141 9:54PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8820146
saskwatch - Sheila asks if guys think they'll have somethng tomorrow. Adam says maybe a luxury. NT 0 Replies #8820146 9:54PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8820155
saskwatch - Sheila wondering if they showed things about Alex. ryan says for sure. Now asking Sheila's age and comparing to his moms' NT 0 Replies #8820155 9:55PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8820185
saskwatch - Both Sheila and Ryan questioning possibility. Adam says but that's not a pre-existing relationship. Ryan says Adam and Sheila have been married 0 Replies #8820185 9:57PM 16/04/2008
10 years already, that is why Baller was so jealous of Alex. Sheila says George is going to want to hug Baller for putting up with her ***** for 3 months.
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Topic #8820228
saskwatch - Now Ryan says he can see Matty surfing the myspace to get a girl and that Sheila and Matty prolly hooked up prior. 0 Replies #8820228 9:59PM 16/04/2008
Sheila says she never knew Matty prior to house.
Sheila says we could be related to each other and they just haven't told us yet. Adam says BB isn't going to investigate their backgrounds and hook them up on BB. Adam says Oil Brunson is going to lock up this POV. Sheila likes cuz better as a relationship with Ryan.
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Topic #8820262
saskwatch - Ryan says BB would not have made incestual relations go down in response to Jen saying she wished Sheila and Ryan would hook up. Ryan says Sheila 0 Replies #8820262 10:00PM 16/04/2008
you came this far.. should I pick you for F2? Sheila says of course, I would like to be F2?
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Topic #8820284
saskwatch - Adam back out and Sheila exposes Ryan's offer of F2.. so Ryan jokes it. Now Ryan saying Sheila killed the slug. 0 Replies #8820284 10:02PM 16/04/2008
Sheila cannot believe that Sharon has made a friend with a slug. Salt talk again. Sheila says James would have killed it. He didn't like them.
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Topic #8820321
saskwatch - Ryan still practicing golf while joking with Adam. BB- Ryan stop that. Ryan's was trying to hit some button. Now both Adam and Ryan yelled at by BB 0 Replies #8820321 10:05PM 16/04/2008
for what they are aiming at. Ryan says BB doesn't want Adam to walk. Cuz Adam's nervous that he's taking his aunt sheila f2 or his cousing sharon. Sheila still insists that its made up... both boys yell at her that it's not made up and Big Bro isn't going to lie to her. Baller says they wouldn't take away Sharon's HOH on a lie.
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Topic #8820331
saskwatch - More gold chat between Ryan and Adam while Sheila wonders if it's Sharon with the preexisting relationship. NT 0 Replies #8820331 10:06PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8820341
saskwatch - Now talking about Ryan's neices and Sheila's asking where else Ryan has lived. .. Toledo and new Philly NT 0 Replies #8820341 10:06PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8820368
saskwatch - BB Sheila please put on your microphone. Sheila gets out of hot tub. and grabs mike. NT 0 Replies #8820368 10:07PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8820377
saskwatch - BB gave them 4 balls and only have 2 left. Adam parked one last night and Ryan just now. NT 0 Replies #8820377 10:08PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8820385
saskwatch - Sheila says this game is getting so brutal. Ryan thinks they've survived the most brutal part... it's just win and you're good. NT 0 Replies #8820385 10:09PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8820388
saskwatch - Sharon discussing votes with Ryan and says so you put me up..etc. Ryan says Adam's up on the block NT 1 Replies #8820388 10:10PM 16/04/2008
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WVpdles - Sheila not Sharon, Sharon's in DR NT #8820394 10:10PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8820397
saskwatch - Sheila going over scenarios with Ryan.. POV winner gets the vote. and normal week. NT 0 Replies #8820397 10:10PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8820403
saskwatch - Adam says Ryan is going to win POV. Sheila says she' not good with those things but she's good at golf. NT 0 Replies #8820403 10:11PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8820417
saskwatch - Sheila encouraging Adam in winning final HOH. Adam keeps hitting low. Sheila saying you guys are bros right.. Adam says well you girls plotted us 0 Replies #8820417 10:13PM 16/04/2008
together. Ryan asks when her and Sharon got so close. She said when Matty left and she couldn't trust Natty anymore.. Natty was playing her.
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Topic #8820434
saskwatch - Sheila was encouraging Adam when Ryan went in for more beer. 0 Replies #8820434 10:14PM 16/04/2008
Ryan back out and trying to teach Baller how to shoot. Concentrate on hitting the... Sharon squealed her way back outside. didn't catch rest of convo.
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Topic #8820469
saskwatch - Sharon's slug is missing. It was hanging around stick.. and now it's missing. Sharon says its what 0 Replies #8820469 10:17PM 16/04/2008
happened last time.. I was talking to Baller and closed my eyes and it disappeared. Sheila feels bad. Adam says Sheila was watching it the whole time. Sheila found it.. it came and climbed up next to her. Sheila squealing it's my friend. Sheila doesn't understand a slugs purpose... just slime around?
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Topic #8820476
saskwatch - Someone was called to DR a couple min ago.. maybe Ryan.. can't see or hear him. NT 0 Replies #8820476 10:17PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8820511
saskwatch - Sharon saying someone needs to play with me and win.. cause I have a slop pass. Sharon says her and Ryan will throw food comp to Adam and Sheila so 0 Replies #8820511 10:19PM 16/04/2008
they don't have to go on slop this week... cause hoh gets to eat and sharon has slop pass. Adam and sheila think that's ideal. Sheila says BB is listening to us and so it's guaranteed it's not going down that way...Sorry Sheila you're on slop!
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Topic #8820516
saskwatch - Sharon thinks it could be food, luxury comp or quick POV. NT 0 Replies #8820516 10:20PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8820526
saskwatch - Tomorrow is Baller's dad's birthday (Diddy) NT 0 Replies #8820526 10:20PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8820536
saskwatch - Sheila saying one of us leave... and then it's down to 3 of us. NT 0 Replies #8820536 10:21PM 16/04/2008
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